how to make a man cry

How to Make a Man Cry in the Bedroom

We know what you may be thinking… “Why would I want to make a man cry in the bedroom?” Well, firstly, we don’t judge! There are many facets to sexuality, and how one experiences arousal and pleasure is not linear nor predictable. 

Whether you’re wanting to make a man cry in the bedroom in the realm of BDSM, or you’d simply like them to cry due to absolute sexual bliss, there are some techniques you can toy with which may result in a weeping man and two (or more!) very satisfied individuals.

Two Routes That’ll Make a Man Cry in the Bedroom

As we’ve mentioned, you could go one of two routes, depending on the reason why you want to make a man cry in the bedroom. 

If you and your partner have discussed your sexual fantasies, interests, kinks, or fetishes beforehand, and have come to realise that he really loves to be humiliated to a point where he feels emasculated and vulnerable, you could go the BDSM route, using certain tactics to make him cry.

Or, if you’re simply wanting to rock his world so damn hard that he literally cries in sexual ecstasy, there are other ways to make him cry in the bedroom. So, which one are you interested in?

Humiliation and Masculinity: How to Make a Man Cry in the Bedroom

For those living the BDSM lifestyle, it’s all about exploring and enjoying this kind of activity with a partner you know, trust, and respect. Together, you’ll be able to talk about what you desire and execute your ideas together in a safe space that brings both partners joy. 

With that, there are some men who crave being humiliated and emasculated in the bedroom. To make a man who is interested in these spheres of BDSM cry in the bedroom, you could try:

Forced Feminisation

Forced feminisation is when one dominant partner makes their submissive (who identifies as a male) assume a feminine role. It’s sometimes referred to as ‘sissification’ and some examples include: dressing a submissive up in women’s clothing and makeup, tucking away genitals, and using terms that describe their genitals as female anatomy.

Cock and Ball Torture (CBT)

This is a sexual activity that involves applying pain or constriction to the penis and/or testicles. This could be direct pain, such as genital piercings, wax play or ball busting, or indirect emotional pain such as erotic humiliation about their size or appearance.

Make Him a Cuckold

A cuckold is a husband of an adulterous wife (called a ‘cuckqueen’). There are two kinds of cuckolds; one who enjoys humiliation, and one that does not enjoy any form of humiliation. In 2020, cuckolding was actually the second most popular search term in heterosexual porn, making it quite a common fantasy.

Try Pegging

Pegging is when a cisgendered woman penetrates their heterosexual male partner, anally. This is done using a strap-on dildo that’s secured with a harness. Pegging is an interesting act as it is not only physical, but also mental, with two people experimenting with different gender roles. 

Sheer Sexual Euphoria: How to Make a Man Cry in the Bedroom 

Condition Him to Crave You

There are a few little tricks that’ll actually condition your man to crave you. For example, if you wear the same perfume every time you have sex, his brain will be wired to believe that every time he smells that perfume, it’s time for sex. After you’ve done this a few times, you can begin to introduce the scent during non-sexual moments, making him want you even more.

Initiate/Surprise Him with Sex

For many heterosexual couples, it’s often the man who initiates sex. Interestingly, it’s men who are more prone to experiencing spontaneous desire. For that reason, get yourself in the mood and surprise him with sex… it’ll catch him off guard and make him a very happy man. 

Practice Edging on Him

Edging is a fun sexual activity that is actually genderless, but it’s still a goodie when it comes to making a man cry in the bedroom. Edging is when you bring your partner super close to climax, and then either soften or halt the sexual stimulation. In this way, they’re left yearning for more. You can do this as many times as both partners agree, and when the climax finally does arrive, it’ll be bigger than ever.

Make His Fantasy Come True

If you give your partner the opportunity to open up and feel safe to disclose his wildest fantasies with you in a non-judgemental space, they’ll be much more inclined to tell you what they’re lusting after. And when you know what they secretly desire, it’ll make it a lot easier to bring them to tears when you make his fantasy come true. After all, variety is the spice of life, and it’s usually a lot of fun to try new things in the bedroom, making it a win-win for both partners.

So, whether you’re wanting to make a man cry in the bedroom in a kinky manner or a more mainstream way, you can almost always bring them to their knees with one or more of these ideas. Have a think about what would really make your man’s heart race, and go ahead with it to see them melt in absolute ecstasy.