reading erotica with isaac erotic story

Reading Erotica with Isaac – An Erotica Story

Isaac and I had been seeing each other casually for a couple of weeks at this point. I really liked him. He had dark brown hair, deep brown eyes, and was studying social work with a focus on helping survivors of sexual assault. Oh, and he was in the military. He certainly ticked all the boxes of my “tall, woke, and handsome” list. He was also really interesting, kind, and easy to talk to. We always shared lovely and intimate pillow talk when we were in bed together. So you can see why I liked him so much, right? 

reading erotica with isaac erotic story

Anyway, we were texting one evening and I mentioned that I had written an erotic story. I don’t remember if I offered to send it to him or if he asked me to. Either way, I sent it to him with the caveat that one of the characters shared his name, because his name was one that I found objectively hot. I was embarrassed about that. But he assured me that would only make it hotter for him. He told me he enjoyed the story and that made me happy. I felt relieved and very excited that my words turned him on so much.

Within the next couple days he texted me saying that he had a very sexy thought: being inside me while we read erotica together. This sounded unbelievably hot to me. I had never done anything like it before and my curiosity (and horniness) took hold. Isaac and I already had such good chemistry.

He seemed to know exactly how I wanted to be touched. He kissed me, held me, and fucked me in ways that I had always wanted but never asked for. For example, I fantasized for years about having sex in spooning position and never actually did until Isaac initiated it. He told me that’s his favorite way to have sex. Sometimes I thought that kissing him felt like what it would be like to kiss myself. Does that make any sense? I don’t know. But it’s how I felt.

Isaac and I scheduled our erotica date. We decided that he would come over to my apartment and that we would pull up some erotica on my laptop and read it simultaneously. My excitement distracted me throughout the day leading up to our date. I found it quite difficult to go about my normal routine when I knew what I’d be doing that night with Isaac.

Just as we planned, Isaac arrived and we secluded ourselves in my bedroom. We chatted and made out for a little while. He smelled so good. Touching his body felt heavenly. Keen to get to the main event, we undressed and got settled in bed. Isaac spooned me and I spooned my laptop. The one detail we hadn’t planned was exactly what story we would read together.

I asked what he liked and he said he didn’t have a strong genre preference. I told him that I had a particular story in mind that was a favorite of mine, but it was a bit weird. (It’s about two people who create a sex research device together. Then one of the characters forces the other to be the first test subject. It very much pings my medical kink, ravishment fantasy, and desire to be dominated.)  He said he liked weird and told me to find that story, so I did. And we started reading.

What a fiery experience this turned out to be. I felt his cock nestled against my ass and heard his breath quicken as we read. Our sweat mingled and made our skin stick together. His hands explored my body and I reached a hand back behind me so I could do the same to him. He touched my thighs, my hips, my tits, and put a finger in my mouth for me to suck. I swirled my tongue around his finger in the same motion I’d use for his cock. Occasionally I turned my head so we could kiss. I moved my hips to grind against him. (In fact, I’m currently laying in the same spot on my bed while I write this, wishing we could do it all again.) Heat built up between us just like it did between the characters in the story. 

Isaac grabbed me and kissed me deeply as soon as we both finished reading. We were fully aroused and desperate for each other. He immediately put on a condom and slid his cock inside me, which was easy because he was rock hard and I was soaking wet. I wish I remembered all the details of what happened next. But alas, the details are lost to me in a blur of moaning, laughing, gasping, thrusting, licking, and biting. Is there anything better than fucking someone who can make you moan and laugh in the same breath? 

We cuddled, talked, and drank water for quite a while afterwards. He ended up sleeping over. I got ready for bed and turned out the lights. As soon as I slipped under the covers, Isaac held me close. I turned around to face him. Our legs intertwined and it seemed impossible to keep our hands off of each other. It was late, we were sleepy, but we didn’t stop. Maybe we couldn’t stop. I felt his cock harden again. I positioned myself on top of him and he grabbed my hips, my ass, my waist, and I instinctively started to grind against him. Isaac sat up and pushed me down onto the bed. He kissed me forcefully. I ran my fingers through his hair.

I gasped when I felt him rub the smooth, firm head of his cock against my soaking wet cunt. I couldn’t bear it. He let out a sound between a moan and growl. I told him how badly I needed him inside me. I begged him to enter me and fill me. It’s so wrong, he whispered, thrusting his bare cock into my hole, groaning at the unparalleled, taboo pleasure of being skin to skin, no barrier between us. I could distinctly feel the coronal ridge of his cock as he thrusted in and out of me.

I wrapped my legs around him in an effort to force his body even closer to mine. All too soon, he told me he was going to come. He stopped fucking me and used a hand to press his cock against my belly. He thrusted against me a few times before I felt his cum coat my skin. Sweaty, breathless, and sleepy, Isaac and I got back under the covers. We cuddled and fell deeply asleep. 

I really liked Isaac, but our fling ended after a couple months. I have yet to read erotica with another lover. I want to, now that I know how incredibly sexy that experience can be. I’m grateful I had such a sweet and passionate partner with whom I could experiment and try new things. Hopefully one day I’ll find someone else like that.