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Let’s Talk About Sex: Separating Myths from Facts

Sex myths debunked

No matter if we’re getting it regularly or not, sex, it would seem is a subject that a bewildering number of us just aren’t as clued-up on as ...

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Combining Sex and Food During Foreplay


Keeping you up to date on the latest coital and culinary trends, we’ve recently revealed foods to avoid before having sex, but to balance the yin with the ...

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No (Hot) Dogs Allowed: 5 Foods to Avoid Before Sex


If you’re anything like us, you’ve Googled the likes of “foods to boost your libido” or “food aphrodisiacs” on at least one occasion. However, in the search for ...

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Healthy Meals for More Mojo: Foods that Naturally Increase Libido


For thousands of years, people have searched for edible items to guarantee peak sexual performance and pleasure. Ancient Romans swore by hippo snouts, while even now, tiger penis ...

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