employee investigation erotic story

Employee Investigation – An Erotic Story

Monroe County Sheriff’s Department

Inter-Office Memorandum

To: Sheriff Richard Langford

From: Drake Wilkerson, Inspector General

CC: Gerald Newsome, Bureau Chief, Monroe County Sheriff’s Department; Office of Internal Affairs; Office of Human Resources

Subject: Review of Employee Investigation

On 21 April 2022, the Office of the Inspector General of the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department received a tip in the Whistleblower Inbox from a female Police Officer in a neighboring department regarding Lt. Danielle Holdermen. The tip stated that the Officer, who knows Lt. Holdermen is employed by the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department, viewed Lt. Holdermen on a pornographic website. The Police Officer stated that it reflected poorly on the Sheriff’s Department to have one of its deputies in “such lewd poses and exposing herself online.”

Following up on the tip, I reviewed the website to determine whether or not Lt. Holdermen was on the website, posing as was accused. I verified that images of Lt. Holdermen were on the site. She was naked, exposing her face and entire body. In addition, one or more of the images appear to have been taken in public places. The locations could only be assumed based on the image. No further action was taken to determine if, in fact, the images were taken in public.

On 29 May 2022, Janice Foster, Deputy Inspector General for Investigations in the Office of the Inspector General, and I interviewed Lt. Holdermen regarding the accusations from the Whistleblower and offered an opportunity to respond to the tip and images on the website.

Below is the transcription of the interview.

In addition, attached are several images of Lt. Holdermen.


Wilkerson: “Thank you for coming, Lt. Holdermen. Please have a seat.”

Holdermen: “Appreciate it. What is this all about, may I ask?”

Wilkerson: “First, let me introduce myself and my colleague. I am Drake Wilkerson, the Inspector General for the Department, and this is Janice Foster. She is the deputy IG. Our jobs are to—”

Holdermen: “I understand your roles. It’s nice to meet you both. But why am I here?”

Foster: “It is nice to meet you too.”

Wilkerson: “For legal purposes, I want to tell you that this meeting is being recorded.”

Holdermen: “Ok.”

Wilkerson: “For the record, would you say your name to confirm we are speaking with the correct deputy? It’s, you know, a legal technicality.”

Holdermen: “Holdermen. Lieutenant Danielle Holdermen.”

Wilkerson: “Do you go by any other names?”

Holdermen: “Danni, by my family.”

Wilkerson: “No other aliases?”

Holdermen: “Uh, no.”

Wilkerson: “Public usernames?”

Holdermen: “No.” 

Wilkerson: “Thank you. Do you know why you have been requested to be here, ma’am?”

Holdermen: “Not exactly. I haven’t been told much of anything. It’s been confusing and very disappointing. I expect to get some clarification from both of you this afternoon. Very soon.”

Wilkerson: “I apologize that you have felt confused. It was the best way to keep a tight lid on the situation. Human resource investigations—I mean, issues—can arouse interest and spread quickly in an organization. You, no doubt, understand what I mean. It has happened before in previous circumstances.”

Foster: “Yes, this is not an atypical approach. It has helped in previous investigations.”

Holdermen: “Investigation? What am I being ‘investigated’ about? I don’t believe I’ve disregarded my duties as a deputy.”

Wilkerson: “This all began from a tip. The Department received a tip in the Whistleblower Inbox about a month or so ago.”

Holdermen: “Whistleblower?”

Wilkerson: “Correct, a whistleblower.”

Holdermen: “What was this tip all about?”

Wilkerson: “The tip claimed you have a second job of a—how would I describe it?”

Foster: “Of a sexual nature.”

Wilkerson: “Yes. If we may be so blunt.”

Holdermen: “What?”

Foster: “Drake, I can read the specifics, so Ms. Holdermen knows exactly—”

Holdermen: “‘Lieutenant,’ if you please. I prefer Lieutenant Holdermen. I’ve worked with this department for nearly two decades. I think I’ve earned the rank and title. And want to be addressed as such.”

Wilkerson: “Yes, you have earned the title. We will refer to you as requested. I mean you have been with the department for a long time with very good employee reviews and high performance ratings. Your work has been impressive, which makes this all the more problematic.”

Holdermen: “Can you explain the tip you got? I have been investigated, from what I’ve gathered so far, and I should understand the allegations.”

