sunset boulevard gay erotica

Sunset Boulevard, Part 2 – A Gay Erotic Series

A smaller hand.

My pupils dilated in a shot – and there she was in the candlelight.   Smiling at me – a rather similar lop-sided grin to the one that he had given me in the office.  Maybe he’d borrowed it off her.

sunset boulevard gay erotica

Her hand stroked down my chest and, without a how-do-you-do, made a grab for between my thighs.

She let out an audible gasp of pleasure when she got a hold of me – and put another hand in there to join the party.

She was a good-looking woman, don’t get me wrong, and I’ve had a couple of dalliances over my history – but, seriously, I wasn’t in the mood.

I had my sights set on beef tonight, and beef was what I was intending to get.

And my manhood agreed with me – and as soon as her second hand got a hold of me decided to opt out the party.

Her lop-sided grin fell and so did her hands.  She looked at her guy with a look of total contempt – as if to say, “Is this the best you could bring me?!”

I glanced at him.  His face was white in the candlelight – he looked like he might cry any moment, and he opened his mouth to say something, but she just clamped her mitt over him and muttered, “No, don’t speak.  Don’t speak.”

He nodded, she removed her mouth, sat back and crossed her legs, settling her hands on her knees in a position of great patience.

And then nirvana.

The hunk hesitated just a fraction, and she lowered her head a couple of centimetres in some secret command, and he followed the angle of her head and lowered his – but towards me.

Towards my lap.

He took me delicately in his huge hands and fed me into his mouth.

A couple of gentle sucks and I was strong as an oak.  He gagged a little – and was about to pull away – but I rested my hand on the back of his head.

“Not yet,” I said, “it will get bigger.”  This was a total lie, but it was the best I could think of in the moment.

The woman squealed with delight and clapped her hands – which made her suddenly not very cool at all. 

“Keep going, Douglas,” she said.

I’d forgotten he was called Douglas.  I’d decided he was Achilles.  In my dreams he was Achilles.

Now, goaded by her, he was sucking like a demon – and he seemed to know what he was doing.  His tongue was zipping around very effectively.

“Cup his balls,” she said.  And he did.

I decided I liked this woman very much.  We should hang out more often.

He stroked my balls and he sucked on me, and then he licked me up and down like I was his favourite popsicle.

And, fuck me, it did get bigger.  I was tempted to ask for a tape measure.

And then she dipped to me and now there were two mouths going at it.  

I can’t say that her lips felt unpleasant on me – and her excitement and little groans were kind of infectious – and when she fed me into his mouth one little inch at a time, while stroking my balls, I was quite appreciative. 

And then her hands pulled at his jockeys and they were down and off, and whatever his orientation and natural proclivities, he was hard as a rock – I reached for him, but he brushed my hand away with his.

I reached again, but once more he pushed my hand away.

He seemed happy to give but not to take.  Well this was a pisser.

She on the other hand, wanted it all.

She threw herself down on the bed and stuck her arse in the air and looked back at me with a look of desperate anticipation.

Well, sorry, but I wasn’t going there.

The hunk looked at me and kind of nodded at her arse.

I didn’t move.

He kind of sighed, got up on his knees and slipped it in her very nicely.

And I watched with jealousy as those wonderful buns tensed and rammed. And his obliques, or whatever you call them, rippled, and his arms strained as he gripped her wrists behind her back.

He started to grunt and perspire and seemed lost in his performance.

And I took a risk and I placed my hand on his back, and he didn’t seem to notice, and I ran my fingers down the wonderful muscles each side of his spine.

She was squealing now with every thrust, and her hand reached out and grabbed me again – and the hunk pushed me up the bed and she took me into her mouth once more.

I just focused on him – his sweat – his smell – his perfectness.

He upped his tempo and she gasped and I could see her tense and ready to come, while her lips were still around the head of my cock.

And the hunk, almost oblivious to all this, reached a meaty hand towards the bedside table and scooped a glass and glugged at it, and a mist of vodka fumes sprayed off his lips as he gripped at her ass and pounded at her.

The movements of his hips mesmerized me and I wanted to reach for him or kiss him.

And then she screamed and shuddered, and arched her back and was still.

For a second.

And then she was up on her knees.

