Masturbation Myths #4: Alopecia

There’s a lot of innuendo and insinuation wrapped up in masturbation. It seems to be the rare thing that everybody does, and yet still uses it as a weapon against everyone else. Masturbation is our hypocrisy.

But don’t worry, it’s probably not your fault. Centuries of cultural conditioning has influenced our psychosexual development in any number of harmful ways. We’re all victims, and in the spirit of Masturbation Month, LELO is tackling some of these masturbatory assumptions head on. Ready? Here we go.



No. The Pope is bald. Do I need to say more?


Like everything else on this list, the kernel of this myth can be traced to Onania, mentioned in the previous section. This is attached to the theory that masturbation is somehow sapping you of your strength and energy, leading to things like anaemia, and rheumatism, and everything else that’s wrong with you.

There are occasionally hints of things that sound plausible in these myths, and you can kind of be forgiven for believing there is some kind of exchange of energy during sex or masturbation.

But for that to be true, it requires a bit of actual magic: your body would have to know that sperm has been used for conception in order to know that energy has been transferred. Or, more clearly, that were had have to be some supernatural force at play for your body to know that an orgasm was NOT used for conception.

Since there’s some bending of the rules of physics at play here, there’s no way masturbation is linked to the health of your hair.

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So what about you? What’s the craziest masturbation myth you’ve ever heard? Leave it in the comments…