the kivin method

An Orgasmic Cunnilingus Upgrade: The Kivin Method

Do you or your partner have a vulva? Perfect! Because we’re about to turn your entire world sideways… or, the very least, your body! 

the kivin method

Confused? It’ll all make sense in just a few seconds…

What is the Kivin Method?

In the simplest of answers, the Kivin method is when a person gives someone with a vulva cunnilingus, sideways!

So, while you or your partner may absolutely love getting eaten out as you know how… straight between the legs, the Kivin method is a new way to experience cunnilingus. And it’s arguably a whole lot better than what you’re used to!

The inventor of this cunnilingus method is unknown, which is a shame, as quite honestly, they deserve a drink or a box of chocolates, but either way… you’ll be thanking us later for the introduction! 

How to Do the Kivin Method

To practice this new saucy position, the one giving oral sex will position their body perpendicular to their partner, not parallel. 

A bonus? This gives the giver easy access to the perineum, the sensitive spot between the vulva and the anus. 

Why is that a good thing? The perineum is loaded with nerve endings which means that it’s a hotspot for all kinds of pleasure.

To make things a little simpler, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do the Kivin method:

  • Step 1: the vulva owner receiving oral should be on their back with one of their legs lifted.
  • Step 2: The one giving oral positions themselves under the lifted leg sideways in such a way that their mouth is facing the vulva.
  • Step 3: The giver applies constant desired pressure to the perineum with one or two fingers while sliding the tongue up and down the vulva.

The Benefits of Practicing the Kivin Method

What makes this method stand out from your usual oral sex routine? Well, there are 4 reasons why you’d benefit from trying it…

1. As mentioned, the perineum is easily accessible. This area is often overlooked during foreplay, and when added into your bedtime antics, can create even stronger orgasms.

2. When someone is in this position, they have uninterrupted access to their partner’s beautiful vulva. And sure, many immediately think to go for the clitoris, but when the vulva is praised in all its glory (the labia, clitoris, and pubic mound), the receiver can experience heightened bliss and more powerful climaxes. 

3. For some vulva owners, direct clit stimulation can be too intense, leading to an unpleasant experience. When you go for gold from a different angle however, you can gently lick, play with, and massage the entire area instead of just the clitoris.

4. Many vulva owners may have a particular side of the clitoris that they receive the most satisfaction from. The fun part is discovering which side that is, or you could simply ask them beforehand to ensure pleasure.

Tips for Turning the Kivin Method into an Orgasmic Experience 

The most important thing to note is that no two people are the same, and everyone experiences pleasure in a different way. Having said that, the Kivin method is not a sure bet to orgasm town, but it definitely does have a high success rate!

Other ways to enhance the experience could be:

  • Praise the vulva: self-esteem, body confidence, and pre-existing beliefs could mean that the receiver feels nervous, anxious, or apprehensive about sexual intimacy. Words of affirmation during oral sex and other sexual activity is a great way to possibly relieve any anxieties. Example: “I just love the way you taste!”.
  • Props: There are a few things you can bring into your play time to make it even better. Some items include:
  1. A pillow or wedge: this can prop up the receiver and make them more comfortable. This will also take some of the weight from the giver off of the receiver’s leg.
  2. Sex toys: a clit stimulation toy or even a magic wand is a wonderful addition. The SONA 2 Cruise, for example, targets the clitoris sensually using SenSonic Technology to create gentle waves, pleasuring the clitoris without even making contact. The Smart Wand 2 is another winner, as you could use this to caress the body, including the perineum. Or you could add in a butt plug, if that’s something your partner fancies.
  3. Lube: Wetter is better, and you can lessen friction with your favorite lube. Additionally, if your partner feels self-conscious about how they taste, you could opt for flavoured lube. What’s also a plus is if the giver uses an aloe vera-based lube. It can reduce the chance of having a dry mouth as it encourages the production of saliva.

In short, the Kivin method is something that should be on every vulva-owner or vulva-lover’s sex bucket list! And don’t worry, it’s really not as hard as it sounds, just give it a go!

Still not sold? Some of the folks over at Reddit have attested to this magical little oral sex method:

“Definitely everyone’s different, however as a woman I can totally attest to this method! Up and down is actually sometimes a little painful for me as I’m very sensitive, side to side feels amazing!” aant85

“Doing it from the side makes SO much sense, for both parties. For me, it feels way better when my husband turns his head sideways instead of going up and down. It more accurately mimics the movement I would make with my hand if I were masturbating. And I imagine it’s a lot easier on his tongue. Also, any time I’ve been eaten out by a guy with facial hair, it always gets really painful and distracting for me. This would solve that too.” anonymous

“Thanks for this tip. I have never ever come from oral before. My husband and I just tried this and it has led to one of our most mind-blowing sessions yet.” ladyhaly

“The Kivin Method is hands down a winner.” vanzir

A winner, indeed, vanzir, a winner indeed!