Sex Swing

Sex Swings, as Practical as They Are Kinky

Take any single item, memory, or activity for kids and there will surely be a dirtier, grown up version of it. Maybe when you were a child, your stuffed animal went everywhere with you. Now, your life is probably infinitely better when you take your favourite adult toy with you wherever you go. 

Dabbled in a little doctor-nurse growing up? Yep, another innocent game turned (even more) erotic for adults.

Point is, you’ll never quite look at a kid’s playground the same after trying a sex swing. That’s fine, right? Sex swings are totally more your vibe at this stage anyway. And actually, there are a bunch of cool advantages to using a sex swing. More on that later.

Sex Swing

Before we dive in, here’s a bit of insight for you…  

So, sex swings… they seem super intimidating. Like, these contraptions must be for extremely sexual beings, porn stars, seriously adventurous couples, and sex gods and godesses. True. But they’re also for the ordinary, run-of-the-mill couple.

Sex swings are actually not intimidating at all. Sure, most have straps, and hooks, and stirrups and whatever else, but they’re surprisingly just as practical as they are kinky. 

They’re fun for those who want to try new positions but find it difficult to ‘bend’ that way, and for those who struggle with issues like weight, height, flexibility, and mobility. 

Right, so now that sex swings have been adequately talked up, let’s get more in the ‘swing’ of things.

What is a Sex Swing?

A sex swing is like a harness where one person is (or sometimes two people are) suspended and can easily move freely while engaging in sexual activity. 

People love sex swings not only because of its erotic appeal, but also because:

  • It reduces weight and gravity limitations
  • The person in the swing can move around weightlessly
  • It makes various positions more comfortable and accessible, like 69
  • It can prolong sexual activity, especially oral sex, because of its comfortability
  • It’s a great way for more mainstream couples to experiment sexually, and to be more adventurous
  • It’s a fun prop used during BDSM sessions whereby one person is more restrained and has little or no control
  • It’s a great addition for those who have physical disabilities, such as arthritis, and muscular weakness, as it reduces strain on the joints and muscles

Types of Sex Swings

There are three popular kinds of sex swings namely, door swings, sex slings, and sex swings. 

Door Swings

Door swings are the easiest kind of sex swing to use because it takes the least effort to install. It’s also usually the cheapest kind of sex swing. It works by placing two small bars over the top of the door, and when the door is closed, the door frame keeps it secure and in place.

There are two kinds of door swings, one with a primary strap and one without. The primary strap will be a bit more expensive, but is worth the few extra dollars as it makes the experience a whole lot more comfortable. You’ll also be able to choose your padding and strap size. The rule here is, the wider and more padding, the better.

Because it’s cheap and easy to install, is it worth it? For younger people, sure. But it may be uncomfortable, especially for older people

Another potential con of a door swing would be that the door literally is in the way of you being able to swing, making positions fairly limited. 

Sex Slings

A sex sling looks like a hammock and supports the whole body. It often comes with four mounting points, and is usually made from leather and sometimes fabric or wood. 

There’s a popular misconception that sex slings are only used by gay men, but this is far from the truth. In fact, a sex sling is the perfect kind of sex swing for those who have limited mobility or flexibility, as it has the biggest surface area. It’s also more comfortable, and puts less pressure on the body.

Sex slings are also more popular among BDSM lovers for the exact same reason… comfortability. Longer scenes can take place with sex slings as opposed to door swings or sex swings.

Additionally, a sex sling is great for those who are plus size, as their weight is equally distributed because of the four mounting points.

Sex Swings

A traditional sex swing has two primary straps and stirrups, and other bits and pieces like handles and headrests can be added if desired. 

This kind of sex swing is a little more versatile when it comes to installation, and you can either set it up using ceiling hooks, stands, or placing it between the walls in a hallway. 

The most common kind of sex swing is one that is installed from a weight-bearing support beam in the ceiling. A ceiling sex swing is a great option for those who use a wheelchair.

This kind of sex swing is popular because more positions are possible than any other kind of sex swing. 

5 Tips on Buying a Sex Swing

1. First Time, Go Cheap

Instead of buying the most expensive and luxurious sex swing right off the bat, it’s probably wiser to go cheap if you’ve never played with a sex swing before. You may try it and not like it, which is essentially money down the drain. And even though the cheaper ones probably aren’t as comfortable, just go with your gut feeling on the experience.

2. Comfort

Once you realm into deeper waters when it comes to buying a sex swing, comfort should be in the forefront of your mind. The goal is to have a prop that’ll increase and prolong your sexual adventures, so comfort is key. Try to source a swing that has enough padding, because without it you could cut your hands on the straps.

3. Reviews

Just like anything else, reviews are one of the best ways in which to choose a product or service. See what other newbies or experienced sex swing users are up to, and learn from their experiences. You should also do enough research on how to install your sex swing, especially if it requires more intense precision, as a means to ensure your safety… 

4. Consult an Expert

Speaking of safety, if you feel as though you’re not exactly cut out for the installation job, hire or consult an expert. You could chat to someone at a sex shop, which is more preferred than simply watching a YouTube video or using Google

5. Release Your Inner Child

Ried Mihalko, a sex and relationships expert, says:

“Go in with a playful attitude. Make this more about playground fun and adventure and explorationthe hot and sexy will show up later. Once you get the hang of it, it will naturally become sexier and hotter over time.”

In short, have fun! Allow this experience to liberate and free yourself, just like a child who has the luxury of living life without a care in the world. 

Sex Swings: Good for the Body and the Mind

If you’re not exactly convinced as yet, here’s what clinical sexologist, Megan Stubbs, Ed.D, has to say about sex swings: 

“A sex swing is really versatile. It’s really great for oral sex because it allows the receiver to simply receive without having to hold their legs up or back or apart, which allows them to focus on the pleasure and not their leg placement.”

She also mentioned that sex swings can “give you genital access in new positions without requiring that you’re an acrobat, super flexible, able-bodied, or a porn performer”. 

Victor Tobar, a sex toy buying and merchandising manager, contributed to this notion by saying:

“I think slings are very useful for creating a sense of letting go. Once you’re in a sling, you get to physically and emotionally lean into it, and open yourself up to different kinds of experiences.

So, if you find yourself either physically uncomfortable during sexy time, or you’re in your own head because of your comfort level, a sex swing might be the perfect addition to play time. 

Can Using a Sex Swings be Intimate?

To end off, here’s a little somethin’ somethin’ for those who perhaps see sex swings as a tool for rough, crazy, or non-intimate sex. 

Can using a sex swing be intimate? Yes! A sex swing can aid in people making love face-to-face without using the traditional positions of sex in a bed, like missionary. It still allows partners to be close and maintain intimacy but in a different, non-traditional sense. 

Go on the adventure, you’ll probably love it!