amazon sex position

Intimate and Powerful: Have You Tried the Amazon Sex Position?

Just like the powerful Amazon Rainforest, partaking in the Amazon sex position will have you and your partner experiencing a rainfall of delight! 

amazon sex position

It’s a sex position that’s been said to be extremely powerful, especially for the one on top, yet has been described as quite a workout in terms of fitness and flexibility. 

But don’t let that stop you from giving it a go! In fact, there are different ways to enjoy the Amazon sex position, so allow us to introduce you to this saucy and adventurous dash of spice.

What is the Amazon Sex Position?

The Amazon sex position is when a penis-owner (or giver of penetration) is on their back with their legs pulled up to their chest, knees together. Then, the vulva-owner (or receiver of penetration) will squat over their partner, with their knees resting on either side of their lover’s torso and hips. 

In this way, partners will face each other and the receiver’s torso will be between the giver’s calves. Voila! Penetration can then go forth in all of its glory. During this position, it’s more practical for the receiver to bounce rather than grind.

But there are three more kinds of sex positions associated with the Amazon sex position…

What is the Kneeling Amazon Sex Position?

The kneeling Amazon sex position is a small twist on the original Amazon position. The difference is that the receiver of penetration will kneel over their partner instead of squat. 

This may be easier for some, as it relieves some pressure on the receiver’s legs.

What is the Reverse Amazon Position?

The reverse Amazon position begins the same as the other two positions, with the giver on their back, knees up and together. 

But instead of the receiver squatting or kneeling in such a way that both partners are face to face, they will turn around, leaving their back to the giver’s face. Almost like a sexy variation of the reverse cowgirl sex position

This position is also perhaps easier than the Amazon sex position, as it allows the receiver to sit on their partner’s thighs. 

The Amazon Sex Position for Solo Players

Indeed, the Amazon sex position can be enjoyed during your solo self-care routine! For vulva owners, you can grab two pillows, place a sex toy inbetween, then squat! A hands-free bit of fun to enjoy all by yourself! We recommend a rabbit vibrator or perhaps a suction cup dildo!

What Does the Amazon Sex Position Feel Like?

While this position may give the person on top a sense of dominance and power, it could actually be more stimulating for the giver of penetration. 

This is because, if the receiver is a vulva-owner, it doesn’t allow for a lot of clitoral stimulation. It’s a fact that many vulva owners require some kind of clitoral stimulation in order to reach climax. 

But there is a loophole…

The partner on the bottom could stimulate their partner’s clitoris during play, or the receiver could pleasure their sweet spot themselves. Alternatively, sex toys such as a vibrating couples’ ring or a clit massager are a great way to add that extra bit of tantalising bliss. 

Is the Amazon Sex Position an Intimate Experience?

Despite the fact that both partners will require some kind of exertion and flexibility, the Amazon sex position actually reduces penetration capabilities. For that reason, it could aid in longer and more intimate sessions.

It’s also great because it facilitates eye contact, which can be extremely arousing and intimate for some. It too gives the person on top the opportunity to take control of the penetration, allowing them to find a position that’s most comfortable.

Another benefit of trying the Amazon sex position is that it takes pressure away from penis-owners who are smaller or who are self-conscious of their size. This is because deep penetration is not the main aim of this position. That, coupled with the fact that the receiver of penetration is able to move at a pace that’s comfortable for them, results in two happy lovers.

Other Benefits of the Amazon Sex Position

A few other reasons why the Amazon sex position is kind of amazing:

  • It’s visually erotic
  • It’s a great position for those who experience pain or discomfort during deep penetration 
  • It allows vulva-owners to enjoy dual stimulation when either a toy or hands are involved
  • It’s a great way to introduce sex toys into the bedroom
  • If the giver of penetration has enough core strength to lift their partner’s butt, it allows for deeper penetration
  • It gives vulva-owners the opportunity to experience more power and control of their pleasure

“Too often, we still think of hetero sex as male in charge and on top. There’s another power dynamic in this (Amazon) position because he’s looking up at her and she’s the one navigating their pleasure,” says Antonia Hall, sex and relationship expert and author.

The Amazon Sex Position and Flexibility

While we’ve already mentioned the fact that this position could be difficult for some who are not very flexible, this too includes the flexibility of the penis. 

Some penis-owners may not have a flexible enough penis for this sex position. If they’re really exerting themselves in hopes of getting it done perfectly, it could lead to penis fracturing

Our suggestion? Don’t exert yourself too much, listen to your body, and find a position that’s comfortable for both you and your partner.