anal vibrators for her

A Different Kind of Vibe: Anal Vibrators for Her

While we all have the ability to enjoy anal stimulation, there are tons of anal vibrators that are more geared towards men. 

anal vibrators for her

This is most likely because when a man uses this kind of pleasure product, it stimulates the prostate (a walnut-sized gland that can produce firework-inducing full-body orgasms). 

It could also be a means to compensate for the lack of sex toys available for men today. It’s true that the sex toy industry seems to often favour female pleasure, thus offering a slew of different toys for her or couples, as opposed to him.

But today, we’re going to explore anal vibrators for her! Because even though we’re looking at a huge amount of anal toys marketed towards men, women deserve to enjoy the beautiful bliss of anal climaxing too!

What is an Anal Vibrator?

An anal vibrator is a pleasure product that’s used to stimulate the anus in order to experience delicious orgasms. There are various types of anal toys available, each with their own design and function. 

For example, there are anal beads, which is a string with several balls attached, either of the same or varying sizes. Anal beads are inserted slowly, then pulled out to give the user a euphoric rush of pleasure.

Butt plugs too are anal toys that are often bulb-shaped with a flared base. In this way, it can be inserted and kept in place for anal stimulation or worn for aesthetic purposes (think a butt plug with a jewelled base or a tail).

Then, of course, there are anal vibrators that have a curved tip, which is perfectly designed to stimulate either the prostate or to indirectly stimulate the G-spot and A-spot in women…

Why is Anal Stimulation so Blissful for Women?

As we mentioned, an anal vibrator for her will be curved in all the right places, which will not only give the receiver unwavering anal pleasure, but will also indirectly stimulate the G-spot and the A-spot.

The G-spot can be found two to three inches inside of the vagina, and the A-spot is slightly higher than the G-spot. These two pleasure zones, when stimulated, have the power to give women intense orgasms. In fact, there is a plethora of orgasmic bliss possible when a woman uses an anal vibrator! 

So, let’s explore different anal vibrators for her, shall we?

Anal Vibrators for Her

At LELO, we are all about curating beautiful pieces of art that are not only gorgeous but also incredibly satisfying. We offer pleasure products for any and all bodies, allowing you to find your very best toy for all the sexual ecstasy you deserve. 

However, our anal vibrators for her are particularly enticing and there’s nothing wrong with simply having a peek, right? Who knows, you may just find your (or your partner’s) new favourite toy on our list of anal vibrators for her!

INA Wave 2

INA wave

INA Wave 2 exceeds all of the rest as it rises and falls, creating waves of sexual bliss on your sweet spots. It’s a multi-functional winner in sex tech, as you can use it on your clitoris, as a G-spot vibrator, or an anal vibrator, and it comes with a wider range of intensities for even stronger sessions.



The GIGI 2 was created to send shivers down your spine! It has a flattened tip which makes it impeccably precise, allowing you to feel all sorts of sexy sensations. GIGI 2 is more commonly used as a G-spot vibrator, (and when flipped over, a clitoral stimulator) yet is just as sensual when used as anal vibrator. Have it your way with this seductive pleasure product!


LIV 2 green

LIV 2 is the ultimate kind of vibe! It’s perfect for internal and external stimulation, so vulva owners can tease and pleasure their clitoris, G-spot and A-spot, or indulge in anal play. A triple threat, shall we say? LIV 2 is perfectly curved to hit the right spots, brims with sexual tension, and is medium in size, making it a winner for almost everyone.

So, for anal enthusiasts, do you have your eye on a new, shiny toy to add to your collection? And newbies to this kind of stimulation, there is an expression that goes, “Never say never!”. There’s a world of pleasure waiting for you if you simply dare to make the first move!