Hold the Phone: 5 Ways Your Phone Can Make Sex Better

People have been freaking out about how some new piece of technology is heralding the collapse of society since the invention of the gramophone (and guess what? We’re still chugging along pretty well!)

Rather than think of new inventions like Netflix or cell phones as distractions from our sex lives, we’re going to embrace it (and more) by looking at all the ways that mobile phones can make sex better.

1. A Stranger is a Friend You Haven’t Met Yet

Where would we be without apps like Grinder, Tinder or Lespark? Clearly, people managed to meet other people with which to have sex in the past, but were all the hook up apps to disappear tomorrow, would we fall right back into the methods of yore?

While said scenario wouldn’t doom us to dipping into our pool of exes for sex, it is interesting to note the way that dating apps have made it much easier to find sexual partners, and particularly helpful, sexual partners who are into the same stuff as we are. Oh, and it wasn’t just the Internet that changed how we meet people either; there have been several changes over the past 50 years to our methods of mate-finding that reflect everything from urbanization to the age at which people are settling down now.

2. A Total Write Off

Obviously, we are fans of the written word (what else lets us wax loquacious about everything from fisting to the strangest ways to reach orgasm?) but the large role it has in our sex lives nowadays would actually be a surprise to many in the 1980s, had you gotten into a time machine to talk to people about dating rather than do something cool like see Michael Jackson in concert.

See, people were pretty much all about using the phone for actual talking at this point, and letter writing was something you did to thank your grandma for sending you twenty bucks on your birthday.  Then we got the Internet.

Faster than you could type ‘a/s/l?’ people were rediscovering the erotic possibilities of writin’ dirty. And of course, now we use texting not only as foreplay, but also as a less-awkward way to discuss  your  deepest fantasies with your partner. a

3. Come On Feel the Noise

The modern mobile phone is so much more than a telephone: we can watch videos, take photos, stream music and more, all from a device that fits in our pocket.

For sex that might be spontaneous, having all that in your pocket can be quite handy when it comes to both setting the mood and drowning out any noises you both might be making. Just pop on a movie or playlist  and place it close-ish to the door so you won’t be tempted to fiddle with it and it will have the maximum effect as a roommate courtesy. As a pro tip: You can put your phone in an (obviously empty) glass to amplify the sound if you don’t have speakers.

4. Make Gains

Are you in one of those chat groups where everyone compares how many steps they’ve taken that day? We prefer to brag about something a little more fun.

Much as sleep apps can use your phone’s gyroscope to monitor the quality of your sleep, the same has been created to monitor your sexual performance.

Now, we aren’t going to say that the number of pumps dictates the quality of your sex, but it can be fun to monitor how long the sex lasts and how loud you were both being.  If you and your partner are the competitive types, you can set goals and challenges for ‘quickest quickie’ or ‘who can be the loudest/quietest’ – something you could try measuring with a sound-responsive vibrator like SIRI 2!

5. Remotes out of Control

Of course, the newest reason to bring your phone into the bed (out, if you’re into public play) is none other than our own REMOJI app.

This app turns your cell phone into so much more than just a remote for your (or your partner’s) vibrator; it turns it into a fun and interactive game (that also happens to look totally innocuous when used in say, the club, out in the park, or in a restaurant).

Take a look at our entire range of app-controlled sex toys to see which one gets you buzzing!

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