a friend indeed gay erotic story

A Friend Indeed – A Gay Erotic Story

Spence had worked for A Friend Indeed for nearly three years and, as he was now the employee with the most seniority, he was offered the new clients first.

a friend indeed gay erotic story

“What do you think?” Gretchen, his boss, asked. “You want this one?”

Spence thought it over. “Yeah, I’ll take it, help get it all set up.”

Getting new clients acclimated to A Friend Indeed wasn’t too difficult. They were not a “home health service,” they were a companion service, a rent-a-friend, for the elderly. Most of their clients lived alone, some were older couples, and almost all of them were contracted by concerned family members. People needed a little help around the house sometimes, someone to run errands. A Friend Indeed mostly provided someone to talk to, someone to listen.

 The contracts had already been signed, the times scheduled. Spence read over the file:  Walt Gintry, 70, widower for twenty years, former engineer, lived alone. His daughter signed him up so someone would stop by and spend a couple of hours with her dad three days a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday). “He sits at home, alone, all the time” his daughter, Margott, wrote in the paperwork, “I’d like to get a friend for Daddy.”

 “He’s not an asshole, is he?” Spence asked.

“I don’t think so,” Gretchen said. “His daughter said he initially didn’t want us, but relented when he saw how much it meant to her. According to the daughter, her dad said it might be nice to have someone to play cards with once in a while.”

“An engineer,” Spence mused. “I hope he’s not too weird.”


Spence put the address in his GPS:  3232 Oakdale Pines. He followed the turn-by-turn directions and was afraid he was lost when he turned onto a dead end road in the middle of nowhere. Fear soon gave way to a whistle of surprise when he saw the destination: an immaculate two-story house nestled among a forest of fragrant pines with a pool in the back, no less.

Spence bathed in the quiet of the surroundings before he rang the doorbell. The birds chirped with the faint hum of the central unit and pool from the rear of the house. The air was so fresh it felt cool in his nose, crisp in his lungs.

The doorbell chimed softly inside. It was a mere moment before the door opened and Walt Gintry stood staring at him. The older man was partially bald, what buzzed hair remained was gunmetal grey. He was of medium height, meat on his bones which gathered at his belly to tighten his blue t-shirt and politely overlap the waist of his green running shorts. He moved with fluid motions in his flip-flops.

“Hello, sir,” Spence said. “Mister Gintry?”

Walt eyed him up and down. “You selling something for school?”

Spence laughed. “No, sir, I’m Spence Collier. I’m with A Friend Indeed.”

“Oh,” the man’s features softened. “That thing my daughter signed me up for.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Well, I guess you should come on in.”

The house was pristinely clean. Many homes of the solitary male had some amount of clutter, untidiness, but not Walt’s home. This wasn’t the stereotypical abode of the universal bachelor. The house was spotless, devoid of clutter, everything in its proper place with a hint of potpourri in the air complimented by the freshness of Walt’s cologne.

“Do I pay you now or what?” Walt closed the door to the June heat.

“Oh, no, sir,” Spence replied. “Your daughter has made all the arrangements, she’s taken care of everything.”

He nodded. “One less thing I got to worry with, I suppose.”

“Yes, sir. It’s all taken care of.”

“So, what do you do?” Walt led the young man into the living room. It was wood paneled, furnished with a large sectional sofa and recliners. Stacks of magazines were on the desk in the far corner next to the computer. Recessed shelves were full of books. A television, the biggest Spence had seen outside of an electronics store, was mounted on the wall. Models of World War II aircraft lined shelves and were encased in glass boxes. Framed posters of old movies hung on the walls.

Spence stared at the room and its furnishings with wonder and envy. “My job is to come by three days a week and hang out with you.”

“Nice work?”

“If you can get it.”

Walt laughed. He motioned for Spence to sit.

The young man chose one end of the sofa. Walt sat at the other and slipped his flip-flops off.

