dutch treat erotic story

Dutch Treat – An Erotic Story

I live in a little, old two-story Dutch revival I bought with my boyfriend Chris three years ago. Expensive, so… two roommates. Marcus and Jason, great guys and friends of Chris’ from college. 

dutch treat erotic story

The house is adorable on a tree-lined street in a quiet little neighborhood. It’s super cozy and I love hanging out in the tiny little backyard in the summer or lounging in front of the stone fireplace in the winter. There’s four bedrooms, four bathrooms, a huge kitchen. Way more than four people really need. Or so I thought.

Chris travels a lot for work and he was in Southern California in Mid-March 2020. He thought he’d be safe to stay and finish his project and then head back in early April. It didn’t work out that way. He got stuck and ended up staying with his brother in California. 

By the end of March I needed him. Bad. I was masturbating a couple times a day but that wasn’t quite reaching it. I was crabby with everyone and he could tell I wasn’t dealing well. Marcus and Jason were great at first. We’d hang out at night, cook together, drink too much. A couple of nights we ended up dancing and things got a little out of hand. Some kissing, some petting. It freaked them out and they started hanging back which somehow made things worse.

Then one Friday night in mid-April. I was in my bedroom with a bottle of wine zooming with Chris and he said he wanted to watch me masturbate. Cool, I was into it. I got naked, got out my vibe and dildo and got busy. But I could see he was texting with someone. Pissed, I stopped and asked him what he was doing.

“Don’t get mad Jules but I want you to try something tonight. We’ve talked about it before but I think tonight might be the night.” He said.

I couldn’t quite make out what he was talking about when the bedroom door opened. Marcus pushed his cute, smiling face through the opening and smiled. He held out another bottle of wine. I pulled a pillow over me and looked back the computer. 

“Chris?” I said.

“Jules, I want to watch. We’ve talked about this so many times and it was never right. I think now… well…”

I looked back to Marcus, his brows raised. “Give me a second.” I said. The door closed. 

“Chris?” I said. He chuckled nervously. “What have you told him?”

“Just that I know you two have been crushing on each other since college. That we’ve talked about it. He knows you’ve wanted to fuck him for years and I’ve wanted to watch for years. Not exactly news.”

My head was spinning with the possibility of it. Chris was right, I’d wanted to bed Marcus since I’d first met him. I never told anyone that but Chris knew. And Marcus knew too, of course. 

“Are you serious?” I said. “I mean it. You’re not going to freak out if I sleep with Marcus?”

“I’m serious Jules. As long as I get to watch.” He said. “I trust you.”

I took a deep breath. Oh my God. I took another swig of wine. I stared into the laptop. 

“What about Jason?” I said.

Chris only grinned and shrugged.

“Oh fuck. For real?” I laughed nervously, partly in anticipation of what was about to happen and partly out of panic. I shook my head and took another drink of wine then topped off the glass. Two guys? Two big, athletic dudes at the same time? While my boyfriend watched? I realized I was wet, a hot ball of desire fizzed between my thighs.

“How long… ?” I said to the ceiling.

“Just in the last couple days. I mean after they told me about the dancing and kissing and stuff.” He said. “Jules, it’s cool, it’s totally cool.” I could hear the nerves in his voice.

I looked back at the laptop. Silent. And I decided.

“Okay.” I said. “Okay. I’m going to fuck them. Both. You’re going to watch and it’s going to be cool. Totally cool.” He nodded. “But you’re going on mute.” I said and muted his mic.

I stood up and shrugged off my bra and wrapped myself in a tiny lace robe. I took another swig of wine, brushed the hair out of my eyes and started for the door. Just then it opened. Marcus’ face again. This time a little more sheepish but still painted with that adorable, goofy smile. I put a hand on one hip and with an outstretched arm I gestured him to come in with my finger.

The door swung open and music spilled into the room. Marcus walked in and Jason followed, both wearing nothing but towels tented in the front.

“Jules?” Marcus said, as he set the wine bottle on the dresser. 

I took two steps toward him and was enfolded in his arms. Our lips came hungrily together, our mouths opened and our tongues entwined each other. 

I pulled back slightly and his fingers lifted the robe off my shoulders and let it fall to the floor.

“You’re beautiful.” I heard Jason almost whisper as he stood next to me. I turned to him, our mouths opened to each other and my head began to swim.

“Ready?” I exhaled, running my tongue over my lips. My heart was hammering and I could feel the thudding heat of desire between my legs.

I tugged at the front of each of their towels and they fell to the floor. A thrill ricocheted through my diaphragm as I considered the two, big beautiful cocks in front of me. I glanced at the laptop and winked then reached out with both hands and wrapped my fingers around them as I knelt to the floor.

I looked into Marcus’ eyes as I guided him into my mouth while slowly stroking the cock in my other hand.