And he, as if she’d given him a secret cue, flipped onto his back, his legs dangling over the edge of the bed.

In a flash she was on him again, squatting down on him, but this time, she took him straight into her ass, it slipped in easily in one go, as she faced me.

I could see where this was going.


She rose slowly up and down on him and reached for me.

It felt churlish to pull away, so I shuffled forward a little and she took me in her hand and rubbed and then dipped again and took me in her mouth.

And then she leaned right back on his chest and drew her knees up and showed me her pussy and looked at me with a steady gaze.

She spread her thighs wide and murmured,

“Come here.”

I moved forward and looked down into the murk between her thighs.

There was her pussy, soaking wet, the juices visibly dripping down her thighs.  And beneath her pussy, his cock moving rhythmically in and out of her ass, and beneath that, his balls, and beneath that, as he raised his heels onto the bed for better purchase, his asshole.

I just stared at it all.

“Come here,” she whispered again.

And I dropped to my knees so I could just get a better look.

And I kissed at her thighs, and she murmered in pleasure and my hands dipped down and, gently, I took a hold of his balls and I stroked them.

From where he was, I’m not sure he would really have known whose hands they were – maybe he did, I don’t know.

But he moaned in pleasure and pumped her harder.

And now I took the base of his cock between my fingers and it slipped between my grip and into her ass and out again.

She grabbed at one of my hands and placed it squarely on her pussy.

So now I rubbed at her with one hand and gripped the base of his cock with the other.

And to my surprise and delight – one of his long arms came around her and gripped my arm – I don’t know whether it was for support or what – but his big hand on my bicep excited me more.

And she looked down and saw my cock straining at the leash and she wanted it and grabbed it and pulled it in no uncertain way towards her pussy.

I looked at his cock moving up and down between my fingers – and I pushed the head of my cock against the base of his, and felt it slide across my head.

But she was not having any of it, and she tilted my cock up and, zip, it was in her – and she gasped – and I began to move.

I could feel his cock through the thin wall of skin that separated us – and I concentrated on the glide and bump of his head as it passed underneath mine, each time the ridge of his head bumped against mine, I felt the hairs on the back of my head and the back of my hands prick up.  It was as if I could count each individual hair.

She pulled me towards her and I felt her lips against my neck – and, below, my balls brush against the base of his cock and occasionally felt the softness of his balls touch against mine.

Then, around her side, his other long arm snaked, and he gripped the top of my other arm – he had me in a grip on either side – it was kind of like he was fucking us both.

I started to pump harder – aching to feel him beneath me – and my imagination kind of jumped through her to him.

I found myself grabbing at her breasts, as if it was his nipples that I was twisting.

I could feel her beginning to shudder again – and then she lurched forward and her pussy spasmed, and suddenly my cock was popped out by her movement.

She grabbed me by my neck – and he kept pumping at her.

“Don’t stop, D!” She screamed.

He kept pumping.

I watched his cock as mine snaked down of its own accord, my head touching his balls – if he noticed he said nothing.

“Don’t stop, D!”

My cock snuck under his balls and rested against his asshole.

It was soaking from her pussy.

“Don’t stop, D!”

He gave tiny little thrusts now as her orgasm rolled on – and I pushed my cock against his asshole, and he said nothing, but his hands tightened on my arms.

Slowly, I pushed.  My head slipped in an inch – I heard him sigh.

She noticed, mid-orgasm, and smiled.

She gripped my cock in her fingers and slowly she fed me into him.  

He was tight.

He groaned.

And now I thrust – slowly – deeply.

He groaned again.

She slid off him and now she concentrated on me.  

Stroking my back, as I lifted his thighs high and began to slam into him.

She pinched at his nipples and then she slapped him hard across the face.

He moaned with pleasure.

She slapped him again – I kept pumping.

He gripped my arms tighter and lifted his thighs to his powerful chest.

I buried myself into him again and again.

He reached for my balls and stroked so gently as I hammered him.

Then his lips came up towards mine.

He kissed me – and his tongue touched my lips.

She slapped him one more time.

And that did it for me – I spurted inside him -she ripped me out, and rubbed me hard – and I spurted all over his perfect abs – his perfect chest.

She dipped her fingers into my cum and fed it to him.

He was late to work the next day.  I liked his shoes a lot better now.