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Erectile Dysfunction: What to Do (and Not Do) if You’re Experiencing It

Erectile Dysfunction - What to Do (And Not Do) if You’re Experiencing It

The phrase ‘erectile dysfunction’ often conjures up imagery from pharmaceutical commercials, with smiling couples of 65+whistling as they grab the paper in the morning, yet while difficulties achieving ...

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STIs and HEX™: Some Home Truths―and Steps for Change

STIs and HEX™―Some Home Truths and Steps for Change

A well-cut suit, classic red lipstick, trench coats – some things never go out fashion. For other stuff – think flares, shoulder pads and hypercolor t-shirts – consensus ...

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How a History of Sexually Transmitted Infections Sparked a 21st Century Pandemic

How a History of Sexually Transmitted Infections Sparked a 21st Century Pandemic

Startling 2014 figures demonstrating the insidious rise of chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis in the US since 2006[1]; combined with the emergence of an apparently antibiotic-resistant strain of so-called ...

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5 Surprising Uses for Condoms in and out of the Bedroom

5 Surprising Alternate Uses for Condoms

Condoms are an amazingly effective (and sometimes, downright sexy) addition to pleasure that make for safer sex, but that’s not all they’re good for; just check out the ...

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5 More Exercises for Better Sex

exercise for sex

It’s a virtuous circle – sex is great for your health, and health is great for your sex. At this post-holidays time of resolutions and optimistic gym memberships, we’re ...

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Everything You’ve Wanted to Know (and More) About Prostate Massage [Infographic]


Is prostate massage healthy? Is it easy to do? How do I massage my prostate? All of these questions and more are answered by LELO in this simple ...

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5 Tips for Male Sexual Health


When we think of male sexual health, our minds often jump straight to STI checks and perhaps an uncomfortable yearly appointment with your GP after you turn 40. ...

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The Luna Smart Bead – Reach Your Full Orgasm Potential


This week, LELO has released an entirely new product, the LUNA Smart Bead™. Why? Well, riddle me this: is your orgasmic glass half full, or half empty? And ...

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Sex Toys and World Sexual Health Day 2014


Health and pleasure are inextricably linked, and nowhere is this clearer than in matters of sex. In the profoundly wise words of the World Health Organization: …[sexual health] ...

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Happy Earth Day 2014


In honor of Earth Day and the importance of taking care of the planet, we’re sharing how we take green measures for your eco-friendly pleasure. The extra time ...

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