easy and relaxed sex positions

Simple, No-Hassle (Read: Lazy) Sex Positions for Couch Copulation

Having sex that requires Olympic athlete levels of acrobatics, poise and concentration can be an absolute blast, especially when there’s a huge climax a-comin’ for one or both partners. Sure, you know the proper positioning when you want to have sex outside the bedroom, and you’ve got a passing knowledge of the more akimbo configurations of Tantric sex, but let’s face it; most sex happens in bed. Or on a couch. When one or both of you is tired, waking up from sleep or simply feeling like a nap.

For those all-too-common instances where you want to have an orgasm and please your partner without having to, you know, work for it — here ar the positions you can try without even really having to try. Know what I mean? So read on, you lazy lover.

easy and relaxed sex positions

The T-Bone

Him; lying on his side. Her; lying on her back perpendicular to him with her knees up. As the male partner enters, the female partner drapes her knees over his hip. This one might be the laziest of them all as you both get to lie down. You can make up for the limited range of motion as well as the easy access to her clitoris by incorporating a sex toy into the mix to ensure that you both get off.

Cross-Legged Lovers

If you wanna lock eyes while you lazily get some lovin’, here’s a perfect position for you. He sits cross legged on the bed or couch (a soft surface is best for his cheekies), while she sits cross-legged on top of him. This is a great vantage point that allows the female partner to grind to her heart’s content and enjoy deep penetration at the same time. Likewise it is a great vantage point for the guy as he has easier access to her breasts while this position makes her just a bit taller for the duration.

Sideways 69

Simply enough, you guys go down on each other at the same time while lying on your sides. Does it get easier than that? Actually it does, but the sideways 69 is up there in terms of absolute simplicity. This one is so simple you can do it while waiting for the delivery guy to arrive with your breakfast burritos.


What would a lazy sex position list be without a mention of spooning? Undoubtedly. Inarguably. Hands-down the easiest of them all. Heck, you’ve more than likely done this one before — maybe you’re even doing it now — in which case, huge props for your multitasking abilities.

If you’re as-yet-untrained in the ways of the spoon, here you go with the explanation: he lies on his side. She lies on her side in front of him. He enters from behind. Blammo. He thrusts. She grinds. There’s even full-frontal access of the female partner so that the guy some stimulate her breasts and use a small handheld vibrator on her clit.

Mutual Masturbation

It’s all in the name when it comes to this lazy sex position; mutual masturbation, in which you and your partner get off in the ways you’re most comfortable. Mutual masturbation can be an incredibly intimate way of sharing your sensuality with a partner, but it is also a supremely relaxing way to get off together.

Pillow Pile Doggy Style

Traditional doggy style is already a pretty simple, no-frills move, but here’s how to make it even easier; the female partner lays on her tummy over a pile of pillows that raise her butt off the bed. This then allows the male partner easy access for rear entry as she gets to relax on a soft pile of pillows.