Foster: “I will read the tip, word for word. I have it printed out right here on this sheet of paper. Lieutenant Holdermen, the tip—”

Holdermen: “I want a copy, so I can see it. So I can read along.”

Wilkerson: “We cannot provide the copy we have.”

Foster: “For legal reasons.”

Wilkerson: “Because it includes additional details that should be blacked out. Thus may expose the Whistleblower, which is against Department policy and State regulations. The Whistleblower, she included her name in the tip, so we have decided to keep the name redacted.”

Holdermen: “She?”

Wilkerson: “Janice, you can read it aloud.”

Holdermen: “Hold on. This is an accusation against me, that very well may impugn my character—professionally and personally. In all ways. And forever.”

Wilkerson: “This tip and any investigative actions conducted, to date, have been completed anonymously. No names—legal names—have been used. We have been extremely discreet and judicious. We do not want this to go beyond those who must know, or should know.”

Holdermen: “I can call for a lawyer if I am not provided what I request in this ‘investigation.’ In this ‘interview’ or whatever you want to call it in your legal mumbo-jumbo.”

Wilkerson: “The best we can do right now is read the tip aloud.”

Foster: “The tip states: ‘I saw—”

Holdermen: “I want to see a copy, to hold it so I can see that we’re reading the same text.”

Wilkerson: “Janice, do you have another copy of it?”

Foster: “I can make one.”

Wilkerson: “Go, make a copy. Then, can you black out the name with a permanent marker? I think that should do in keeping the Whistleblower anonymous. Think so?”

Foster: “It should. Let me get a marker.”

Wilkerson: “Thank you. Black out both sides of the paper. Lt. Holdermen, we will provide you a copy, as asked, with the name of the officer blacked out. That should suffice in meeting your request and our regulations.”

Foster: “Here you go, Drake. And a copy for you, Lt. Holdermen.”

Wilkerson: “Please continue reading, Janice.”

Foster: “Sure. The tip states: ‘I saw one of your deputies on a porn site. Deputy Holdermen was completely naked and in lewd poses. I think it puts the sheriff’s department in a bad light. Having an employee who anyone can see naked is not good for the Sheriff, for the county’s employees, and for law enforcement in general. Signed.’ I will not state the name.” 

Wilkerson: “Lt. Holdermen, that is what we received. Since then, Janice and I have gone to the site and verified the accusation. After searching, we found a person who goes by the name of ‘Kelli Tois’. We did not want to assume too much beforehand. I also have several pictures here, so you can confirm that these are, in fact, you. You know, doppelgangers. All this would then be a misunderstanding.”

Holdermen: “Oh, my god. How did … When …”

Wilkerson: “So you are confirming that you are the female in these images.”

Holdermen: “Yes. It is me.”

Wilkerson: “Would you please explain these images? They seem to have been taken willingly. And posted on the Internet.”

Holdermen: “They were uploaded to a paying website, not just any site where anyone can get to them. Googling my proper name would not bring up the site. People pay for access to the page and the images. They have to pay more to get videos. Not just anyone can see them.”

Foster: “Whoever pays can see them though, right?”

Holdermen: “I guess so. I do have the right to deny any payer or anyone who wants to pay for access.”

Wilkerson: “Do you understand that the Department, and State government overall, has a law that requires state employees to disclose additional, or supplemental, means of income?”

Holdermen: “No.”

Wilkerson: “It’s the Moonlighting Rule.”

Foster: “Yes, the law says, essentially, that if a state employee wants to hold another job, like providing consulting services to an insurance firm by an employee of the State’s Department of Insurance, the employee must receive prior approval.”

Holdermen: “Haha. What I am doing is not providing consulting services. In no way. It’s for fun. Nothing more.”

Wilkerson: “The regulation is not simply related to consulting or insurance. And not every ‘afterhours’ job is impacted by this Moonlighting Rule. I mean, a trooper can work in a bookstore, say, on the weekends, for example. However, there is also another aspect. Janice.”

Foster: “Yes, the statue reads: a state employee may not ‘accept other employment involving compensation of substantial value if the responsibilities of that employment are—”

Holdermen: “Wait, wait, wait. Let me stop you there. This ‘job’, as you might call it, does not include ‘a compensation of substantial value.’ Taking pictures and shooting video would, in no way, be considered a ‘substantial’ amount. Haha. In no way. Not in any way. It all began out of fun and has continued that way.”

