The Strangest Sex Laws & Facts in Australia

As citizens of the world, we couldn’t stop at just investigating the strange sex laws in Britain and weirdest sex fact in America. In our efforts to educate, this time we turned out attention to Australia to see what acts the powers that be have seen fit to protect the law-abiding public from.

Well, it turns out (perhaps to the surprise of no one) that Australians are pretty relaxed when it comes to sex. Give these stats about our mates down under a squiz and to see how they like to have a naughty.


1. Room for One More

Australians are the most receptive to the idea of having a threesome – 28% of them claim to have tried it, and 26% have it on their ‘sex bucket list’

2. Tactful or Terrible?

58% of Aussie ladies are faking orgasms, but compared to the 80% figure found in British studies, it seems they’re relatively honest.

3. Giving as Good as They Get

It’s no shock 77% of Australians love getting oral , but 74% love giving it as well.

4. Talk Aussie to Me

If you’re into dirty talk, you’re in luck! 41.7% say they use dirty talk regularly, though you may need some help translating.

5. In The Outback

With 40% saying they enjoy sex in public, apparently Australians like to flirt with getting ‘sprung’ (caught doing something they shouldn’t).

6. In the Nuddy

Be aware! A majority admitted to sending and receiving nude pictures on their phones, and a quarter have kept pictures of their exes.

7. G’day or G’night?

Only a third answered that their sexual peak time was during the morning or day.

8. What’s love got to do with it?

60% believe sexual relationships are not just for people they’re in love with.

9. Men at Work

Less than a third have had sex with a coworker but at least 60% copped to fantasizing about it.

10. Donor Under

Currently, it’s illegal in Australia to pay sperm donors or to import frozen sperm. There is also limit of 10 families who can use sperm from one donor. This led to such a shortage of donors that the Reproductive Medicine Centre in Albury has advertised in Canadian university student newspapers, offering sperm donors a $7000 package including return trip, accommodation for a fortnight and a daily spending allowance.

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