what does lelo mean

Ever Wondered What the Meaning Behind “LELO” Sex Toy Company is?

You probably know LELO as one of the leading brands in luxury sexual wellness. They were one of the first sex toy companies to adopt modern and functional designs into their products from inception. While they have taken the industry by storm, they started from “tiny acorns” in 2003. Can you guess what the LELO definition is?

what does lelo mean

The Swedish company focuses on quality and making products that people should be just as proud of to show off. Tacky and flashy sex toys just don’t fit in everyone’s aesthetic, neither do one-size-fits all products. They have everything from anal stimulators, to clitoral vibrators, to bedroom accessories to heighten the bedroom experience.

LELO prides themselves in making the best of the best, because putting pleasure into your own hands is a life-long investment. That’s why the LELO meaning stands for…

Luxury Erotic Lifestyle Objects

LELO’s goal is to liberate people in the landscape of sexuality, not only to better their relationships with partners, but to provide themselves with the best expression of self-love possible. They continue to reinvent pleasure and explore the ever-changing world of sex tech.