Top 5 Games for Bachelorette Parties

Bachelorette Party Games

Wedding season is here, and here in the LELO offices that gets us excited for the increase in bachelorette parties filling up our social agendas – we absolutely LOVE a good hen night.

If it falls on you to plan the party proceedings, don’t stress. From bachelorette party ideas to the LELO bridal shower gift guide, we’ve got you completely covered. And now, to make extra sure that there’s never a dull moment on your ladies-only night out, we’ve listed our favorite games to keep you and your fiercest friends entertained.

Quiz the Groom

Before the party, prepare a list of questions about the bride for her fiancé to answer. Questions could include:Where’s the wildest place you’ve had sex? What pair of panties does she look the best in? What was the stupidest thing you’ve fought over?
Pass the list around and take turns reading her the questions and having her guess his response. If she answers wrong, she has to sip her drink. If she gets it right, everyone else has to.

Ex Charades

Just like the groom hopes that tales of bachelor party strippers don’t get back to his wife-to-be, what comes out during a game of Ex Charades will leave her feeling equally as secretive. In this game, each bachelorette partygoer has to stand in front of the group and pretend to be a past husband, boyfriend, hookup, crush or suitor of the bride without using words.

List Hoorah

Before the start of your bachelorette party evening, pass a pen and paper around to all partygoers. Ask them to write down two things that the bride has to do before the end of the evening, assigning a dollar value to each task depending on its difficulty.
Challenges could range from ‘get a guy to buy you a drink without using words’ to ‘set up a future date for a single partygoer.’ Each completed task earns the bride the assigned monetary value, split between partygoers.

Get the Point

Sit around a table and place a shot of tequila in the middle. Going around in a circle, take turns asking silly hypothetical questions like Who here is most likely to go home with the limo driver tonight? or Who here has had the hottest exes? After the question is asked, everyone points to the person they believe best answers the question. The one with the most fingers pointed at them downs the shot.

Victoria’s Secret

Without telling the bride, get in contact with all partygoers and tell them to each buy a piece of lingerie that they believe represents their personality.

When present unwrapping ends, tell the bride that there is one last round of gifts. Have her unwrap each piece of lingerie and guess which partygoer bought each item. Assign a punishment for guessing wrong and a reward for guessing right.

We don’t expect you to have time to play all of our favorite games in one evening, but forwarding our list of proven showstoppers to your fellow partygoers is a great way to build a bond and fill the evening with an itinerary everyone can look forward to.
Party on, ladies!