Oviposition fetish

How Do You Like Your Eggs? Exploring the Oviposition Fetish

When it comes to sex toys, positions, ideas, and fantasies, it’s pretty hard to surprise me. But when I came across an episode of Slutever, a Vice original TV series that takes a look at sex in the modern world, I was introduced to a whole new concept of getting off

That is, the oviposition fetish.

And while this kind of fetish isn’t quite up my alley, it turns out that it’s actually a growing trend (there’s an entire sub Reddit with near 30k members in it). What is it? An exophile’s wet dream… 

Oviposition fetish

What is an Oviposition Fetish?

An oviposition fetish is basically the desire to have eggs inserted into the body via the vagina or anus. 

There’s also a big emphasis on the receiver laying these eggs, as to give birth to their non-human offspring.

And of course, when there’s a demand, you can be sure to find a supply. Introducing egg laying dildos 

How to Curb Your Enthusiasm

Egg laying dildos are basically devices that allow you to implant and release eggs. It’s become a popular item for those who like the idea of being impregnated by, or having sex with, an alien or monster. 

These devices are used as a dildo, decorated in an array of extra-terrestrial designs, and comes in different sizes depending on your preference. The difference is, the bottom of these sex toys have an opening in which gelatine eggs can be inserted. 

Then when it comes to play time, the egg or eggs will slip inside the user, as to create a sensation and an idea of being impregnated.

The eggs are typically made of gelatine because of its ability to melt with one’s body heat. This is pretty smart thinking as it removes the risks of the eggs becoming lodged inside the user.

The Oviposition Fetish Knows No Gender

Interestingly, it appears that both men and women are equally as prone to having an oviposition fetish. I say that it’s interesting because the concept itself knows no gender

For example, using a sex toy made to indulge in the fetish is phalic-shaped, yes, but the eggs that are inserted and layed are more of a female aspect.

So, having been more educated in the realm of sci-fi and sex, I decided to do a little more digging into the whole thing… 

Blurring the Lines 

So what is all the hype when it comes to non-human erotica? And how could it have the capacity to induce arousal?

For one it “blurs the link of our own humanity to find sexual pleasure with something that is so far from human.” And sometimes, the mere thought of engaging in or being aroused by something so out-of-this-world alone is what turns people on. 

This kind of fetish could also be linked to or associated with teratophilia (being sexually attracted to monsters or monster-like individual), having a pregnancy fetish, and perhaps even having a fat fetish.

For some, the aspect of getting bigger or experiencing ‘unbirthing’ as a product of being pregnant with the eggs inside of them is appealing. 

In fact, one fan of oviposition said, “As a great admirer of interesting anal toys, I love the potential idea of having eggs shoved up there, and being “impregnanted” and made to grow helplessly fatter…” 

Which leads me to my next topic… 

What is the Fetish of Unbirthing?

Unbirthing belongs to the category of vorarephillia, that is an erotic desire to consume or be consumed by another person or creature. 

It is a sexual desire to be ‘swallowed’ alive by female genitalia, for a female to consume the ‘unbirthed’, or a male absorbing others to induce male pregnancy. In this way, the person portrays that of someone who is pregnant.

Those who are intrigued by this kind of fetish oftentimes enjoys the idea of something living inside of them. Other times, it plays into the whole dominance and control aspect, as the ‘unbirthed’ is completely dependent on the vaginal enveloper. It could also hold an element of trust and nurturing.

Unbirthing is purely fantasy-based, as it’s not physically possible to live out this fetish.

At the end of the day however, there’s no judgement. As long as your play time is safe and doesn’t involve any big risks or harm to others, I say… you do you!