The Soraya 2 Gave Me My First G-Spot Orgasm, and This is How it Went Down

I’m the type of girl who is all about clitoral stimulation that leads to an orgasm. And while I’ve bought plenty of dildos and vibrators in the past in hopes of reaching climax via penetration, I’ve had no such luck.

soraya 2

Needless to say, I’m a bit of a tough cookie, and have only really reached my most pleasurable moments when flying solo… well, me and SONA of late (which is actually my most favourite sex toy ever, btw).

At present however, I’m on my own journey to maximise my sexual pleasure. I’ve been trying new things, one of which is trying to achieve multiple orgasms, and another, trying to get off via the G-spot. I have successfully managed to crack one of those masturbation bucket list goals, climaxing via the G-spot! 

After 32 years of life, one might think I’ve arrived late to the party, but I hope this piece will help and guide those who, like me, find it difficult to orgasm using internal sex toys. 

So, the SORAYA 2 gave me my first G-spot orgasm, and this is how it went down… 

I unwrapped the sleek packaging of my new toy, and was impressed with its super slick, elegant, and unique design. Somehow I had imagined that it would be bigger than what it was, but in actuality, I was happy about that fact.

So, as the sun set on the day that I received my delightful new toy, I hit the sheets ready to play. I started off with the SONA as to build up sexual excitement, and to get wet. I have absolutely no problem in the natural lubrication department, so I didn’t use any additional lube when trying the SORAYA 2. 

After some time, I whipped out my new friend, and slowly inserted it. Because I rarely use internal toys, it was definitely a strange sensation for me. Sure, I have had a lot of sex, but that’s something entirely different (to me, anyways). It felt big and kind of heavy on the inside. I really wasn’t sure if I had inserted it deep enough, but again, it’s all about trial and error. 

As my normal routine, I was watching porn, but this time, felt a bit ‘in my head’. The whole thing was new to me, and I wasn’t sure what to expect. Needless to say, pleasure wasn’t felt immediately. 

After about 10 minutes however, I felt as though things were moving along swiftly. I was feeling aroused, and while the toy still felt quite weird and heavy inside of me, it did not take me long to come after feeling aroused. And bam! I orgasmed via the G-spot! 

How did it feel? To me, it felt oddly similar to a clitoral orgasm. It was good, great, wonderful… but not very different, and not earth shattering. But, at the same time, I knew that I needed more practice. So, I got to work, and tried this lovely little sex toy a few more times….

My next little adventure with the Soraya 2 wasn’t as successful as the first. I went straight for the Soraya 2 sans my SONA, and somehow things just weren’t really going my way. What did I do? Improvise! 

I used the clit stimulator and rode it against my clit without any penetration, and got off without a hitch. I was yet to give up however.

So, as they say: third time’s a charm. I hit the sheets once again and inserted the Soraya 2 and gave it a fair chance, but still felt it was almost foreign inside of my body. I decided to try things a little differently once again, so I used my hand to play with my clit whilst the Soraya 2 was inside of me, and bam! Yet another sweet big ‘O’. This time was not as exciting as the first, but still allowed me to hit the jackpot.

Now, with a total of three solo play time adventures, I have come to a premature conclusion (which will, of course need to be worked on to really have a solid case). I concluded that right now, my body just isn’t all that comfortable with penetrative toys… and that’s OK. Different strokes for different folks.

I also concluded that I definitely need to experiment and figure out what else I like, and if perhaps it will merely take a few more tries and techniques to really fall in love with this beautiful sex toy as someone who simply prefers clitoral stimulation. 

Bottom line? I experienced my first G-spot orgasm (yay!), but it’s this experience that made me appreciate my SONA even more. So, for those who are on the fence about the SONA or SONA Cruise, I absolutely 100 percent recommend it. (And actually, you can now bag the SONA 2 and SONA Cruise 2). Will I be using the Soraya 2 again? Of course! Practice makes perfect!

And for those who are prone to G-spot orgasms or who enjoy toys that are used internally, I am sure the Soraya 2 will be your new best friend. The Soraya 2 and I are merely acquaintances… for now.