“I understand why my daughter did this,” Walt said. “I do. I don’t feel I need it. I’m fine by myself. I like my solitude. Margot worries, probably too much. Especially since she doesn’t get out here to visit me very often. Work and all that, family of her own. She calls, though. A lot.”

“She says you don’t go out very much.”

“Just when I need to. I don’t see good to drive at night anymore, haven’t in a long time. During the day, I have other things to do,” he laughed. “I occupy myself. I don’t like going to stores and stuff. I have groceries delivered. Whatever I need, I order online.”

“Kind of a hermit, a recluse?”

Walt smiled, sheepish. “Yeah, I reckon you could say that. After my wife died…I’ve been pretty much alone, I’ve kinda gotten used to it. I can kinda see why my daughter would rent me a friend.”

Walt shifted on the sofa, brought his leg up to stretch it out between them. His shorts shifted and allowed, from Spence’s position, a peek up Walt’s shorts. The young man could see a tuft of grey pubic hair.

Spence felt his face warming. He scratched at his ear so he could turn his gaze away. He shifted his own self on the sofa as he felt blood rush and his crotch begin to swell.

“Well, first thing, don’t think of it as someone being paid to visit you,” Spence said. He cleared his throat to clear his mind. “Think of it as a friend stopping by to hang out with you.”

Walt laughed. “Okay. Just make sure you call. I don’t like wearing clothes and I doubt you wanna catch me with my bat and balls swinging.”

Spence flushed. “I’ll make sure to do that.”

“I embarrassed you, I’m sorry-“

“No,” Spence laughed. He tried not to imagine the man naked, tried not to think of the fullness of the rest of Walt’s grey bush. Spence crossed his legs. “What do you like to do?”


They sat by the pool under an umbrella drinking cold sodas. Spence wasn’t allowed to drink alcohol while on the job (“Like a cop,” Walt joked), so Walt, the gracious host, drank soda, too, and smoked a cigar.

“Were you ever in the military?” Spence asked.

“No,” Walt replied. “I’ve always had a problem being told what to do. Luckily, I was never drafted for anything.” He puffed on his cigar. “Next time, bring your swim trunks, we’ll get in the pool.”

“Sure.” Spence he thought he had replied a little too much excitement.

They talked for two hours, telling jokes (Walt loved a good dirty joke and Spence was happy to comply) and discussing various hobbies and interests. Walt loved literature, history, big band music, and nature. Spence admitted to not being much of a reader and he wasn’t very familiar with big band, but he loved hiking and camping.

When the time was up and Spence was leaving, Walt genuinely seemed somewhat let down.

“I’ll see you the day after tomorrow,” Spence told him.

“Looking forward to it.”


Spence went home to his one-bedroom apartment. He showered, watched Netflix, exchanged text messages with a couple of friends from work about different clients. At eleven-thirty, he laid in the bed and tried to sleep, but sleep didn’t come easy. It resisted him. Lying serene, he listened to the song of the traffic on the streets below as thoughts and images crept into his mind.

He thought of the day, of Walt’s house surrounded by the majesty of trees, the daylight-filled den. He thought of the book spines neatly lined on the shelves, the pleasant baritone of Walt’s voice. He saw Walt shifting on the sofa, how his shorts ruffled, saw the grey hairs of the older man’s crotch. The young man imagined running naked through the woods which surrounded his client’s house, how Walt would chase him, catch him, and wrap his arms around him. Walt would hold him firm, his hairy body pressed to Spence’s smooth flesh, pinning him to a tree in a curtain of moss. 

Spence’s dick hardened. He slid his hand beneath his sleep pants, down his briefs as he imagined the heat from Walt’s body burning with his own. He dreamed of rubbing his face in the bed of Walt’s pubes, feeling the older man stiffen against his face before he took him whole in his mouth.

