Pedal to the Metal: How To Make Sure You BOTH Orgasm During a Quickie

We get it: you’re busy! What with work, socializing with friends, hitting the gym, house admin, maybe childcare, daydreams about marathon sex sessions can end up being just that: a fantasy. But it’s true what they say – where there’s a will, there’s some very sexy ways to ensure both of you get the most of your next quickie romp. We’re talking zero to ooooOOOOHHH, here. Passionate proponents of orgasms for all, we’re also firmly of the belief that restraints, no matter whether they take the form of silk cuffs and blindfolds, or minutes on the clock can result in sexy times all round!

Ready? Read on to discover how to make his ‘n’ her’s orgasms a reality, however tight your time-frame.

Why Quickie Climaxes Matter

Here’s the thing: sometimes, nothing beats the frenzied intensity of a passionate quickie. But when it comes to both parties getting off, hetero couples in particular are at something of an anatomical disadvantage. Why? Because of the gaping chasm between the amount of time it takes the average guy to climax through penetrative sex (between three and five minutes, since you ask) versus how long it takes his similarly average female partner: considerably longer.

When time is of the essence, how to bridge the gap? Luckily for both of you, we just happen to have a few tips and tricks up our sleeves to make every second count!

Sext Me Up!

In 2012 we revealed the results of a very revealing survey. A saucy 71% of women were sexting their partners, and a sultry 73% were enjoying phone sex. Technology has only become more sophisticated since then, and frankly if you’re not using it to safely set the stage for your next quickie then you’re missing a trick!

A well-timed sext can act as a springboard for passions to follow, as can sending sexy snaps – although only in a relationship rooted in trust, and with certain provisos. Get it right, they’ll be burning with desire the moment you walk through the door. Because there’s nothing hotter than knowing you’re wanted, urgently.

Set the (Mental) Scene

Prepare yourself – or them – for pleasures to come by engaging that most erogenous of zones – the mind. In other words, stop clockwatching and start anticipating! That could be by indulging in your porn of choice, or maybe a spot of erotic fiction. Establishing a sexy state of mind ahead of time isn’t just a lot of fun, it can also help get you both on the same passionate page, quick smart.! Efficiency has never seemed so tantalizing!

Fun with Toys

It’s estimated that just 30% of women orgasm through penetration alone. Cue the clitoris: with more than 8,000 nerve endings, is it any wonder that for most women, it’s stimulation of this most sensitive of pleasure buds that really cuts the mustard?

For many, a clitoral vibrator brings climax far faster than fingers or tongue alone can manage. Go big with a Smart Wand, or tiny yet mighty with the likes of LILY 2 or SIRI 2. Alternatively, and for pleasure like no other, may we not-so-humbly suggest SONA 2, which pulses with sonic waves to stimulate the entire clitoris, inside and out. Just don’t say we didn’t warn you: this one’s clitorally mind-blowing!

Positions: Go Deep

There’s a time and a place for everything – including sex positions! And while lazy Sunday mornings just scream The Spoon, when time is of the essence and passions are running high, positions that allow for deep, intense thrusts might just be what’s needed to tip you over the edge. Doggy Style, or Missionary with a twist – that is, her ankles over his shoulders – allow for deep, deep penetration to ramp up the hotness in a flash, while the likes of the tried and tested Cowgirl put her firmly in the, erm, saddle.

Location, Location, Location!

No need to waste time making your way to the bedroom; from kitchen counters to sofas and showers, the average home offers ample settings for a more than satisfactory quickie! Mixing things up lends a tantalizing thrill to whatever naughtiness you’re indulging in, and an illicitness that can be deeply erotic. Alternatively, broaden your horizons by giving your car’s suspension a very comprehensive, not to mention specific test; mix business and pleasure in the office; or try your chances with the mile-high club. Just don’t get caught!

Final Thoughts

Whether it’s a case of unbridled lust, or simply of needs-must, quickies should put a smile on both of your faces. How do you take each other from zero to ooOOOOHHHH?

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