weirdest kinks

Here are 21 Weirdest Kinks People Have

Everyone has at least one kink, however mild it might be. Whether you’re into praising, spanking, or some BDSM role-playing, everything is healthy when practiced safely. But there are some weird kinks out there that you might not be familiar with. So, let’s explore some of the weirdest kinks people have.

weirdest kinks

Sex as a Woman

Some straight/bisexual men fantasize about experiencing sex as women. It has nothing to do with their sexuality or gender. It mostly focuses on the experience of being dominated by their partner while being in a body of a woman, which they imagine to be smaller and physically weaker than theirs.


Some people truly enjoy the idea of their partner sleeping with other people as a way to humiliate and hurt them in order to be sexually aroused. It can be either with the partner involved, watching the cheating partner have sex with other people. Or sometimes, only the thought is enough to get them turned on. 


People with this kink like to watch other people have sex (consensually, of course). A great way to explore this kink is during sex parties, as it’s the perfect place to find other people having sex openly and watch them in action. 


Voyeurism’s cousin, exhibitionism, is a kink when you enjoy being watched during sex. Once again, sex parties are the perfect places to be for people with this kink. People with this kink might also find sex in public places like bathrooms or beaches an attractive place to have sex in. However, before you try public sex, remember — in most countries, it’s illegal and will get you arrested. 


This kink manifests in two ways — a person with a penis enjoys their partner gagging on them during sex. Or, a person is sexually aroused when they’re the ones gagging. Gagging can be induced by various activities: stuffing fingers inside someone’s mouth, pressing on their tongue, or simply using toys, like mouth gags that a person can wear during sex. 


Humiliation might sound like the weirdest kink. And it’s exactly what it sounds like — people with humiliation kink are sexually aroused when their partner humiliates them. Humiliation can happen either physically, by slapping (always consensually) your partner or being slapped by them yourself. Or, it can be verbal, which is a softer form, when your partner calls you “slut”, “whore”, “bitch” and any other degrading terms you both agree on.


People with this kink are aroused by receiving enema. Now, enema is a process when you squirt warm water inside your anus, and it’s most often practiced as a way to prepare for anal sex outside of its original medical use. However, there are also people who find it arousing if they’re the ones giving their partners enemas. 

CNC or Consensual-Non-Consent

This is one of many BDSM practices and a kink that some people have when you and your partner agree on one or both of you engaging in sexual activities anytime without consent. For example, your partner could start having sex with you while you sleep without first waking you up and having to ask for consent. Rape fantasies also fall under this kink and allow people to explore their fantasies in a safe and controlled environment.  


If you enjoy pain during sex and find it sexually arousing, then you might have a masochism kink. The level of pain one tolerates varies from person to person, as do the preferred ways of inflicting pain. It could be that you enjoy biting or being bitten. How hard you go with that depends on how high your pain threshold is, but some people like to bite so hard it draws blood. 

Spanking, slapping, and hair-pulling are all kinks that go under the wider umbrella of masochism kink. Degradation/humiliation and other emotionally painful situations fall under this kink as well.


If you’re turned on by inflicting pain, humiliating, and degrading your partner during sex, then you might have a sadism kink. As long as both parties consent, there is nothing wrong with wanting to punish your partner by spanking them or calling them “your little slut”. 

Pregnancy Fetish

Some people have a thing for pregnant women. They might feel very sexually aroused at the idea of having sex with a pregnant woman, which is all great, as long as both parties involved are consenting to sex and it’s safe to have sex for the pregnant party. 


How does having sex with ghosts sound like to you? People with this kink report having sexual encounters with ghosts and other creatures that visit them at night. An example of that is people who claim that demons in the form of the succubus (female sex demon) or incubus (male sex demon) visit them at night and have sex with them. So, spectrofilia is definitely out there on the weirdest kink list.


Getting off on pee is an urophilia. This can happen two ways — either a person enjoys being peed on by someone else. Or they enjoy peeing on their partner. And sometimes, it’s both. This kink could be part of humiliation/degradation kink play. 


A close cousin of urophilia is coprophilia. It’s a kink when people find poop play sexually arousing. For example, you might enjoy pooping on your partner or want them to do it on you and find that hot. Best to have some towels around or do it in the shower. 


Some people find it extremely arousing to watch themselves have sex or masturbate in front of the mirror. It’s quite a common sexual kink, and many people find it sexy to put a mirror over their beds or next to it, so they can watch themselves have sex all the time. 


Yes, some people enjoy smelling other people’s farts during sex and find it sexually arousing. 

Pet Kink

Pet kink is one of the weirdest kinks out there, and it’s a part of role-playing when a person enjoys and finds it sexually arousing to be treated as a pet by their partner. It could involve wearing a collar and eating from a bowl, being denied access to furniture, and having to crawl on all fours. 


This term stands for cock and ball torture. It’s a kink that some people have that includes inflicting pain to male genitalia. Generally, it could be anything from stomping on it with your foot or simply using cock cages as part of your play. It also could manifest in either enjoying the pain yourself or being the one who gets off on inflicting the pain.

Financial Domination

There is a whole community of men who enjoy being financially dominated by, most often, women. These men find it sexually arousing when women demand money from them in a very degrading and demanding way. It’s not only that these men enjoy being asked for money. They also get off on giving their money away, which is a form of the powerplay dynamic.

Semen Kink

People with this kink are sexually aroused by sperm. It could be that they might enjoy it when their partner finishes inside them, “filling” them up with their sperm. Or, they might like it when their partner finishes on various body parts, like belly, mouth, or face. This kink also goes another way, when a person enjoys seeing their partner showered in their semen or finishing in their mouth and other places. 

Knife Play

Knife kink is also a practice that’s quite common in the BDSM community. And it’s not as scary as it might sound at first. Most often, people are aroused by their partner holding a knife at them during sex. It could be holding it over their throat or simply dragging the tip of it over their skin. And then some people are sexually aroused by doing it to their partners. It’s a powerplay thing, and the danger of such activity makes people sexually aroused. 

Weird Doesn’t Mean Bad

It’s important to mention that even if you have one or more of the weirdest kinks on this list, there isn’t anything wrong with that. Most kinks and fetishes out there are healthy and okay to indulge in as long as you’re being safe, respectful, and practicing it with a consenting partner.