ENIGMA Wave Is, Well, Making Waves

LELO launched a new version of one of its best-sellers, ENIGMA, this week. Its newest feature is something that’s had success in many of their other toys too – WaveMotion technology. We’ll get into what it all means, but first, introducing…

ENIGMA Wave Triple Stimulation Massager

The most popular cause of orgasm for women is clitoral stimulation, and the second most popular is combination stimulation (primarily clitoral and internal). That’s exactly what ENIGMA Wave is designed for.

enigma wave how to

How does it do it? ENIGMA Wave contains three motors. The first motor is responsible for the vibrations that the external or clitoral part of the toy offers. The second motor is responsible for the internal G-spot vibrations, and the third one controls the WaveMotion technology.

What is WaveMotion technology? WaveMotion technology makes the internal part of the toy move in a “come hither” motion, imagine the same motion a lover’s fingers would make to stimulate your G-spot. It lightly applies pressure to your inner walls to stimulate the internal part of the clitoris.

ENIGMA Wave’s Top Features

  • 8 vibration patterns, along with a wide array of vibration strengths
  • Pinpoint internal stimulation from the combination of vibration and WaveMotion technology.
  • Contains the same popular clitoral stimulation of LELO’s all-time best-seller, SONA.
  • 100% waterproof for more fun in the shower or tub.
  • Up to 2 hours of play time on a full charge and 90-day standby time.
  • Ability to “lock” toy for easy travel (instructions below).
  • Discreet and plain shipping, because the Joneses don’t need to keep up with you.

enigma wave vibrator

How To Use ENIGMA Wave Triple Stimulation Massager


  • Ensure that the device is unlocked by holding down the + and – buttons at the same time for 3 seconds. The light should turn on.
  • Press the + or ( ) button to turn on ENGIMA Wave.
  • To increase the vibrational strength, press +.
  • To decrease the vibrational strength, press -.
  • To switch through the vibrational patterns, press ( ).
  • Press and hold the ( ) button, or simultaneously press and hold the + and – button, to turn off ENIGMA Wave.

how to use enigma wave

For Pleasure

  1. The internal “bulb” of the toy is intentionally girthy ir order to stimulate your G-spot. Apply your favorite lube on the bulb and the “mouth” of the toy (the external part that will stimulate the clitoris).
  2. Insert and adjust the bulb first so that it sits against your internal pleasure walls comfortably, then adjust the mouth of the toy over your clitoris. If you have a sensitive clitoris, try hovering the mouth above the clitoris or on the lips (labia majora) surrounding it.
  3. We always recommend starting on the lowest vibration and working your way up to what feels good to you – intense orgasms aren’t always just a race to the finish line!
  4. Cycle through the different vibration patterns – what tickles your fancy during foreplay may be different from what bring you over the edge during climax.
  5. You can leave the toy in during orgasm and feel the pulsations around the bulb, or gently remove it. Many women report squirting from the combiination of external and internal clitoral stimulation, but putting a towel down is totally up to you.

Wherever you are on your sexuality journey, enjoy getting to know your body and what sex toys serve it in the way it likes best.