Wilkerson: “Maybe so, but the rule brings up more issues. Janice.”

Foster: “I’ll begin again. The Moonlighting Rule states, in part: a state employee cannot ‘accept other employment involving compensation of substantial value if the responsibilities of that employment are inherently incompatible with the responsibilities of public office or require the individual’s recusal from matters so central or critical to the performance of the individual’s official duties that the individual’s ability to perform those duties would be materially impaired.’”

Wilkerson: “Do you see the issue?”

Holdermen: “No, I don’t.”

Foster: “Our concern centers around the language ‘if the responsibilities of that employment are inherently incompatible with the responsibilities of public office.’”

Wilkerson: “It all hinges on that point. You are a representative of the State government, of the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department. Your reputation in the community rests on how you present yourself in front of people.”

Foster: “Whether said people are in person or online, live online or otherwise, watching a recorded video of you masturbating with that long pink, er—or looking at you bent over the hood of the General Lee while dangling your red-white-and-blue bikini bottoms in the air.”

Holdermen: “So, Janice, those two stood out to you. Any others?”

Foster: “Deputy Inspector General Foster, if you please.”

Holdermen: “Yes, ma’am. You’ve earned the title. How long have you been with the department?”

Foster: “Not that it matters how long before we earn our titles, but I have been here eleven years.”

Wilkerson: “Let’s continue, please. The Moonlighting Rule also states that, ‘Only a written opinion from the State Ethics Commission can provide conclusive proof that an individual’s outside employment does not violate this rule.’ In speaking with the chairman of the Commission, she said this sort of secondary employment would not fly. The Commission would never give such approval. So we stand at a crossroads, Lt. Holdermen. How do we proceed? That is the question.”


“Well, Danielle, that’s my report so far. What do you think?” Drake lifted his heavy mug of dark beer, topped with a thick froth.

She pulled the report across the table to her and scanned it once more. She pursed her lips, and then shook her head. “It will definitely get me in trouble. I don’t want Sheriff Langford to see it.”

“And I have more of the interview to transcribe—the interview lasted two hours or so—and that additional transcript would be required in the report. The IG’s Office prides itself on giving a complete view of any and all of its investigations.”

“Would the report and transcript be made public record?” Danielle asked.

“It would be, but technically, information would be limited to the general public since you are a State employee and it’s somewhat of a human resources issue. No doubt though, I would release it to the newspapers and TV news stations as a leaked document. And I would suggest to Rich to be blunt with the media, giving out the details as the story advances. In the name of full transparency.”

Janice jumped in. “The choice is yours on how we proceed, Danielle.” She grinned behind her stemmed glass of dark red Cabernet Sauvignon.

The three of them—Drake, Janice and Danielle—sat together on that Saturday night in a corner of Harkenrider’s Bar. It was a small bar that often was the place where Drake and Janice would meet employees who were facing investigations. The pair knew the bartender, Tina, and Harold Harkenrider himself, both of whom had sealed lips and blind eyes toward these meetings.

Drake and Janice had offered Danielle a chance to solve her problem, to make it go away, vanish into thin air. For the friendly meeting at the bar, the requirement was simple: Arrive out of uniform.

After reviewing the paper, she shook her head. “I don’t want to lose my position as deputy, particularly as lieutenant. I’ve worked hard to earn that rank, and I’m near to becoming Captain. Eighteen years of grueling assignments. Some of them completely stupid, when I think back.” She laughed off the memories of those assignments. “I don’t want to lose my … my website either. Your report would ruin me. But you’re saying you have protection?”

“Yes, definitely, without question. And if you ask me,” Drake said, setting down his mug, “I think it will boost your ratings. We can play this all up for a video. Everyone loves stories of a person evading investigators.”

“Very, very exciting!” Janice said. Her tongue touched the remnants of the wine on her lips.

Danielle looked at the eager man and woman across from her. “I can, yes, I can play along.”

“Excellent to hear,” Drake said. A long smile crossed his face. He straightened his back and patted the table with his fingers.

Janice nodded subtly in her joy at Danielle’s response. “Shall we begin then.”

“I would never have assumed this about you, Janice,” Danielle said, cocking her head to the side. “You’re straight-laced, so conservative. You seem to live ‘by the book.’”

