most popular sexual fantasies

Most Popular Masturbation Fantasies

Ever wondered how others masturbate?

The National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior conducted by the Kinsey Institute of Indiana University analyzed the results of people ages 14 to 19 to discover if they masturbated and how often.

They found that people of all ages masturbate. About 20% of men aged 18 to 59 reported masturbating two to three times a week, while a majority of women masturbated once a week or less. 

It’s difficult to separate masturbation from pornography, and while there are downsides to the industry, like giving youth unrealistic expectations of sex, many people watch it to explore their fantasies. In the U.S., an estimated 69% of men and 40% of women view porn each year, and the rise of ethical porn has given sex workers more safety while serving viewers more realistic content. 

So, what are people fantasizing about while they’re masturbating? Whether it’s on-screen or in their heads, these are the most common sexual fantasies.

1. Oral Sex

People love cunnilingus. Whether it’s vulvas or penises, giving or receiving, oral sex is an international fan favorite. 87% of men and 78% of women fantasize about taking part in oral sex.

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2. Location-Based Fantasies

Sex doesn’t always happen on a bed, and many people like to fantasize about fornicating in unique places.

81.7% of women and 82.3% of men fantasize about having sex in an unusual place like the office or a public restroom, while 84.9% of women and 78.4% of men fantasize about having sex in a romantic location like a deserted beach

Many people are intrigued by the idea of exhibitionism, with 57.3% of women and 66.1% of men fantasizing about having sex in public

3. Having Sex with Someone Besides Your Partner

Someone keep popping into your head when you’re aroused? 66.3% of women and 83.4% of men fantasize about having sex with someone they know who isn’t their partner.

Fantasizing about someone is not a form of cheating and doesn’t mean you don’t love and desire your current partner. This also follows the rising popularity of non-monogamy and polyamory

4. Power Plays

Kink can allow people to experience the intense sensations that come from being in a submissive or dominant role. Whether or not people are actually engaging in power play with other people, it remains a hugely popular fantasy. 

64.6% of women fantasize about being dominated while 46.7% of them love the idea of dominating someone. If this peaks your interest, check out Total Power Exchange (TPE) relationships.

5. Threesomes or Orgies

The more, the merrier! 75.3% of women and 56.5% of men tend to think so at least. People who said they were into having sex with three or more people were into a mix of genders

Threesomes and moresomes can be an awesome way to explore sexuality and heightened sensations, whether it’s in your head or in your bed.

6. Anal Sex

Anal sex can be incredibly intense and erotic for everyone involved, no matter your gender or sexuality. 64.2% of men fantasize about having anal sex. It’s unclear whether that means being penetrated or doing the penetrating.

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Other Common Fantasies

Our list doesn’t stop there. The world of human sexuality is wide and vast. 

Here are some other common sexual fantasies:

  • Ejaculating on your partner
  • Having sex with your current partner
  • Role-play and BDSM
  • Watching someone undress without them knowing
  • Queer sex
  • Watching people have sex
  • Having sex with someone with very large breasts
  • Handjobs and fingering 

Did we miss anything on this list? Comment your go-to scenarios below.