We Want to Wish You a VERY Happy International Sex Toy Day!

When you’re the biggest name in pleasure, celebrating International Sex Toy Day is a no brainer – but how best make sure that your November 4th makes a splash?

Why, just try an INA Wave of course.

INA Wave

INA Wave is the only rabbit-style vibrator in the world that is able to mimic the sensation of your partner’s fingers by rising and falling against your G-spot while simultaneously delivering powerful vibrations inside and out — equaling a blended orgasm like nothing you’ve ever felt before!

If you’re already a rabbit-addict but not sure if INA Wave’s unique sensations are right for you, just check out this quote from Volonté’s own anonymous, first-hand review:

It was not quite like anything I had felt before, just the perfect level of slow and regular pressure on my G-spot. I felt like I could feel the sensation through to my clitoris, which  made it feel all the more like the sensation inside and outside were actually joined together.

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Written by: Katy Thorn

Katy Thorn
Katy Thorn is a post-grad writer with a passion for writing about sex, sexuality, and all things rated R. She received her degree in Women’s Studies with a focus in Intersectionality at the University of California, Berkeley (Go Bears!). She has a cat named Yoko, drinks too much black coffee, and hates writing bios.

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