Drake laughed. “This woman? She’s anything but! I’ve seen some craziness. Wet and wild!”

“Then, I want her on my channel.”

“Gladly,” Janice said. “Just don’t show my face. I have a reputation too.”

Drake leaned toward Danielle to avoid speaking loudly. “Janice has a porn-quality pussy, if you ask me. And,” he added, “she eats pussy like she’s starving.”

“Drake,” Janice tsked her tongue.

“I like hearing that.” Danielle placed her hand on Janice’s hand. Her eyes dipped down to the tip of Janice’s sharp nose to her lush lips and then her chin. “Let’s get this started. I am so, so, so in the mood.”

“I can barely hold back,” Janice said, tugging at her shirt collar as if releasing pent-up heat.

“Let’s put the finishing touches on this deal,” Drake said.

Janice drank the rest of her wine. Drake left behind the last quarter of his beer. Danielle never touched her Tequila Sunrise.

“Let me take the report,” Drake said.

“No. How about if I keep it with me until everything is finished,” Danielle said.

“Fine,” Drake said with a hint of controlled excitement.

“Fine with me,” Janice agreed.

Outside of the bar in the parking lot, Danielle gave Drake and Janice directions to her house. “Meet me there. It’s where all of my equipment is. We’ll make a movie.”

“Can I, er, can I play with your pink dildo?” Janice asked.

“Definitely, you can use it. I’ll even help you, because it will twist your mind.” Danielle slid her hand down Janice’s arm.

Danielle drove away with her white Honda Civic. Drake and Janice followed her at some distance in his glossy black pickup.

In her studio, Danielle had top-quality video and audio gear. Florescent box lights, two cameras set on tall tripods, overhead microphones.

“This is where it all happens. My personal Hollywood,” Danielle said. “When I first started, I had crappy equipment. Just an iPhone on a tripod.”

“Moved up in this world.” Drake touched the camera.

 Danielle smiled. “I have invested in this ‘fun’ for a while now.”

Janice interrupted. “Where is the dildo that you were using in that video?” Her eyes darted across the room, corner to corner.

Danielle walked to a cabinet behind one of the cameras. Before opening it, she turned back to Janice. “I would never have suspected such eagerness coming from you.”

Danielle unlatched the door and let it open with a slow eek.

Janice was surprised by all of the distinctive toys, and a few shiny curiosities.

“Wow,” she said. “This is hours and hours of … of … of good times.”

She glanced quickly toward Drake.

Danielle pulled out a huge, wobbly dildo and slapped it in the palm of her hand, like a sheriff’s deputy holding a baton. “Think of the fun, and then imagine all the men—and women—watching you play! You’ll have all their complete attention.” She hugged the dick against her chest. “I get so turned on just thinking about it. That’s how I got into this.”

Janice was about to reply but went silent when she saw the gaudy pink dildo from the video. A few months ago, for purposes of the investigation, Janice had downloaded the video of Danielle playing with that long pink cock. The video was downloaded for evidence, but it was more for Janice. She had watched it numerous times. Soon she began to watch the evidence continually at home and please herself as she “investigated.”

Seeing the actual dildo, she salivated. The images of the video she had watched flooded her mind. She became a happy girl. Right away, Danielle’s eyes were drawn to Janice’s peeks over her shoulder toward the cabinet.

“You’re so obvious.” Danielle grinned. “I always thought lawyers, investigators, would be more stoic. Cool on topics like sex and toys. Focused solely on getting the bad guy. I didn’t know you’d love the whole experience.”

“We are people, not just legal hounds,” Drake said.

Janice interrupted him to give herself to Danielle. “I want that long pink one.”

“It’s from the video you liked so much,” Drake interjected.

“I know,” Janice said, her eyes narrowing in lust.

“We can have some fun before we start the real recording. I have some scenarios for our video, but this will let us get to know each other,” Danielle said.

“Then my pussy is yours—for the time being,” Janice said.

Danielle put her hands on Janice’s petite shoulders.

“I want to find out how good your cunt is. Drake, here, thinks it’s perfect. I need to know if I can trust Drake.” She glanced over her shoulder toward him. “I have my reputation relying on his word.”

“I can oblige,” Janice said. “You’re willing to offer yourself though, right?”

“Of course.”

Janice raised up her skirt to reveal a tiny pair of purple panties.

