Sex Toy Shopping as a Couple

Why You Should Go Sex Toy Shopping as a Couple

While the magic of the internet means that you can shop for anything under the sun in the comfort of your home with total anonymity, we think there is something to be said for getting out of your  – and your partner’s – comfort zones.

Checking out online reviews of different sex toys can definitely help you figure out what you might be looking for, we have 7 very good reasons why you should try making shopping in an actual sex toy shop the ultimate couples’ errand and foreplay!

Sex Toy Shopping as a Couple

1) You Get to See the Sex Toys in Real Life

Sure, glossy photos and measurements can give you a pretty good idea of a toy, but it’s a lot more helpful to actually hold one in your hands – you can tell if it’s too heavy to suit your sex life if you have mobility or arm strength issues, for example. You can also see for yourself how strong the vibrations actually are; we don’t really think the ‘holding it on your nose to see if you sneeze’ thing actually works (plus, gross) but you can see if the vibrations make your or your partner’s hand buzz uncomfortably.

2) Fuel Your Fantasies

Even if you’ve got a set budget when you enter the store, that doesn’t mean the multitude of products that may currently be beyond your means (hey, even we don’t go buying 10 toys at once)  can’t inspire your solo sex fantasies AND dirty talk scenarios.

3) A Little Light Role Play

When it comes to role-playing in public (especially a place where people are working) we highly encourage you to be mindful of not forcing your erotic play on unsuspecting (and therefore non-consenting) bystanders. Keep your role play low key with scenarios like this: two strangers who meet by chance in the store, the naif having everything explained to them by the expert, the silent partner who must communicate whether or not they want a toy without words – and based on the vivid explanations of how the other will use it…the list goes on!

4) Play the Guessing Game

Another game that will put you on the track of desire is to guess what each of you would like to own as a sex toy. You go around the shop and each choose the tantalizing tool that makes you want: the other to find. In addition to the playful and naughty aspect of this little game, it will allow you to indirectly reveal the fantasies that you haven’t yet dared to share!

5) Dare to be Indiscreet

Entering a sex shop is not like having sex outside in broad daylight, but there is a little tingling of danger anyway! Afterall, you could run into someone you know – which is really not that big of a deal, but still, that thrill is exciting for some!

6) Discover the Unknown

In a sex shop, you will also have the opportunity to discover new ways to bring pleasure into the bedroom, and even new definitions for what solo or coupled ‘pleasure’ means. Some BDSM accessories in particular will show you that the possibilities of pleasure are vast. Handcuffs are a great place to start exploring restraint, but there are also blindfolds to enhance other senses, paddles or candle wax for exciting new sensations…the options are endless, and while you may want to try everything you can get your hands on, our next point is a big one…

7) Get Information from the Professionals

Going to a physical sex shop means that you benefit from the sage wisdom and advice of the people who work there. If you’re feeling shy, take comfort in the fact the they have definitely already heard it  all – it’s highly unlikely that whatever you want to know about is the most scandalous thing imaginable, and even if it is, it’s their job to give you informed, non-judgemental advice.

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