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Experimenting, Part II – An Erotica Story

He treated it as though it were a typical Saturday – woke up, served her breakfast in bed, then left for the gym and to run a few errands. He had no reason to approach it any differently. After all, she had talked all week about how excited she was to lie around and relax this weekend. So, when he left her resting in their tousled sheets, he expected to find her there still when he returned, begging him to come back to bed.

Once she heard the door close behind him, she sank back into the sheets and stretched her arms high beyond her head, chasing away the sleep from her limbs but rousing a longing for something more. It started as a tingle below her navel and churned into a want for more. She closed her eyes to envision just how his hands could satisfy this urge.

Her hand drifted down her torso, between her rising breasts, over her soft abdomen, and then beneath the loose pair of shorts she pulled on before bed last night. Her sex was already warm and slick from the thoughts that danced about her mind. She could easily make herself cum and fall back to sleep, but then, something different crossed her mind.

He arrives back home a few hours later to find her in the kitchen making a cup of ginger tea with lemon. The man steps towards her as he drops his keys down in a catchall tray beside the backdoor. Before he can close any more of the distance between them, she takes him by the waist of his pants, pulls him towards her, and seizes his attention with a passionate kiss.

“I think it’s time I get my turn,” she says with a devilish grin.

“Your turn with what?” he asks, head askew, as though the answer may rattle its way into his consciousness. 

“Don’t play coy,” she taunts, clutching his chin in her hand. “You let this naughty little pussycat out of the bag and now she wants to play.”  She squeezes his cheeks so that his lips pucker and then kisses him once more. In a stern tone she orders him to turn around, remove his shirt and kneel before her.  He does as she instructs and willingly consents to what lies in store. She handcuffs his wrists together behind his back – the cold steel pinches slightly at his skin. 

“Now,” she whispers in a low smoky rasp as a heavy pillowcase drops over his head, “you wait.” The woman leaves him there shirtless, hooded, and cuffed, then takes time to prepare herself. 

Following a warm shower she applies a layer of scented oil across her damp skin, dresses and pulls on a silk robe. She steps out into the open living room and finds him just as she left him, waiting patiently like the good submissive she’d hoped him to be. Sunlight streams in through a set of windows that look out into their backyard and drapes his bare chest – swollen from his time at the gym – in warm golden tones. She clutches the top of the pillowcase and wrests it from his head, forcing a grimace upon his face as he fights to adjust to the light.  

“It wasn’t too long ago when you took great pleasure in tying me up and having your way with me.”  She paces back and forth, staring so intently into him that he can feel heat start to rise from his skin. “First, you tore off my clothes and bound my arms behind my back.” He shifts impatiently as she recounts in vivid detail exactly how he fucked her that night – describing how it felt to have his cock fill her mouth, or how exposed she was when he used a bar to spread her legs wide and tease her relentlessly until she begged him to fuck her. “I think tonight,” she says with a pause, “it’s time I return the favor.” 

She unties her robe. He watches as it flutters to the floor and then stares from his knees as she towers above him in five-inch stiletto heels. Her hair is pulled back into a slicked down braid that falls just short of a black corset. It clings to her chest and torso above a lace garter belt holding up a pair of sheer black tights at mid thigh. His eyes trace over the contour of her legs and stop at the point where they meet. Nothing, not even a lace panty, covers what he now suddenly aches for. 

A sharp sting rips across the side of his face.

“No ogling, unless commanded.  Do you understand?”  He looks up and nods, recognizing a leather riding crop held in a hand behind her back. This must have been what just danced across his face.  

“I imagine you now recognize the power I hold?” She asks sternly, crossing her legs after taking a seat in a chair positioned just out of his reach. 

He nods in acknowledgement.  

She uncrosses her legs and spreads them wide before him. “I believe it was you who once told me, ‘All you have to do is behave, and I promise, you will get through this’.” Even with her inviting display, his eyes never break their lock on hers. “I assure you that you will get yours, but first, I would like to get a bit of my own.” 

The woman slinks down in her chair, edging her hips out and towards the front of the seat. Her eyes dart towards the ground and he follows, finally bringing his stare to between her open thighs.