Spence pushed his clothes down and stroked. His steady fist increased as he thought of Walt forcing him to gag on his cock. At the thought of the older man shooting hot loads down his throat, the young man came with a string of grunts. His body crumpled as it emptied itself onto his stomach and chest.


For two nights in a row he jacked-off to fantasies of Walt, to the idea of them peeling each other’s clothes off, their bodies sweaty, panting as each explored the other. Now, Spence was in professional mode. He pushed the fantasies aside, yet they hovered there just beneath the surface. He could work like that, he had before, suppressing his attraction to older men, although none had ever been as attractive as Walt.

When he rang the doorbell, Spence had dispelled his mind’s playground. He had never “fooled around” with a client, and he would not. He wouldn’t jeopardize his job in any such way.

Walt opened the door all smiles. He wore a red tank top which allowed his dark chest hair to breathe. His black sweatpants were baggy and hung loose over his bare feet.

“Did you bring your swimming trunks?”

“What? No,” Spence replied. “I forgot them.”

Walt ushered him in. “You’ll have to remember them on Monday.”

“I’ll set a reminder on my phone.”

“That’s how it starts,” Walt smiled. “You forget things and have to leave yourself notes. How old are you?” 

“Twenty-eight,” Spence chuckled.

“Not old at all. Too young for forgetfulness.”

“Too much going on in here,” Spence tapped his head as he walked beside Walt into the den.

“You need to learn to relax.”

They drank soda, played Gin Rummy, and laughed for a full three hours. When it was time for Spence to leave, his sides were hurting.


“Ten o’clock.”

“Can you make it nine and stay longer?” Walt asked him.

“I’ll see what I can do,” Spence said. “I’m sure I can.”

Walt clapped him on the back, ran his hand along Spence’s firm shoulder. “That sounds good. Make it eight if you can. You look like you could use the pool time. Don’t forget your trunks.”

Spence held up his phone. “I set a reminder.”

“Good. If you forget, again, I’ll either throw you in fully clothed or we can swim bare assed.”

Spence laughed, albeit nervous as he stiffened in his pants. “I’ll see you Monday, Mr.-”

“Oh, no. What did I say?”

“Walt.” Spence waved. “Monday.”

Walt watched him until he was in his car and started the engine. Spence blasted the cold air. His erection hurt against his denim jeans, ready to be freed, ready for release. 


On Saturday evening, with the sun low to the horizon, Spence’s cell phone rang. He looked at it and did a double take.


“Hey, hello,” Walt said through the phone. “I hope I’m not interrupting anything.”

“No, of course not.” Spence looked around his empty apartment. “What’s up? Everything okay?”

“Oh, yeah, there’s no emergency or anything.” Walt chuckled and it sent bumps of titillation over Spence’s arms. “This is silly actually…how about we forget I called.”

“How about you tell me why you called and I’ll decide if we should forget it,” Spence said.

Walt chuckled again, husky. “Okay, son. I don’t want to interrupt any plans you have or anything.”

“Trust me, I have no plans,” Spence said. “I was about to microwave a frozen dinner. It’s not exactly a wild Saturday night over here.”

“Okay,” Walt said. “Well, thing is, my daughter, Margot, you know her-”

“Yeah.” Truthfully, Spence only knew her name.

“She was gonna come over tonight. I fired up the grill, cooked some hamburgers. We were gonna hit the pool, just us. But she got called away on business, had to leave for California on the spur of the moment.”

“I’m sorry.”

“That’s how her job is,” said Walt. “Anyway, I have the burgers ready and the beer’s cold. I’d hate for it to go to waste. So, I thought maybe you’d like to join me.”

“Oh, Walt, wow-“

“I understand if you can’t. I’m sure you have plans already. Plus, the job-”

“I’m off the clock,” Spence said, sure his smile was detectable through his voice. “And I don’t have a single thing planned.”

“So you’ll join me?”

“I’d love to.”

“That’s great,” Walt said. “Come on over. You just made an old man very happy.”

