Spring Has Arrived! 6 Places to Have Sex in Spring

With the temperature warming up, the birds starting to chirp and the start of sangria season, we decided to explore different sex options for spring.  Winter kept us indoors for too long, so now that we have the chance; we’re going to take advantage of the warm weather and fresh air in some of the best ways possible.

Top 6 Places to Have Sex in Spring

1. On a Balcony or Rooftop

Whether it is a fire exit staircase with only enough space to watch the sunrise with a friend or your own private deck or a public rooftop access, most housing situations have some kind of access to outside.  You definitely weren’t going to get butt-naked in the piles of snow on your abandoned porch, so now that it has melted, it is about time to get outside and get busy.

Apartment buildings might not have the sexiest looking balconies but there is an added thrill when you are nine stories high.  Keep discreet by doing it at night while your neighbors are asleep.  Don’t have access to outside?  Open the windows as much as possible and incorporate leaning on the windowsill – doggie style sex will have you both looking and feeling like you’re outside.

2. In a Tent

If you enjoy camping, you will definitely enjoy a night of pleasure in your pop-up tent.  Just make sure you build the tent before you start getting any ideas.  If the wild animals and horrifying insects have got you avoiding forests, then consider pitching a tent in your backyard.  Make a date of it with roasted marshmallows under the stars.  Add in some bug spray to set the mood.  Don’t own a tent?  Buy a one-person tent for really cheap and it will guarantee you stay close.

3. On Your Floor

There is something super passionate about ending up on the floor, as if you couldn’t wait long enough to get on the bed…it had to be NOW.  Although not the most comfortable (we recommend at least a pillow), the situation is significantly improved now that the temperature has increased.  Lying on an ice-cold floor is not sexy.  Getting floor burn on those nice warm floorboards? Necessary, at least once.  You can make a game of it and aim to christen every room.

4. On a Boat

Feeling a bit lazy? Let the motion of the boat do the work for you.  We’re totally kidding… about the lazy part.  Ever tried standing on a boat?  Throw in getting undressed, finding a position that works without falling into the water and making sure you don’t drift too far down the river.  It sounds like a lot of fun, ending with some orgasms and a really great story.  Remember the time we had sex in a canoe?  Ya, that is pretty unique. Being alone in the middle of the lake sounds like a perfect intimate location.  I mean, a cruise boat works too, but the ultimate challenge would be a kayak – Level: Expert.

5. During a Hike

In summer, the hiking trails get packed.  In spring, you might pass by a few lost tourists or a hardcore hiker, but the remnants of snow seem to deter the crowds.  Not only does exercise give you those happy feelings that you can then gear towards sex, but you can create your own backdrop of budding trees, mountains and distant lakes.  You might be sweaty once you reach the top, but has that ever really been a sex deterrent?  Keep the sweat going by having a wild time.  Make sure to keep hydrated with water and water-based lube.

6. At a Wedding

Wedding season is just getting started.  It doesn’t just have to only be the bride that gets lucky that night.  With the reception in full swing, try to sneak out to a closed-off room or remote bathroom.  You’re all dressed up, you’ve had a few drinks and you’re surrounded by love.  If you’re a certain age, there might be a wedding every weekend.  Don’t let them ruin your sexy time on weekends – grab your date and make it a night to remember.  Winner goes to the person who checks each wedding off their list.  Just make sure you don’t miss your own bridesmaid speech.


Please note that public sex is often illegal so check your city’s laws before any public adventuring.  It is for this reason that we have suggested some very discreet outdoor locations, including some that can be done on your own private property.  Keep your privates private and you won’t get in trouble.

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