Post sexual-rejuvenation practices

Post sexual-rejuvenation practices

Sex is a fulfilling activity, but also an energy drain. Depending on your age, physical fitness, and the preferred frequency and intensity of your sex sessions, you might want to consider finding ways to replenish your juices and strength afterwards. Here are some tips that will help you stay fresh and ready for new action.

Post sexual-rejuvenation practices

Get the right nutrients

Having lots of greens, organic fruits and vegetables as well as a decent proportion of whole grains and legumes in your diet will help you keep and maintain your energy through any strenuous activity, but there are also foods that are excellent specifically for sexual and reproductive vigour. On top of the list are avocados, walnuts, and various berries. You might want to boost your zinc levels, especially if you are male, because zinc has a role in testosterone production and it gets flushed with semen. Unsaturated fats like those in avocado and especially omega-3-fatty acids, like those in seafood and nuts, are also important.

If you’re vegan and take your omegas from plant sources you need them to be absolutely fresh, because those fatty acids spoil quickly. Furthermore, plant based omega-3-fatty acids might be inadequate because they only contain the short-chain ALA acid instead of the long-chain DHA and EPA, fatty acids that we actually need. Some people are more efficient at converting them, while others do a fairly bad job. In the latter case, the vegan friendly option, derived from algae, is available as a supplement. You also want to have a solid intake of B-complex vitamins including B12, which absolutely needs to be supplemented if you are vegan. It is generally advisable to consume foods with a strong antioxidative potential to protect your body from oxidative stress. Studies increasingly show they need to come from real food as they are mostly ineffective if used as supplements and may actually be harmful in some cases. Since we happen to lose water through various bodily fluids, fast breathing and physical activity, you will want to hydrate properly after any sexual activity.

Avoid alcohol

If you want to achieve good performance in bed, high endurance, and a strong libido, you should by all means avoid alcohol. It works as a depressor of the central nervous system, so it is not something that will boost your sexual mojo, on top of the fact that it harms various systems in your body. Some of the newer studies show that the widely held belief that moderate alcohol consumption is safe or even beneficial are not scientifically supported and that no amount of consumption can be considered safe. Alcohol also interferes with the production of sex hormones, reducing testosterone production in men, and interfering with oestrogen-progesterone balance in women. It dehydrates the body, so you will need to drink a lot of water if you go down that road.

Avoid sugar and fats

Sexual vigour provide us with one more reason to avoid saturated, and especially hydrogenated-trans-fats, as scientific evidence shows a strong link between cardiovascular deterioration and the intake of those foods. As for other food items; even though sweet foods like chocolate might seem like a sexy option, sugar is definitely something you will want to avoid if you want to boost your sexual potency. On top of being bad for your general health, sugary foods cause rapid spikes of blood sugar levels and will cause your energy to be quickly depleted, making you feel worn-out.

Get enough sleep

One in three Americans consistently fail to get enough sleep and the worldwide picture might be even bleaker with as many as 51 percent of adults not getting enough sleep. The results of sleep deprivation are devastating for health on all levels, including sexual. Various studies have shown that lack of sleep decreases libido by lowering testosterone levels, reduces vaginal lubrication and general arousal and, when chronic, can cause erectile dysfunction in men. Even worse – lack of sleep causes men to misjudge female sexual interest which is certain to cause all sorts of frustrations on both sides. In general, proper sleep, usually defined by 6-8 hours, including a significant amount of the REM phase sleep, is correlated with better sexual satisfaction, increased willingness to engage in sex and, consequently, a higher frequency of sexual activity. When females are concerned, a study from 2015 determined that every hour of sleep increased the likeliness the women would engage in sex by 14 percent.

Be physically active

Physical activity is an extremely important and well-researched booster of both the libido and the quality of sex life to the point of being an imperative for maintaining a healthy sex life. But not all exercise was made the same – finding a well-balanced one that nurtures our body instead of wearing it out is crucial. Nothing spells balanced better than yoga – offering the right amount of breathwork, strength exercises, and stretching. Being a passionate yogi myself might make me be a bit biased, but in my defense, I explored a wide array of activities before discovering yoga, which allowed me to have some comparison and appreciate it even more. If yoga is not your thing, in order to reap comparable benefits, you might want to find an aerobic activity that works your whole body (such as swimming or jogging) and combine it with some decent stretching.

Get fresh air

This might sound strange but if you fail to ensure that the space for sex is properly ventilated, it will negatively affect your performance and energy levels. And if you happen to make a habit out of having your windows closed all the time, you are likely to have problems with your sex life. In addition to that, studies have shown a significant decrease in all sorts of performance domains when indoor carbon dioxide levels increase, plus the increase of atmospheric CO2 has been proposed as a possible factor in the global obesity epidemics.