Road head

In The Driver’s Seat: The Ins and Outs of Road Head

There are a zillion places in which one can give or receive oral sex. In the shower, in bed, on the kitchen counter, on the sofa… the list goes on and on. But when it comes to road head, there’s a certain element of danger, and thrill to it, making it even more enticing. 

Of course we don’t condone dangerous behaviour, aka getting your dick sucked whilst operating heavy machinery. But if you are that way inclined, there are a few tips and pieces of advice that can help you to get off whilst on-the-go. 

Caution! Slippery road ahead. 

Road head

What is Road Head?

Road head is when a person receives oral sex whilst driving a car. This term is almost always synonymous of men receiving a blowjob, so we’ll stick to this moving forward…

The thing about this concept is that it does come with its risks, like getting caught or causing an accident. Which is why we don’t advise those who feel apprehensive about it to give it a go. 

There are a ton of different ways to please someone that doesn’t come with the risk of danger, and it’s all about feeling confident and comfortable. 

If you are planning on heating things up on the road however… 

Five Steps to Ensure Incredible Road Head

1. Rev the Engine

Anyone who’s been sexually active even in the slightest will agree that creating arousal is key before actually getting down to business. 

Which is why the first step in ensuring incredible road head is to reach over to your partner, and rub your hands up and down his thigh. Then, make your way over to the crotch area slowly.

2. Shift Gears

Once the sexual tension can be felt, start rubbing his cock through his pants. When he gets hard, take his cock out carefully (you don’t want it to get stuck on the zipper!).

3. Oil the Machine

Start stroking your man and, when ready, continue doing so whilst leaning over his lap. Add in a bit of stimulation by rubbing your breasts or letting them rest on this lap. 

Try to keep your head low so that you aren’t obvious to others around you. 

4. High Gear

When the time is right, gently put your lips and tongue on his cock. After, wrap it around your mouth and go for the entire shaft. Go to town as you would… 

5. Pump the Breaks

When he’s ready to come, pump the breaks for a minute or so. Orgasming while driving could be quite a hazard, and you don’t want him to lose control. For that reason, it’s better to pull over and let him experience the blissfulness that is a road head orgasm. 

If he does come while driving however, make sure you have a preset plan of where he can do it. This will lower any additional distractions on the road.

Six Tips on Being Comfortable and Safe During Road Head

The Car You Choose Does Make a Difference

Giving your partner road head in a car that has a bulky centre divider will be way more difficult than if you were in one that doesn’t. This is because it can be super tricky, if not impossible, for you to get your body over the divider. A smaller car will be your best bet.

Wild Hair = No Fun

While we do love the wild sex hair look, trying to give road head while your hair is all over his lap will only be another obstacle for him. He’s already multitasking, so make sure to bring a hair tie with you.

Think Ahead Before Road Head

Spontaneous sexy time is… sexy! But when it comes to road head, you don’t want to yank it out at any time or place. The best possible scenario is when he only needs to be thinking about driving straight.

Play Lookout

There’s always the issue of someone seeing you. This is almost unavoidable during road head. He needs to be aware of his surroundings, playing lookout while you play… with his cock. The last thing you need is being stopped by the police, pretending you were on the hunt for your sunglasses.

Music for the Road

Music has a way of influencing our mood and emotions. And who doesn’t love a bit of a road trip with some good tunes? To enhance the road head experience, put on some jams that you’ll both love and that seems appropriate for the fun that’s about to be had.

No Need for Speed

Multitasking can be tricky, especially in the case of driving and receiving oral sex. In fact, a study was undergone on students at the University of South Dakota in 2014 which found that a third of participants were prone to speeding whilst receiving oral sex, another third drifted out of their lane, and 11 percent let go of the steering wheel.

What Does it Feel Like to Get Road Head?

We went the extra mile (pardon the pun) to give you sound advice. That includes hearing from the general public about their personal experience with road head, courtesy of Quora and Reddit.

“It’s scary. When I was young, I got my girlfriend to bend down during blowjobs. It’s easier if the road is free without any traffic, but I still do not recommend it. It’s a thrill but after trying it once or twice, I realised the costs outweigh the benefits.” – Zeeshan Khan

“I do it to my fiance mostly when we are in the car for more than an hour. I love doing it. Yesterday, I gave him one while on a five-minute drive, so I do it pretty often. I love the thrill of having other people see me doing it without actually seeing his cock.” Anonymous Reddit user

“I’ve done it a couple of times. Definitely don’t do it in bad weather, or if there is a lot of traffic. It is fun and exciting for sure, but it will kind of suck for you, depending on the vehicle. My suggestion is to kind of tease him. Talk dirty. Take off your top. Tease him on the outside of his pants. Pull it out, play with him, then convince him to pull over into a parking lot for a few minutes and climb on top and both of you have fun.” – UIClurker

“Received many times on long trips. As some have suggested the key is ‘build up!’ Talk about the fact you are going to do it before you even leave…start now. Have him avoid sex or masturbating that day. Once on the road you need to be the one to really get him excited, over several hours/miles. Talk about a lot of sexual things. Maybe wear no panties and give him flashes. Play with yourself a bit. Watch his favorite porn on your phone while touching yourself…you are trying to get him really built up and excited. Once it is time then start by using your hand for a bit and jump in to the full ‘road head’ when things are getting close. This way the actual act is pretty short but effective, and he will cum. You will want to swallow as to not mess up your upholstery …” – bookwormdude69

“I did it and… it is not that great, especially for the giver. There is not much space or way to feel comfortable while doing it. The body position of the driver doesn’t allow much room to fit your head, and the seats aren’t ‘designed’ for you to invade his position (the gears, the belt, the natural shape of the seats). It does feel as though you are doing one of the classic fantasies but it’s really not that enjoyable (for me at least). As far as safety, unless he is going super fast or driving on curved roads, or you are trying to suck his soul out through his cock, I don’t think it’s that dangerous. But… it’s not a safe procedure either.” – Anonymous Reddit user

The bottom line? Road head is a thrill, there’s no doubt about it. But you’re definitely going to want to be extra careful whilst doing it. You could also ask yourself if the dangers associated with road head is worth that extra bit of excitement. Whatever you decide, always proceed with caution, and engage at your own risk.

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