“Well,” she exclaims, “it’s not going to eat itself.”

He approaches on his knees, stopping an inch or so from her waiting mound. Her warmth radiates into his skin filling his nostrils with her scent. 

Yet, he resists.

She widens her legs more and spreads her labial folds with a pair of trembling fingers. His breath on her bare flesh whips her passion into a rage of desire. 

And yet, he still resists. 

The woman’s sub is proving more defiant than she expected, which frustrates her. She takes the back of his head in her palm and thrusts his face deep between her thighs. His tongue slides between her slit several times before she jerks him away in hopes of bringing him to pause. Instead, the tilt of his head draws his chin up, allowing him to now take her clit into his mouth. She presses back against him as his tongue laps freely against her sensitive crux with fervor.

A knot forms in the depths of her stomach and tension radiates out prompting her extremities to recoil. Somehow, she manages to pull him away, leaving her mouth agape and torso twisting over his head. Their eyes lock. His shoulders rise breathlessly and his face glistens with her essence. 

As she holds him steady with both palms a devious smile creeps across his face. Her agonizing look of suspended pleasure gives away just how close he was to ruining this moment for her. 

“Does this excite you?” she scolds, gripping his chin in her hand. With a smirk she pushes him away with enough force to send him crumpling to the floor. He lands hard on his side, and by the time he manages to reposition to his back, she is standing above him. 

“I want that tongue deep inside of me and my cum running down your chin.” She squats down, one stiletto-clad foot on each side of his head, lowering her vulva until just above the man’s jaw. “Blink once if you understand.”

The man slowly blinks his eyes closed, then open again. She proceeds to ease herself down – commanding his gaze once more – welcoming his tongue between her lips.

He adjusts beneath her weight, widening his mouth to accommodate the full expanse of her cunt; shifting the movements of his tongue from flat and broad, to firm and precise. The woman works her hips in a steady gyrating motion over his face. Each carnal orbit is met with pleasurable moans from between her thighs, the vibrations of which pull her deeper down to their source.

The woman’s delicate frame stiffens as nerves crackle beneath her skin. No longer willing to refuse herself, she relents control over to her body and releases the strain against the pressure growing within. Her legs squeeze firmly at the sides of his head as the first waves breakthrough. Her back arches. She steadies herself in anticipation of the euphoric surge approaching. His tongue sweeps between her slit once more, becoming ensnared deep within her walls as they tighten and convulse around him. 

She cries out atop her lover – at last feeding her lascivious appetite. 

A moment passes. With her body no longer quaking, she pulls herself up to her feet. Her awareness returns and she sees the man lying beneath her. He looks peaceful, and satisfied, with his eyes closed and his torso swathed in a gleam of perspiration. Further down an unmistakable bulge shows beneath his waistband. She is at odds again with herself, fighting every desire to pull out this hardened cock and ride it to her satisfaction. 

“Get up,” she barks gruffly at the submissive man, although, her curt tone helps her recognize the self-restraint necessary to see the rest of her scene through.

The man rolls to one side and, just as he manages to his feet, he is met by the woman’s grip beneath his jaw. She pushes him backwards until stopped against a closed door in the hallway. He stares furiously back into her eyes. 

“Why don’t we see what you have for me,” she says under heavy breath, pressing her body up against his. The woman releases him from her grasp. She uncuffs his wrists and secures them to a set of restraints at the top of the door. 

She then draws her hands over his chest, down his rib cage, and over the bulge beneath his jeans. An airy moan escapes his parted lips as she slips one hand down and into his pants to take hold of him. 

“I bet you would love for me to let you fuck me,” she whispers in his ear. “To just take that big cock of yours inside of me.” She can feel him grow harder and pulls her hand out from his pants.

“I know what you like,” she starts, leaving a trail of kisses around his body, taunting him with her words as she goes. 

“First,” she says with a kiss at his neck, “you spread my legs wide so you can watch your cock disappear inside me. Then,” she charts a path around his taught chest, sure to bite at his nipples a bit as she passes, “you pick up the pace until my head knocks up against the headboard.” 

