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Christmas Tree-Scented – Holiday Erotica Contest Finalist

Story inspired by the following illustration:

lelo erotica contest

“Jesus Christ,” Theo says under his breath, flicking his eyes towards Nadia. “Stop squirming, would you?” 

Nadia shakes her head, scoffing. She shifts her weight and crawls further under the Christmas tree, one hand around the trunk, the other around the plastic stand. Theo stands above her, arms deep in the branches to hold the pine tree upright. His legs brush against her butt every time he readjusts his grip. 

“Stop moving!” One of Theo’s warm palms settles on Nadia’s back. “I think I’ve got it!” 

“Stop moving yourself,” Nadia says, blowing a strand of hair from her face. Green pine needles litter the hardwood floor and she dreads to imagine the state of her braids. Despite her grumbling, she does hold herself still, only moving to tighten the stand’s screws around the tree’s trunk. Theo’s calf grazes her pants, his body heat seeping through the fabric. 

“Okay, okay,” Theo says, hands spread, as he steps back, admiring their work. Nadia mourns the loss of warmth. “This is good. I think you can let go now, baby.” 

Nadia scoots away from the tree, her knees sliding on the smooth floor. She starts to raise her head, but then a strange tug on her left braid stops her. “Theo. My hair’s stuck.” 

For a moment, the room is silent. Then, Theo laughs, loud and messy, as he moves closer to her. Nadia closes her eyes, counting to ten in her head to swallow back her smile. Theo kneels next to her, fiddling with the tree branches to untangle her hair from the sharp pine needles. 

“Hey, careful!” Nadia’s eyes fly open when Theo pulls too hard. He mutters an apology and goes back to work, his breath fanning over the nape of her neck. 

“Why’d you put so many ribbons in your hair, huh, Nadia? Makes it impossible to set you free!” “Because it’s pretty, that’s wh—” 

Nadia yelps as the whole Christmas tree comes crashing down on top of them. Theo grunts as he collapses on his side, half-buried under the branches. Nadia tries to roll over, immobilized by her boyfriend’s and the pine’s weight, spitting needles out of her mouth. She blinks up at the ceiling, trying to figure out what just happened. 

Theo shifts, his arm brushing against Nadia’s breasts. His eyes meet hers as he hitches himself up, his face hovering near her neck. The rich smell of the tree permeates the air, clouding Nadia’s senses as she gazes at Theo’s face mutedly. Theo dips down, setting his lips to the soft spot of skin just under her jaw, and she gasps.

“What are you doing?” 

Theo kisses her collarbones, his breaths hot, his mouth wet. He blindly reaches to the side, his left hand fumbling with the tree. He yanks on a branch, ripping it from the trunk. The pine’s smell grows stronger, the atmosphere weighed down by its pungent aroma. Theo’s left hand, still holding the branch, creeps under Nadia’s shirt. The pine needles prick at her skin, the sensation foreign and sharp and nearly unbearable. She arches her back, desperate to get away, desperate to get closer. 

Theo works Nadia’s shirt off, the tree pushed out of the way irreverently. The cluster of pine needles on the floor tickles her bare shoulder blades as they rub down on the hardwood. Theo grinds into her, his hand sliding the branch further up her body, right under her breasts. 

“You’re gonna smell so good, baby,” Theo murmurs against her skin. “You’re gonna smell like the best Christmas we’ve ever had.” 

Nadia’s hand wraps around the branch, guiding it over her nipples, the touch feather-light. She gasps at the fluttering sensation, barely-there and overpowering at once. Theo grins, his smile a brand against Nadia’s belly. Her boyfriend tears her pants off, trailing kisses down her body until he reaches her crotch. Nadia’s grip around the branch tightens. 

“Theo, Theo,” Nadia babbles, skin burning against the coolness of the floor. Theo doesn’t move, gazing up at her, face framed by her pubic hair. Nadia bites her lips as she watches the gleam in her boyfriend’s eyes shine as bright as a lit-up Christmas tree. “Don’t stop, please, don’t stop.” 

Theo hangs his head, the feeling of his breath on her pussy as powerful as the branch on her breasts. Nadia rubs the pine needles down harder around her nipples, sucking in a startled breath as Theo begins to eat her out. She exhales a quick breath, the pine’s vivid scent filling her nose and her mind until she can’t think about anything else. Her thighs clench around her boyfriend, the muscles quivering, as he flicks his tongue and wetly licks her clitoris. 

Theo freezes for a short second at her reaction, savouring the moment before he starts sucking, the pressure building up in the right spot. Nadia’s body jerks up as the heat spreads around her vulva, setting her lower belly on fire. She gasps again, hand reaching out for the tree and wrapping around a sturdy branch. Her fingers spasm as she trembles in place, Theo’s hair tickling her inner thighs. Nadia bites down on her lip, hard, as the blaze between her legs escalates, her body as taut as a bow. She cries out as she reaches the climax, her pussy throbbing and convulsing in time with her stuttering breaths. 

Nadia slumps back onto the hardwood floor, panting. Theo raises his hand and climbs back over her, grinning proudly. He licks his lips before bending down to kiss her on the lips, slowly, lovingly. He licks a long, hot trail along her cheekbone as his hand creeps up into her hair, tugging on her left braid teasingly.

“I think you still have some pine needles stuck in your hair, darling,” Theo whispers into Nadia’s ear. “We can’t very well have that, now, can we?”