“See you soon.”

Spence jumped in the shower as soon as the call ended. Scrubbed and cleaned, he dressed in chinos and t-shirt, grabbed his keys, wallet, and phone and was on the highway half way to Walt’s house in under thirty minutes. He breathed deeply and his knotted nerves untangled themselves in the scant sunset traffic headed out of town.

He parked in the lush greenery of Walt’s driveway and smelled grilled ground beef and chlorine when he exited his car. The front door opened and his host greeted him, shirtless in vibrant blue silky shorts. Spence ran his tongue over his lips— an involuntary reaction— as his eyes feasted on the spread of grey and white which covered the older man’s chest and stomach to match the thatches on his arms. The plugs of Walt’s nipples were hard. Once more, seeing Walt, Spence’s dick twitched, stirred.

Walt motioned him inside, a big smile on his face. “Get in here. I hope you brought an appetite.”

“I did,” Spence said. Walt stood aside and the younger man entered, inhaling the crisp aroma of his elder’s scent. “I’m starving.”

Walt’s massive hand adjusted the prominent bulge behind the sheen of his shorts. His balls looked to be the size of apples. “Good, good.” He closed the door and led Spence to the sliding glass doors in the living room. “Off the clock and ready for a beer, I hope.”

“Thirsty as hell.”

The burgers were delicious, but the two men talked more than they ate, punctuating statements with sips from ice cold bottles of beer. Spence listened as Walt talked about his late wife, their time in free-love communes when they were younger, their travels after they retired, nudist beaches.

“We had some wild times,” Walt said, sipped beer. He lit a cigar, blew smoke.

“It sounds like it.” Spence was enthralled by the history, enchanted by the spell the clouds of smoke cast.

“Of course, Margot—” Walt laughed. “I don’t see how our daughter turned out so conservative.”

“Well, a lot of what you did took a good deal of bravery.”

That made Walt laugh more. “Bravery? Bravery had nothing to do with it.”

“Really? The communes? I’m thinking orgies and daisy chains of sweaty bodies,” Spence laughed, sipped beer. “And nudist beaches. That takes guts.” He shook his beer. “Or things a lot stronger than this.”

“You shouldn’t need liquid courage to shed inhibitions,” said Walt. “Yeah, you get the butterflies the first time, maybe even the hundredth time—”

Spence almost spit his beer out with a chuckle.

“But once you do it,” Walt continued, “once you conquer whatever fear is holding you back, you never look back. It’s just another thing. While your thing hangs out,” he coughed a laugh with his guest. He threw his empty bottle of beer against the side of the house where it shattered. 

Spence jumped at the sound of breaking glass. “Whoa!” He stared at the splotches of beer on the siding. He looked at Walt, they laughed.

“Throw it!” Walt commanded him. “Throw that goddamn bottle and then we’re jumping in that goddamn pool!”

Spence’s merriment subsided. “I don’t know about that, sir. I think maybe we’ve had a little too much beer.”

Walt reached across the table and grabbed Spence’s bottle. He turned the bottle and pointed to the label. “It’s non-alcoholic. We’ve been drinking straight-up baby piss.”

Spence flung the bottle and it broke into a hundred shards on the wall.

“Fuck yeah!” Walt pumped his fist. “Now, we swim like men!”

“I forgot my trunks,” Spence said.

“I said we swim like men.” Walt stood and kicked his chair back. He shoved his hands into his short’s waistband.

“Naked!” Spence stopped him.

“I swim naked all the time.”

Spence smiled and stood. He kicked over his own chair. “Okay.”

Walt shoved his shorts down and they fell around his ankles. From the field of grey, his cock hung like an elephant trunk over his balls which were more perfect than Spence could have wished for. He kicked his shorts aside and his dick swung like a pendulum, his testicles like twin wrecking balls with the motion of his legs.

