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A Shopping Guide for Your Friend’s First Vibrator

“My friend has never owned a vibrator and I want to get them one as a gift. What are your recommendations?” This one of my favorite questions I ...

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Expert Advice: How to Choose Your Second Vibrator

You may have a special place in your heart (and bedside table) for your first vibrator, but it’s in human nature to crave novelty. We talked to some ...

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Introducing Your Very Own LELO Shopping Assistant

Browsing a sex shop can be pretty overwhelming. The different functions, materials, uses… it’s enough to make your head spin, and that’s even if you are extremely comfortable ...

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‘Sprees’ Aren’t Just for Shopping: Go for Romance Instead of Retail Therapy

When people say that sex is everywhere, they’re not lying. From the way you feel about yourself, how good you’re sleeping, to even your body image, sex and ...

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Choosing the Safest Sex Toys: A LELO Guide

In the enlightened times we live in, we’re now more conscious than ever of choosing products that are not only safe for our bodies, but the environment as ...

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