“Cute,” Danielle said.

Janice shimmied down the panties to give her a glimpse.

Janice’s pussy was freshly shaved clean. Danielle rubbed her hand over the intimate flesh.

Then Janice unbuttoned her blouse and then took off her A-cup bra.

Her nipples were pointed, stiffened already by simply the thought of what was to happen. However, instead of Danielle, she grinned at Drake. Danielle didn’t notice.

Danielle put her mouth over a small breast. Janice’s head fell back in pleasure. She could only muster, “So good.”

Danielle dragged her tongue across the nipple on the breast, like a young girl licking an ice cream cone on a summer day.

Meanwhile, as the two women continued on, Drake took out his dick and began to stroke it.

Soon, Danielle pulled back her kissing lips. She directed Janice to sit on the table covered in a white tablecloth.

Janice paused the instruction. “I have only seen you on screen. I want some of you too before anything else.”

“You like it fair.” Danielle smiled. “Then let me oblige.”

She unbuttoned her blouse and unloosed her deep-cupped, beige bra. Her morsels of heavy flesh fell, unfettered. Danielle lifted them in the palms of her hands and squeezed them tightly.

“Want to touch?”

Janice just smiled. She didn’t move.

Danielle suddenly squealed, not expecting two strong hands to grab her waist.

Drake dragged her back to him. His hands moved to the front clasp on the band of Danielle’s pants. To keep her self-defense training from kicking in, Janice grabbed Danielle’s tits and twisted her nipples. All the while with a grin.

Danielle began to say something, but Drake nuzzled his rough chin against the base of Danielle’s neck and kissed. The sheriff’s deputy writhed and winced. She was caught between being accosted and pleasured and teased.

Soon her pants and her tiny panties were at her ankles. One of Drake’s arms were wrapped tightly around Danielle to keep the woman under control. His hand slid through her fair bush and his fingers thrummed her labia, like a classical guitar.

“She’s got a good pussy,” Drake told Janice. The tone of his voice turned merciless.

Janice’s voice matched his. “Spread her legs. I’ve not seen her up close.”

Drake took Danielle to her knees and then to her back. Janice got on her hands and knees and backed up, until her shins had pinned Danielle’s arms. Once above Danielle’s face, Janice slowly, ominously, lowered her pussy. Janice widened her own knees, so her lips would be open, ready to eat and to be eaten at once.

“Put your mouth on it, Danni,” Janice barked. “Open up. I want to feel your tongue.” She pressed her hips on Danielle’s face, making sure the sheriff’s deputy struggled to breath.

Drake snagged the dildo that he had within arm’s reach. He pushed Danielle’s legs open wide enough that her pinkness appeared between her loveliness. He dragged the pointed toy along her pussy. Without warning, he eased it into her. The wetness helped to make it easy.

Danielle’s hips raised off the floor with the unexpected sensation of a rod sliding deeply into her. She squirmed, but Janice hindered her breathing. So, she tensed with the thrusts from Drake. Her neck reddened and her veins pulsed. A fear of not breathing began to strike her. In a last-ditch effort moments later, Danielle heaved up Janice. She inhaled a grisly gasp of air, red-faced and eyes wide in fear.

“You like that, don’t you, Danni?” Janice badgered.

Danielle couldn’t answer, because she was enjoying air and Drake still had the dildo inside of her. Graciously, Drake pulled it out, allowing Danielle’s body to ease. Soon the quick, terrible swells of her chest slowed. Her legs flattened out. Her feet fell limp to the side.

Drake and Janice weren’t done though. Drake moved between Danielle’s legs and rubbed the hardened head of his dick against Danielle. Then he told Janice to face him.

She turned but remained hovered threateningly above Danielle.

“Think she can handle us both?” he asked Janice with a sinister huff, speaking knowing that the victim heard him.

Janice didn’t answer. Instead, she just sat back on Danielle, barely giving her a chance for an instinctual gasp for air. Then Drake pushed his cock into the overtaxed deputy.

The pair thrusted and wiggled around Danielle’s body. Like before, Danielle’s hands were thrashing on the floor, grasping for something to hold. Finding nothing, her hands grabbed Janice’s thighs and dug her tough fingers into the lean, light flesh. This time, Janice would not let her little body be lifted. Meanwhile, Drake raised Danielle’s large thighs to minimize any chance to resist her captors for escape.