Spence kicked off his own shoes, unbuttoned his pants and slid the zipper down, slowly. He saw Walt’s cock twitch, stretch.

Walt saw his friend’s hesitation. “If you don’t want to…I’m sorry, I don’t know what I was thinking. I didn’t mean— I get carried away sometimes. Please, please forgive me.”

“Walt, no, it’s not—“ Spence stepped out of his pants and went to him. “No. I want to.” He looked into his eyes. “I want to.”

Walt put his hands on Spence’s hips and pulled him close until their lips met. His tongue darted into the young man’s mouth, parted his lips, fought the other’s tongue, danced with it. Walt had a quick intake of breath when Spence gripped his pulsing cock and tugged it, stroked it with his own fervent breaths.

He tore his hungry mouth free and immediately clamped his lips around Walt’s puckered nipples. Spence sucked them between his teeth, felt the man grow in his hand, felt himself grow as the older man’s hands slithered into his underwear to squeeze his ass.


“I want you to call me Daddy.”

“Daddy,” Spence breathed into his neck.

Walt’s cock stiffened to full size. His shuddered into Spence.

“Say it again.”

“Daddy,” Spence moaned into his ear. Walt’s body tensed as his dick oozed clear joy.

Walt shoved the young man’s tented boxers down. Spence’s cock bobbed and nudged the other’s man leg. Walt squeezed Spence’s balls, tugged them.

Spence swept his underwear aside. Walt guided them to the lounger. He reclined and Spence slid between his thighs. He nuzzled Walt’s heavy sack, licked up from his taint.

“Does Daddy like that?”

“Daddy likes it.” He grabbed two handfuls of Spence’s hair. “Clean my balls, Son.”

Spence filled his mouth with Daddy’s left nut and sucked.

“Harder,” Walt growled. 

His Son sealed his lips around his treat and did as he was told. Walt clenched his hands on the arms of the creaking lounger and lifted his hips in ecstasy. Spence sucked harder and stroked Walt’s rock hard shaft. When he let loose of his Daddy’s big ball, Walt fell back to the seat.

Spence stroked him, delighted in the smile his Daddy wore, his closed eyes in euphoria.

From the base of Daddy’s cock, Spence nibbled and licked until he came to the top. He, greedily, lapped up the abundance of sparkling nourishment he found, smeared it on his lips with his tongue before he opened wide and eased Daddy into his mouth.

“Oh, fuck,” Walt said. He rose to meet Spence, plunged into his throat.

Spence worked him with his mouth and both hands. Spence popped off him with a gag as Walt slapped his cheek.

“Feed me,” he said. He stroked Daddy’s cock, tongued his slit, the underside of his head.

Walt met his Son’s rhythm, thrust his hips into his jerking hands. “I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna fuckin’ cum,” he said, his balls constricted.

“Feed me, Daddy!”

White hot ropes erupted from Daddy’s cock and splashed himself and his Son like a burst paint can. Spence cleaned his Daddy like a starving dog. He licked cum from his hands, from Walt’s balls, sucked it from his fingers, smeared it across his mouth. He had never tasted anything so good and all he wanted was more cum and more of Daddy.

Walt was collapsed in the chair. Spence sucked him until his near foot-long cock went limp in his mouth. He climbed to beside his Daddy, ran fingers through his chest hair.

“You taste so good.” Spence sucked Walt’s earlobe. 

The older man shifted to his side in the large lounger, face to face with his Son. He cradled an arm around him and they kissed— deep, longing. Walt took Spence in hand and it required minimum maneuvering before the younger man spilled in a torrent of heaven. 

Daddy, his hand thick with it, fed the payload to his son. With his mouth sticky and frosted, they kissed, again, two bodies pressed into one happiness.

“I don’t think I need that companion service anymore,” said Walt.

Spence, with a smile, tweaked his Daddy’s nipple. “I don’t think you do either.”

The pool hummed, the stars shimmered, and Walt and Spence held each other into the night.