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Masturbation Tips

Sex while solo doesn’t have to be a snore – just check out our best masturbation tips and tricks and give yourself the best orgasm in your life.

Male Sex Toys of the Past, Present & Future

Male sex toys

Ever since man showed up on the scene, we have been looking for new & novel ways to get ourselves off. There is a very long history of …

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Introducing F1s: Get into Pole Position with LELO’s New Male Pleasure Devices

F1s Developers Kit

Attendees of the Venus Berlin Erotic Trade Fair left tire tracks in their rush to get their hands on LELO’s brand new male sextech pleasure concepts, including previews …

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Your Boyfriend Found Your Vibrator – Now What?

So that fateful day has arrived. Your boyfriend, through either verbal or physical snooping, has discovered the existence of your vibrator (dun dun dun), leaving you with one …

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Straight Talk for Straight Guys: Fingering

How do you do, fellow straight guys? I certainly hope you’ve got some board shorts and flip flops on, because here’s a hot take you can sear a …

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Polishing Your Skills: Methods of Female Masturbation

After our article focusing on methods for masturbation involving a penis, we received a lot of feedback asking how women masturbate.   Masturbation for vulva-having folks is something …

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Hey Guys? Don’t be ‘That Guy’

When you’re reading this at some point in the future, maybe you’ll be a citizen of a world with no more weekly Internet Outrages. More likely though, if …

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Vaginismus & Anorgasmia: What They Are & What to Do About Them

Vaginismus & Anorgasmia - What They Are & What to Do About Them

What exactly are vaginismus and anorgasmia? You may have not heard these terms, or at least, may not have the whole truth about them, but they may affect …

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Hold It Together: Why You Should Try Masturbating in Front of Your Partner

When you work at a company like LELO, we often get accused of thinking about masturbation all day, every day. Feeling tired? Try masturbating! Trying a new leave …

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Boy Toys: Dismantling the Stigma Surrounding Masturbation Cups

What’s the big deal about guys using sex toys, particularly male masturbators, cups and sleeves? Well, it depends who you ask. The silence surrounding female masturbation has certainly …

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No partner, No Problem: 4 Couples’ Toys You Can Use Solo

While we definitely have an opinion on what counts as a couples’ toy – ie: anything, if you put your mind to it – we know that some …

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