Using multiple male sex toys

Male Sex Toys of the Past, Present & Future

Ever since man showed up on the scene, we have been looking for new & novel ways to get ourselves off.

Using multiple male sex toys

There is a very long history of sex toys and their development through the ages and, if anything, it makes this author take heart in the fact that we’re an inventive species. What other animal would have figured to create a dildo out of stone? We did! 30,000 years ago!

And chances are, those old stone age dildos were made for male enjoyment — there’s no way to prove otherwise anyhow.

Follow me here: even as far back as ancient Greece, not only could you take part in huge Dionysian orgies, but if you were a guy looking to increase your pleasure with prostate massage, the old trick was a leather dildo coated in olive oil. No dildoes on-hand? Apparently a hard, stale bread would do you in a pinch. There are so many historical accounts of guys taking their pleasure anally that this author can make an educated guess and attribute those dildos of history to guys.

If you were to zoom out and view the timeline of male sex toys and their development, you’d see a very noticeable dip in productivity coinciding with the rise of Christianity. Puritanism really took the wind out of lust’s sails — for so long that it wasn’t until 1904 that the next leap was made.

It was in this year that French chemist Rene Schwaeble recorded a meeting with a mysterious ‘Mr. P’. Mr. P spoke of an altogether unheard of idea: inflated dolls with penetrable orifices. This would be the first time that artificial vaginas were designed, and in just 4 years were being mass-produced.

Sure, inflatable sex dolls were being manufactured by 1908, but a self-respecting man owning a ‘fake vagina’? No way! Despite the fact that it would be more than 50 years before the US Supreme Court ruled sex shops as legal in the United States, artificial vaginas — and the best pleasure toys for men — were still decades from being developed.

…and then, along came the internet.

The greater connectedness of the World Wide Web changed the we consumed sex. You could see what you want, on demand, as well as get exposed to new acts and kinks that you maybe didn’t even know you were into. Also, it connected people. The sort of people who opined for a truly pleasurable fake vagina.

These people would gather on message boards, share their opinions and even their designs and schematics. Most importantly was the fact that you could purchase and receive your fake vagina — by this point referred to as a ‘pocket pussy’ — with complete anonymity.

When it comes to the pocket pussies of today, they’ve got everything. The materials and textures are as lifelike as they are feasibly ever going to get. The engineering has been honed to provide maximum pleasure — but will they replace actual lovemaking? Definitely not.

So what’s the future of male sex toys, specifically these pocket pussies and artificial vaginas? As we are seeing in the very latest products of this type, the trend moving forward is full customization.

Hitting sex store shelves and online retailers soon will be not only the latest advancements in masturbation sleeves from the standpoint of materials and design, but also provide users with more ability to personalize their pleasure. Take for instance the LELO F1S Developer’s Kit Red: this will be more than a simple sleeve. Using the F1S, stimulation comes from sonic waves and pulses, a huge difference from the traditional jerking or thrusting of common masturbation cups.

More than sonic sensations, the F1S Developer’s Kit Red will provide inventive pleasure seekers with the ability to program their experience, designing their own routine and patterns for themselves and even check out data to monitor performance..

Where do we go from here when it comes to artificial vaginas and sex toys for men? By putting the tools directly into the hands of developers, LELO is leaving it up to your own creativity, ability and imagination.