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Introducing SONA – The Sonic Sex Toy that Stimulates 75% More of the Clitoris

If you saw Amber Rose’s ringing endorsement of our ‘clitorally mind blowing’ new product and weren’t sure what you were looking at, we understand your curiosity. Finally available, ...

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Your Condom Has Expired: HEX™ Heralds the First Innovation in Over 70 Years

Coming summer 2016, LELO will be presenting our more exciting project yet―one that has been in development since 2011―LELO HEX™. With HEX™, we will be creating the most ...

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Introducing SIRI™ 2, the Music Vibrator

Every now and then you try a sex toy that is so perfectly in tune with you that you wonder if it knows what you want before you ...

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LELO INA Wave & MONA Wave: Head To Head

The INA Wave™ and MONA Wave™ are the latest breakthroughs from LELO, representing a whole new level of orgasm intensity that will change the way you think about ...

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The New LELO Waves: Welcome To A New Age Of Orgasm

We are incredibly proud at LELO to introduce you to two new pleasure products that we’ve been developing for a very long time now. Ladies and gentlemen, meet ...

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The New ORA 2: Award Winning Oral Sex

Modesty is of course a virtue, but sometimes it’s good to sing your own praises. You might remember a little while back that the ORA™ became the first ...

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