what is the spit kink

Let’s Talk About the Spit Kink!

Saliva is kind of weird, right? A watery liquid secreted into the mouth by glands? 

But, of course, just like most things in the body, it serves a purpose. Saliva is important because it provides lubricant for chewing and swallowing, which aids in digestion. 

So, how in the world did saliva (or rather, spitting out saliva), become a kink?

First off, allow us to say that we’re completely open minded, and have zero qualms or judgment towards those who have a spit kink. In fact, we encourage you to embrace your kinks with a consenting partner! 

So, if you’re curious about the spit kink, or you already know that you have it, let’s chat more about the ins and outs…

What Is a Spit Kink?

A spit kink is when someone gains arousal from spitting. This could be in the form of spitting on another person or being spat on. It usually takes place between two people who take on the role of either dominant and submissive, respectively.

Something else to know about a spit kink, is that it falls into the BDSM lifestyle and is considered consensual degradation play. 

Degradation play is sexually demeaning and humiliating. It is when one person gains sexual satisfaction from degrading or humiliating a partner who gains arousal from receiving it. In this way, it gives both partners pleasure. This kind of play can be verbal, physical, and/or psychological.

Having said that, it’s important to note that a kink and a fetish are two different things.

The Spit Kink: What is the Appeal?

As mentioned, the BDSM lifestyle, and the concept of degradation, can be sexually appealing for many. And this kind of play can take on many forms, spitting included.

Then there’s always the aspect that spitting in general is considered quite gross and disrespectful. For that reason, it can be a taboo to engage in this kind of kink. It’s a way in which to go against society’s standards. 

Additionally, some may form a connection between spit and cum. The sensation of feeling the spit fall on the body could be similar to that of having cum fall on their body. 

Another reason why a spit kink may be appealing is because, when it falls on someone’s face who is wearing makeup, it could make them look messy. It could be a huge turn on to see spit running down someone’s face—especially when there’s nothing the person can do about it.  

And, for the person who is doing the spitting, it could be appealing because it’s a form of dominance and degradation. It’s almost a way in which to say “You’re below me”. 

Is a Spit Kink the Same as a Saliva Kink?

No, a spit kink and a saliva kink are not the same thing. They are however based on the same thing. 

A spit kink usually encompasses the desire for humiliation in the form of spit. A saliva kink is when someone gets aroused by the look, feel, and sensation of saliva on their skin. 

A saliva kink, for example, could merely be a form of intimacy. One may like to have their partner’s spit on them, or have the fluid in their mouth or on their skin. 

How To Engage in Spit Play

Firstly, it’s important that both partners are on-board. This is not to say that both partners need to actively have a spit kink. It’s more about having the space to talk openly and honestly with each other. 

For example, if your partner wants to engage in spit play, you may not understand why. In this case, having it explained to you why it’s so appealing can help to humanise the kink. This is because we can “relate to a feeling as opposed to an act,” says sex educator Lola Jean

Secondly, consent is non-negotiable. Discussing your desires and sexual fantasies is one thing, but when it comes to experiencing it, both partners must be ready and willing. This is why implementing a safe word is an excellent idea. You could choose any word that, when spoken, indicates that any play should end. 

And then, once all the details have been ironed out, you could talk to your partner about how they would like to experience spit play.

For example, if it falls under the BDSM spectrum, and they’re looking to engage in a kind of dom/sub power play, they may enjoy it in a more aggressive manner. 

On the other hand, if a person’s spit kink is all about sensual play that’s full of adoration, they may like it more softly. This could be a way in which to form “a very intimate bridge between the two parties,” says Mistress Shayla Lange

Thirdly, if both partners are trying spit play for the first time together, they could take turns to see which roles entices them more (if any). 

Take note that spit play does not need to encompass spitting inside someone’s mouth. It could be anywhere on someone’s body, or it could even be experienced in the form of sloppy oral sex.

However you decide to enjoy spit play, it’s a good idea to incorporate aftercare after your session. Aftercare is something that is a must during BDSM play, and it is when partners comfort one another when recovering after play time. 

Why is it important? Oftentimes, what one desires during play time does not reflect their everyday needs. For example, if someone likes being humiliated via a spit kink during play time, they may not want to be humiliated after play time. 

Aftercare is about making partners feel seen and appreciated. It could involve cuddling, talking, getting one partner a glass of water, or even taking a shower together.

Where Does All the Spit Come From?

Another interesting question one may have is: where the heck does all this spit come from during spit play? 

Well, there are ways in which to stimulate salivation, such as licking lollipops, eating sour candies, chewing gum, or even sucking on ice cubes. Problem solved!

Is Spit Play Safe?

And last but not least, is spit play safe? The lesser serious issue is that, if it gets in someone’s eyes, it could cause pain. 

And then, there are pathogens that can be passed via saliva. It is possible to pass on STIs and other diseases, such as gonorrhea, but this is not always the case. 

Direct mouth-to-genital or genital-to-genital contact carries a higher risk of STI transmission,” says sex educator Tara Jones. “With herpes that presents orally, HSV1 or HSV2, there must be direct contact between the contagious area and another’s mouth or genitals, so spitting from a distance would not carry that risk.” 

Either way, we suggest having great oral hygiene if you’re going to enjoy spit play. This is because there is a lot of bacteria in your mouth, and thus may keep things more safe during spit play.

And so, with this guide and all of the safety tips, we’re sure you can have an exhilarating experience (if you’re both on-board) when it comes to spit play!