orgasm survey

What Do You Want from Volonte? Help Us, Help You

So many amazing, challenging and sometimes funny questions roll through our inbox each week, and whenever we pick up on a pattern, we know it’s time to write an article covering the recurring topic. Volonte was created in 2011 with the sole purpose of offering sexual wellness advice based on the interest of our readers. That’s where you come in…

orgasm survey

Every so often we even conduct our own research by creating questionnaires to learn from our readers, but since we’re all for you asking for what you want in the bedroom, it’s also time to ask you what you want from us. Our amazing resources are here to use at your discretion, so please comment below or email us at with any questions or topics you’d be more interested in reading about on our blog.

Volonte has reached its biggest readership of all time and its highest records ever, so we know our content is being consumed, we just want to make it the best content for you. Volonte is French for “willpower” and we want you to take this opportunity to take the “volonte” into your own hands… and bedroom!

Looking forward to hearing from you,

The Volonte Blog Team