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In the Driver’s Seat: 4 Sex Positions for High Sex Drive

For those who have a high sex drive, they may believe that there’s something ‘wrong’ with them. Why is there a need for sex or sexual stimulation so often? And how can they satisfy their insatiable lust for some seriously good sex? 

Well, firstly, there’s nothing wrong with someone who has a high sex drive (sometimes referred to as a “high libido”). And seeking blissful satisfaction is totally doable, so really, there’s zero reason to fret.

With that, we’re going to introduce you to 4 sex position for a high sex drive that’ll not only hit the physical spot, but also, the proverbial spot! 

4 Sex Postions for a High Sex Drive

Before we jump in, however, it’s important to know that, if you have a high sex drive, being with a partner who is understanding is paramount. Better yet, it would be fantastic to be with someone who is equally as interested to indulge. 

And if you have a partner with a high sex drive–one that perhaps doesn’t match yours–compromise and compassion go a long way. In any partnership, both lovers should be kind and caring towards each other…not judgemental.

1. Yab-Yum

A popular tantric sex position, the Yab-Yum (sometimes known as the Lotus sex position) is great for partners who want to focus on intimacy, as it allows for slow yet intense sexual energy. It’s a combination of meditation, yoga, and sex, and is something that can be savoured and enjoyed not just for the outcome (delicious orgasms), but also–the journey.

To practice the Yab-Yum position, one partner will sit upright with their legs folded. If sitting cross-legged is difficult, you could choose a seat or the edge of the bed. The other partner will then sit on their lover’s lap with their legs wrapped around their waist and their arms around their shoulders. Get comfy in this position before you go for any kind of penetration.

Then, the seated partner will wrap their arms around their lover’s waist, and rock back-and-forth, side-to-side, or however feels best for you, slowly, as you persist to enjoy penetrative bliss.

This sex position can be even more intimate by inching as close to one another as possible. In this way, you can stimulate each other’s bodies, maintain eye contact, and practice breathing in sync. And as Laura Whitaker, a figure in the sex industry, says:

“Tantric sex isn’t about dragging out sex and frustrating yourselves for hours, but is about removing yourself from the rest of the world and focusing purely on the moment that you’re in.”

2. The Seashell

The Seashell sex position is almost like missionary style 2.0, and is a way to really find your very best spot for ultimate sexual satisfaction. And while many have actually done this position, you may not have known it by name. 

Now, before we tell you all about it, let’s first say that it does involve some flexibility for the partner who will be receiving penetration, but not alarmingly so! Give it a try, you’ve got nothing to lose.

To practice the Seashell sex position, the one receiving penetration will lift their legs up and tuck them behind their head (or just have them as high as possible). In this way, the giver of penetration will stand and enter them from above.

This is a great sex position for those who have a high sex drive as it allows for various levels of stimulation. For example, choosing to enter from one angle may give shallow thrusts, which will aid in longer sessions. But, if you go from a different angle, you’ll be able to hit a vulva-owning partner’s G-spot and possibly even their cervix, which can be intense. 

And while you’re enjoying this position, why not give edging a go? This is when the source of pleasure stops or slows down as soon as one partner is close to climax. This will not only prolong the fun but also delay ejaculation. It’s a win-win for all.

3. The Wheelbarrow

Another upgrade to a well-known sex position, the Wheelbarrow is kind of like doggy style, except it involves more vigorous fun. Having said that, starting in doggy style is not a bad idea as it’ll get you all warmed up and ready to heighten your pleasure.

Once in doggy position, the one receiving penetration will use their hands for balance, lift their legs back and then up so that they’re wrapped around their partner’s back. 

What’s great about this position is that it allows easy access to both vaginal or anal sex, and it offers deep penetration to really stimulate those hard-to-reach erogenous zones.

Are there any drawbacks to the Wheelbarrow sex position? Well, it may take some abdominal and arm strength on the receiving partner. If getting into this position seems a bit too difficult, you could modify it by having the receiving partner lay down on their stomach with their legs dangling behind them on the bed. The giver of penetration will then stand between their lover’s legs and lift them up into position. 

Whichever variation you try, both will resemble ‘a wheelbarrow’, and will offer similar opportunities to enjoy heightened pleasure.

4. Mutual Masturbation

There are so many perks to mutual masturbation, and it’s an activity that lovers can enjoy to an extent where everyone receives their best bouts of pleasure while turning their fun into a teachable moment. Allow us to explain…

No one knows our bodies as well as we do. We know what makes us feel good, how to orgasm quickly or to delay the pleasure, and we know different techniques that give us different kinds of sexual euphoria. 

So when we masturbate in front of our partner, we have the opportunity to show them what we crave while getting that elusive climax. Take the time to teach your partner how to get you to O Town and slow down the pace so that it’s a memorable, sexy yet educative moment. 

On the other hand, if you have a partner with a high sex drive yet yours isn’t equally as high or you’re just ‘not in the mood’, mutual masturbation could simply be turned into solo masturbation. 

Create a voyeuristic/exhibitionistic experience so that the person with a higher libido has the chance to enjoy their sexuality while the other can watch or choose to join in at any moment. 

You could also introduce sex toys and other fun props into the bedroom to spice things up, prolong the fun, and to change things up a bit, which may add in extra stimulation and enjoyment for both lovers.

Having a high sex drive is not something that should be seen in a negative light. For partners, it’s all about working together, allowing both to feel comfortable and happy within themselves–whether that includes scheduling time for sex, or encouraging partners to have solo fun whenever they’re feeling sexual. 

For singletons, changing up your routine (masturbating in a different part of the house, using sex toys etc.) could be great, as it will give you new ways to feel sensuality and sexual energy while satisfying your sexual needs. Embracing a high sex drive is perfectly normal as long as it’s safe, sane, and consensual.