sex bucket list

Creating Your Own Personalised Sex Bucket List: 110 Ideas for Passionate Adventures

Familiar with a bucket list? You know, a list of things you simply must do before you die? Maybe you want to visit Thailand. Perhaps you’d like to go swimming with dolphins or get a tattoo? The beauty of a bucket list is that it can be as personal and meaningful as you want it to be. A bucket list is unique, and will be different for everyone.

sex bucket list

On the racier sides of things, ever heard of or fancy having a sex bucket list? It’s essentially the same as a bucket list, except all of the items are exclusively sexual. And isn’t that the joy of being alive anyway? Curating your very best (sex) life because you’re sexual, joyful, beautiful, and worthy?

With that, we’ve created the ultimate sex bucket list so that you can pick and choose according to your most lustful desires. And even though it’s fun to read through everything on our list, you don’t have to add them all. In fact, you could add one, two, five, or 50 of these ideas to your list. It’s totally up to you, how you enjoy pleasure, and what you’re intrigued about trying before you, you know, kick the bucket. 

And remember: sex isn’t just p-in-v penetration! Sex is intimacy, whatever you perceive that to be. Let’s begin with some tame and some not-so-tame activities to turn up the heat, shall we?

Before You Go: Get Kinky! 100 Sex Bucket List Ideas for All Kinds of Fun

  1. Masturbate
  2. Use a sex toy
  3. Watch porn
  4. Have a one night stand
  5. Go on a nude camping holiday
  6. Have romantic sex
  7. Have sex whilst looking into your partner’s eyes
  8. Get intimate with someone younger or older than you
  9. Get sexy with someone from another country
  10. Go to a strip club 
  11. Engage in mutual masturbation
  12. Have break up sex
  13. Have rough sex
  14. Go skinny dipping
  15. Have sex in water
  16. Try anal sex
  17. Use anal sex toys
  18. Have phone sex
  19. Send dirty text messages and/or photos
  20. Have video call sex
  21. Have sex in a car
  22. Engage in road head
  23. Have sex outside
  24. Give hotel sex a go
  25. Be intimate while fully clothed
  26. Use a sex toy in public
  27. Use food during your intimate time
  28. Try spanking
  29. Use blindfolds to heighten other sensations
  30. Make out like teenagers 
  31. Have sex on a boat
  32. Use a sex toy during penetrative sex
  33. Use a cock ring during penetrative sex
  34. Try nipple clamps
  35. Engage in deepthroat
  36. Massage the prostate
  37. Try tantric massage
  38. Play with temperature play
  39. Have a threesome
  40. Have date night without wearing underwear
  41. Engage in a footjob
  42. Try hair pulling during sex
  43. Use restraints to tease your partner
  44. Give or receive a rim job
  45. Try pegging
  46. Leave marks or bruises on your partner
  47. Try playing with dominant and submissive roles
  48. Experiment with cosplay sex
  49. Enjoy facesitting
  50. Have sex only wearing boots
  51. Give or receive a lap dance
  52. Engage in different role playing scenarios
  53. Sex with the element of voyeurism or exhibitionism
  54. Experiment with age play
  55. Have sex in total silence
  56. Try orgasm denial
  57. Have sex in a club
  58. Try consensual non-consent sex, like rape role play
  59. Be intimate in your childhood bedroom
  60. Get creative using household items for your sexy play
  61. Try positions from the Kama Sutra
  62. Practice squirting
  63. Have sex in front of a mirror
  64. Go to a swingers club
  65. Have an entire weekend of sleep, food, and sex
  66. Have sex in a foreign country
  67. Go to a sex convention 
  68. Try fisting
  69. Only engage in foreplay
  70. Wake your partner up by giving them oral sex
  71. Try using a sex swing
  72. Have sex in every room of the house
  73. Try double penetration either in a threesome or with a toy plus partner
  74. Touch your partner inappropriately in public
  75. Take pole dancing lessons and show off your skills
  76. Orgasm with nipple play alone
  77. Put focus on the perineum
  78. Play sex games
  79. Play kinky kissing games
  80. Wash each other erotically in the shower
  81. Spend the whole day naked together
  82. Experiment with crossdressing
  83. Have very loud, uninhibited sex
  84. Get sexy in front of a glass window
  85. Read erotica to each other
  86. Do the 69 sex position
  87. Use a massage candle
  88. Have sex standing up
  89. Act out your biggest sexual fantasy
  90. Act out a sex scene
  91. Make a sex tape
  92. Use a male masturbator
  93. Get a vagina tattoo or penis tattoo
  94. Use a penis extender
  95. Try edging for more powerful orgasms
  96. Try the Amazon sex position
  97. Experiment with breath play
  98. Get a genital piercing
  99. Tap into the cuckold kink
  100. Experience a golden shower
  101. See how long you can last without reaching climax
  102. Use body paint to create sexy art
  103. Try a Full Body Sensual Massage (FBSM)
  104. Give breast bondage a try
  105. Be a brat during play time
  106. Try post-orgasm torture
  107. Enjoy the ultimate Porn Star Experience (PSE)
  108. Have a gang bang
  109. Try the Kivin method during cunnilingus
  110. Have you thought of something that isn’t on the list? Drop it in the comments below!

Surely, you’ve found a handful of sensual, sexual, and delicious things you’d like to try? We’re sure you’ll have immeasurable amounts of fun ticking off every single thing on your sexy to-do list. Enjoy, and remember to always play safe!