When Danielle’s head twisted side to side, Janice finally eased up, by pulling her body forward on all fours, her shins still pinning Danielle’s arms.

Danielle heaved desperately, wildly, to drag fresh air into her lungs. She coughed and regained control of her senses.

With the woman below her, Janice focused her attention on Drake. Speaking with her devious eyes, she had Drake pull his cock out of the hot, wet cunt. Janice lowered her body so her tongue reached out to the dick she had known for years, because of similar investigations.

She loved its length. Not too long, not too short, not too thick, not to skinny, just right for Janice. Drake straightened his back and set his hands on his hips. He closed his eyes to enjoy her lips and her tongue. She knew how to move them in just the right way.

Another investigation had brought Janice and Drake together again. And, after seizing control of the night, the pair were fucking toward their peak. A special peak that only came when in the middle of a probe. Suddenly, Janice released Drake’s dick in a gasp.

Danielle had taken control of a dildo. She pushed the toy into Janice, twisting it and pushing the length deep inside of her. The pressure and rhythm were unrelenting. Atop her feelings for Drake, these new sensations coursed through Janice’s body, pulsations in her chest, tingling at each fingertip, heat escaping at her scalp. Janice pressed her tongue against her teeth, as a means of resetting her body and poising it for the coming onslaught.

The first explosion of orgasm hit her to a pause. And it spread, tightening her muscles and stifling her breathing. Soon her head dropped, her elbows weakening. She flattened onto Danielle.

The two women lay on each other for a moment before Janice slid off of Danielle. Drake stood over the two.

He said nothing. He only smiled. He stroked his dick until it was fully hard. His body steeled, his jaw stiffened, his breathing became hisses. With a loud grunt, he shot ropes of cum onto Danielle’s face and Janice’s petite chest. He held the last dangling strand over Janice’s mouth. She opened her mouth.

The two investigators laid sprawled on the floor. They were tired and we’re basking in what had tired them.

Danielle regained some strength. As she stood, she said weakly, “I never knew what happens just outside of my office.”

The Inspector General and his assistant didn’t respond, except for a single huff of laughter.

Danielle went to the locker and pulled out two pairs of handcuffs. She had control. Two investigators were on their stomachs, hands behind their backs.

“Think the video will be good?” Drake asked.


“I turned on the camera. Angles might not be the best.”

Danielle noticed the red light on the camera. “Then the video is about to get even better.”

She pulled out two large dildos from the cabinet. Again, she smacked them in her hand like she would with her baton.

The pair were laid on separate boxes that Danielle used for movie props. Lubing the dildos, she pushed the dicks into their asses and fucked them in tandem. The pair grunted and groaned, wrenched their necks and pounded their feet on the floor. Danielle made them gasp for air like she had.

Danielle eased the pace. “You’ve made my night,” she said.

In time, the two investigators had been probed and were not innocent. But neither was Kelli Tois. So all was fair.

The next day, Drake sealed an envelope and sent it to the Office of the Sheriff.



Monroe County Sheriff’s Department

Inter-Office Memorandum

To: Sheriff Richard Langford

From: Drake Wilkerson, Inspector General

CC: Gerald Newsome, Bureau Chief, Monroe County Sheriff’s Department; Office of Internal Affairs; Office of Human Resources

Subject: Review of Employee Investigation

On 21 April 2022, the Office of the Inspector General of the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department received a tip in the Whistleblower Inbox from a female Police Officer in a neighboring department regarding Lt. Danielle Holdermen. The tip stated that the Officer, who knows Lt. Holdermen is employed by the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department, viewed Lt. Holdermen on a pornographic website. The Police Officer stated that it reflected poorly on the Sheriff’s Department to have one of its deputies in “such lewd poses and exposing herself online.”

Following up on the tip, I reviewed the website to determine whether or not Lt. Holdermen was on the website, posing as was accused. I verified that the images on the site, as suggested, were not of Lt. Holdermen.

As a result, the investigation by the Office Inspector General has concluded that the tip submitted to the Whistleblower Inbox was incorrect and not Lt. Holdermen.

Thus, the investigation has been closed. No further action is necessary on the part of the Office of the Inspector General or the Sheriff’s Department.


Drake Wilkerson

Inspector General

Monroe County Sheriff’s Department