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How to Deal with a Loss of Libido

Coping with a loss of sex drive is a complicated, though not uncommon occurrence during many romances, and depending on the couple in question it can form a ...

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No (Hot) Dogs Allowed: 5 Foods to Avoid Before Sex

If you’re anything like us, you’ve Googled the likes of “foods to boost your libido” or “food aphrodisiacs” on at least one occasion. However, in the search for ...

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The Best Day for Having Sex

Do you plan on giving up smoking? Well start your campaign to quit on a Friday, say scientists who state that willpower is highest on weekends. List your ...

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Finding Your LELO Libido Booster

They say that if it feels good it’s probably bad for you, but LELO is the proof that’s not the case – as confirmed by renowned healthy lifestyle ...

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