The Oral Sexy Survey Results

You might remember a couple of weeks back we asked our social media followers on Facebook and Twitter their opinions, loves and hates about oral sex in a mini-survey. Over the course of a week, around 3000 respondents shared their votes with us, and the results were absolutely conclusive.

oral sex mini survey

Here are the questions, and how you sexy people answered:

Is oral sex something you enjoy?

  • 96% said ‘yes, love it!’
  • 4% said ‘yuk, no!’

Do you prefer oral sex to penetrative sex?

  • 46% said ‘yes, foreplay is coreplay’
  • 54% said ‘no, I want the main course’

Do you prefer to give or receive?

  • 63% said ‘I’m a giver’
  • 37% said ‘I’m a taker’

Is oral something you do more than twice a month?

  • 86% said ‘yes, I can’t get enough’
  • 14% said ‘no, I can take it or leave it’

Do you consider yourself good at it?

  • 72% said ‘my tongue has a diploma’
  • 28% said ‘I’m not really sure’

Do you often climax through oral sex alone?

  • 60% said ‘yes, it drives me crazy’
  • 40% said ‘no, I usually want more’


It’s obvious that the vast majority of our fans love oral sex. You could say, they have a real oral fixation. But don’t say that, because it’s a terrible pun.

What’s perhaps surprising is the amount of people who prefer it to sexual intercourse. A massive 46% prefer oral to sex, and 60% regularly reach orgasm by oral stimulation alone. We can only assume that this willingness to explore oral pleasure even more then penetrative sex is thanks to an observable cultural shift, which has seen the performance and reception of sex become more widely accepted and encouraged as an intimate part of a couple’s sex life. Penetrative sex is no longer the be all and end all, and that’s a good thing.

Give & Take

People are also very generous, with nearly two thirds identifying as givers rather than takers.

The implication is a very positive one: that many of you prefer to pleasure than be pleasured. And three quarters of you rate your own oral ability very highly, we can imagine your partners are all very satisfied.

Thank you all for taking part in this little survey. This kind of information helps is shape and design our products, we rely on you to tell us what you want and desire most. In fact, on of our most recent pleasure products, ORA™ 2, is an oral sex simulator designed to satisfy those who regularly crave this particular sensation. That’s why it’s the world’s best, award-winning oral sex simulator.
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