He grunts and pushes his hips towards her, hoping to speed her descent, but she only moves slower. She has made her way now to his stomach and takes a moment to lick from his belly button up the rolling ridges of his abdomen. “After a while you pull out, flip me over with my ass high in the air and my shoulders pressed to the ground.”

She stops now at his waist and climbs his chest with her eyes until they peer up into his. He watches helplessly as she pulls apart the buttoned fly of his jeans and draws his pants down to his ankles. Her trailing kisses continue along his hips and inner thighs. “You sink back into me and fuck me hard from behind. You pound into me, slap my ass and tug on my hair.”

The woman looks back up at the man yet again, gazing past the erect cock jutting out from between his legs, and delivers a sultry, unbreakable stare as her lips press against his scrotum. The man writhes as her tongue glides over his testicles, drawing them into her mouth one at a time. She admires the sheen left behind after releasing his pair and then resumes the line of kisses up his unyielding shaft. 

“But when I tighten that pussy around your cock, you lose your mind and leave your cum all over my ass.” Her words bring a buckle to his knees as she steadies his phallus, preparing to take him completely into her mouth. 

The first pass is a circle of her tongue around his tip. He quakes beneath each flick at his frenulum and trembles further down towards the floor. A searing pain reminds him of his arms fastened overhead and he presses back completely upright as she begins to swallow him. 

Saliva mixed with the salt of his skin floods her mouth as her lips relax, stretch and expand wide enough to accommodate his stiffened cock into her mouth. She releases to massage him, delighting in the way her hand slides so easily along his lubricated stem. He squirms even more within her grasp and she takes him again – grabbing his bare ass to pull him deeper into the depths of her mouth. With every rise and fall of her head his girth grows heavier and fuller inside her. Sensing that he might be near his limit, she extracts him with a gasp – savoring his taste. 

Desire storms forth from between her legs. Lost in her own craving she spreads apart the folds of her outer labia and slips a finger into her wet pussy. The woman enjoys this moment to herself and continues fingering her way closer to an edge. When she feels the familiar clench well up in the pit of her stomach she pauses, withdraws her finger and turns her attention back to the bound man before her. 

His breathing quickens and his muscles tighten as she reaches back between his legs, tracing a finger along his perineum until it prods at his asshole. He remains clenched momentarily, but soon, his sexual curiosity prevails and he relaxes, allowing the woman’s finger to sink into him. She draws his swollen cock into her mouth once again and soon syncs the penetrating rhythm of her finger with the bobbing of her head. 

With each thresh on his cock she sinks her lone finger deeper inside of him. He widens his stance and angles his pelvis forward showing that he finds this pleasurable. She sucks harder, faster, deeper – pulling him so far into her mouth she can feel his bulbous tip in the depths of her throat. His ass tightens around her finger. He does his best to fend off climax but can no longer withstand his lover’s stimulations.

His entire body tenses and he pushes himself into her; spewing forcefully into the back of her mouth. A groan roars from his throat and then silence returns as the last few remnants of his passion quake out onto her tongue. 

She leaves what she can of his eruption hanging on his prick, rises quickly and questions him angrily, “Did I tell you that you could cum?”

He shakes his head no. “I’m sorry,” he says.

“Don’t apologize,” she chides, digging a finger into the skin of his chest. “You sound pathetic.  I want to hear what you liked so much that you came.”

“I liked your finger.” He says in a demure way, still struggling to find his breath.

“Mmm,” she moans with a smile. “And where did you like my finger?” The woman takes a firm hold of his jaw.

“In my,” he hesitates and she raises an eyebrow. “In my ass.”

She smiles as the words leave his mouth. “Of course you did, you sick fuck.” She grabs his cock, now half deflated but still keenly sensitive. He tremors as she strokes him to gather the remnants of her saliva and his seed in her hand, and then smears the mixture across his chest. 

“I’m not done with you,” she whispers in his ear as she removes his hands from the restraints above his head, only to bind them again behind his back. “Follow me,” she orders.

Turning, she leads him towards their bedroom.  He watches her ass, supple and nude, sway from side to side as she places one foot in front of the other – her legs lengthened and calves accentuated by the tall stilettos still hugging her feet. Upon reaching the doorway she stops to look over her shoulder and motions for her naked sub to enter the dimly lit room before her.