erotic story

Best Student – An Erotic Story

She opened the door to him and watched him as he looked down shyly. She smiled and realized he had found her note and wondered how he had felt reading it. Letting him in, she closed the door softly and followed him into the lounge where he took his jacket off and put his bag down, rustling around for his music sheets.

erotic story

Rustling around in his bag, he tried to stay composed and wondered if he should pretend he hadn’t found her note. He almost hadn’t as it had dropped out onto the floor as he had taken out the sheets to practice. He was so glad his mother hadn’t seen it as she sometimes took out his book and played music from it. Boy would she have been shocked. He had now hid it under his mattress in the stash of porn magazines in his room as he was pretty sure she wouldn’t look there. Luckily she seemed happy enough nowadays to give him his privacy.

She wondered if he would be brave enough to act on the note and do what she had asked, no, what she had practically ordered him to do. She had been ambiguous in her note as she enjoyed games, but it had still been clear what she wanted. He was pretty innocent and she thought she could be his first. He certainly blushed often enough when she got closer to him on the piano stool. Still he would need to take a step now, and she knew she had made it obvious enough.

He sat down at the stool and placed the music sheets on the piano. Purposely not looking at her as she sat down next to him, he tried to make sure his arm wouldn’t touch hers but like a siren calling, her perfume wafted across him and he took a slight intake of breath, breathing it in as he always did. This time though he felt his arousal and hoped his erection wouldn’t show. It wouldn’t be the first time, but it didn’t happen every lesson, and he had learned this past year to wear a long t-shirt or sweater to hide it.

“So lets start with some scales as usual and then from the top with this piece. Play it for me and lets see how you got on with it this week.”

Hands sweating and shaking slightly, he shook out his hands and rubbing them together, started to warm them up moving them up and down the keys as he played scale after scale. She didn’t move as he played further up the keys and his arms brushed past her arm as she swung it back behind him. Holding onto the stool behind his bottom, his arm brushing her breast as he moved up and down the notes, again and again as she encouraged him to play one after the other. He realised for the first time that she may have been doing this on purpose the last few months. He had only become more aware of it recently.

She watched him as he continued to pretend to concentrate and ignore her. He was a beautiful young man and her favorite student by far. She had watched him struggle through his teens with acne and awkwardness and then watched his transformation as he had filled out and blossomed into the beautiful man before her. He had no idea the effect he would have on women, probably did have already she was sure, and she was not about to let a teenage girl with no idea of what she had, have him for the first time. He would be hers first and she was going to enjoy teasing him until he would not be able to hold back. She wondered how long it would take.

Without consciously realising what he was doing, he stopped playing, leant back and put his hand slowly onto her knee and touched her cotton summer skirt, grasping it slightly, so that the material gathered under his fingers. It was a turquoise blue colour sprinkled with flamingoes and pineapples and he always liked seeing her open the door to him in it. It reminded him of the sea and carefree, summer days in France. He felt her intake of breath before he heard it and grasped the material, pulling the skirt slightly above her knee. His fingers moved over the material to her skin and he stroked gently, moving his fingers slowly in a backwards and forwards motion, barely touching her, scared to somehow, but knowing he could not stop what he knew was about to happen.

She held her breath, letting it out slowly, scarcely believing he had made the first move and so soon, after her note. She didn’t think he would have the courage to overstep the boundaries, not with a woman who was 25 years older than him and friends with his mother and family. She waited, tense, to see what he would do next. She did not have to wait long.

He pulled her skirt higher and higher until they could both see her panties peeking out from the colourful material. Leaving the material bunched up over her, he traced his finger along the panties, scarcely touching but moving ever so slowly so she did feel him, felt his gentleness, saw the awe in which he still held her. She felt her breath slow down and still they did not look each other. She waited, surprised, delighted by his boldness.

Ever so slowly, he moved his finger further down towards the centre of her legs until he traced circles on her mound and then finally with an achingly slow movement, he moved his finger to the top of her thigh and then let his fingers move under her panties, touching her delicately, unsure but exploring slowly, knowing what he wanted to do.

They looked at each other, staring without looking away and, at last, they moved towards each other, his lips brushing hers softly, and hers more urgently as she grabbed his head to pull her deeper into her. Turning their bodies towards each other, they held onto each other, thrilled to finally be doing what they had both been fantasising about for longer than either of them knew.

He stood up abruptly, taking her with him and finding his youthful manliness sweet, she allowed him to move her round and sit her on the piano, the clashing notes making them both smile despite their passion. He knew it couldn’t be too comfortable but he didn’t care, pushing his leg between hers and prising her willing legs apart. Letting go of her cheek, he moved his fingers to her panties once again, pulling them aside quickly and this time diving into her wetness, he pulled her hair back, kissing her deeply.

She hadn’t expected him to be so dominant. He was only 19 after all, and she was sure he had never been with a woman before, and certainly not an older one. She smiled as she realized he may be trying to impress her and she realised she was… actually very impressed. He always had been a studious, keen type of student, but maybe it was time to switch back roles. She was the teacher after all.

She realised he wasn’t about to allow her to though, as he started to curve his fingers deep inside her. Surprised, she smiled and decided to see what would happen next. Putting her arms on his stomach, she pulled his black t-shirt from his jeans, her hands moving underneath his chest, pulling one side higher so she could suck and lick his nipple. He gasped, quickening the pace of his fingers and the pressure. She realised that he really had been reading up and, not for the first time, was glad of his thirst for knowledge and theory. She hoped he was as diligent at practicing this as he was the piano.

With his free hand, he began to unbutton her shirt, trailing his fingers down her chest as he did so and pulling her head back and stopping her exploration of his body. He followed with his mouth, trailing hot kisses. She gave in and let him as she could feel the urgency, and she herself was beginning to lose control as his long fingers expertly began to make her legs shake as she felt the orgasm build up inside of her. She grasped the piano again, not this time hearing how the keys crashed into a crescendo and leant back giving him deeper access to her. His fingers pulled her bra away, releasing her breast and nipple and he hesitated for a second, looking at her as he sucked her dark nipples.

She called out as she came, her squirting surprising them both and he released her breasts, hugging her as she grasped him tight.

“You always were my best student, but there is still so much I want to teach you,“ and with that she pushed herself off the piano, took his hand and led him upstairs.