The Pastor’s Wife – An Audio Erotic Story

Part 1

Meaghan idly twirled the hair behind her ear as she waited for the others to join the conference call.  Technically she was the church secretary, but in reality, she was the day school coordinator, facilities manager, bookkeeper, and any other position that her husband, Blake, needed her to fill.

On top of her list today was getting the A/C fixed in the back office. Normally, she dressed quite conservatively, but it was so hot that she decided to go with a red, low-cut sundress that would have showed off her full, round breasts if anyone else had been around. 

With COVID lockdowns in full swing, there wasn’t much risk of that, and it was so hot that she couldn’t bear the feeling of anything more touching her skin than was absolutely necessary.

The phone chimed, a voice crackled through the line, “Hi, this is Jennie and Omar, sorry we’re late.” 

A moment later the phone chimed again and another voice came through, “Paul, here.  Sorry for the delay.”

Meaghan said, “I think that’s everyone. I hope you all are doing well. Plans for the upcoming marriage retreat are in full swing. Jennie and Omar, how are the events coming along?”

“It’s gonna be a blast,” Omar said, “We’ve got the salsa instructor booked for Friday night and the photographers set for the Red Carpet party on Saturday night.” Jennie chimed in, “But we are making sure there will be plenty of time for couples to have some one-on-one romance as well.”

“Perfect,” Meaghan said, “How are we looking for registrations, Paul?”

“Well,” Paul replied, “Not as well as we hoped. We need another 20 couples to register in order to break even. Maybe Pastor Blake can make another announcement in this Sunday’s sermon.”

“Ok, thanks for the update,” Meaghan said, “I’m sure he will. As you know, we need to find money in the budget to replace the A/C system for the building. Let’s go over the list of other issues we need to address for next year’s budget. Paul, you can start.”

Paul’s voice droned on and on about all of the things that needed to be looked after.  Just then, Meaghan felt a warm breath on her neck. The fragrance of Blake’s cologne put her at ease.

He leaned over her shoulder and began gently blowing the sweat forming on her chest that had begun trickling between her breasts. She welcomed the cool breeze, but could tell he was not going to let her focus on the phone call. She felt his lips press around her ear lobe and his hot, moist breath in her ear.  

He whispered, “I always want you when I can’t have you!” She waved him off with a smile, but still he persisted. 

His hand slipped into the top of her dress, fingers easily finding her nipple as he kneaded her breast. “Come on, just a little taste,” he said. Meaghan mouthed “NO!!” and shook her head, but Blake responded with “YES!!” and slowly put his hand under her dress resting his fingers on her mound.  Meaghan shook her head again, but at the same time instinctively thrust her hips to meet his hands.

That was all Blake needed. He dropped to the floor under the desk and Meaghan spread her legs to give him better access. She placed the phone on mute so that they wouldn’t get caught. 

Blake greedily lapped up her juices while she tried to focus on the call. She had always prided herself on her ability to multitask, and it was Blake’s lifelong ambition to break her concentration at the most inopportune moments.  

The voices on the phone drifted into the background as Blake slipped a finger into her aching pussy and rubbed her G-spot as his tongue caressed her clit. Meaghan’s orgasm began to build.

“Meaghan, Meaghan… I think you’re on mute,” Paul said, “What do you think about that proposal?” Surely, Blake would relent long enough for her to answer, but no, she would have to stumble through this while on the verge of ecstasy.

“Um,” Meaghan replied in a breathy voice, “I think it sounds good, but why don’t you put it in writing so I can share it with Blake. Ok, Jennie, how about your items?” Meghan slammed her hand down on the mute button as her best friend began reciting a long list of things that were needed for the day school program.

“Uh huh,” Meaghan groaned half in response to Jennie and half indicating that she was about to explode. Her orgasm wrecked her body and sent shivers all the way to her toes.

“So, should I put that in writing too?” Jennie asked, silently suspecting what was happening on the other end of the line. “Yeah, I’ll just send that to you in an email.”

Meghan slowly regained her composure and unmuted the line and said, “Yes, that will be great. Thanks again guys.  I’ll talk to you next week to go over this in more detail. Take care.”

“Blake Anderson!” she yelled in mock anger, “How could you do that to me while I was on the phone? That was a lot more than a taste. I’m gonna get you back when you least expect it.”

Part 2

Blake looked over his sermon notes and smiled. He loved talking about things that had been too taboo for the ultra-conservative church he grew up in. For him, Song of Songs was much more than just an allegory for Christ and the Church. It was an acknowledgment that God created us to revel in our sexuality, to sing about it, to tell stories about it, and to not care what others thought. 

Maybe his views were a bit too free, but he had seen the countless harm done to young people in a culture that stifled all sexual expression. And somehow, people were expected to figure it out after marriage without really talking openly about sex. He vowed to never be one of those pastors, and he intended to make good on that promise.

Blake scanned the empty sanctuary for Meaghan. She had set up the webcam and he could tell that it was already streaming by the blinking red light. It was hard to speak to an empty room, but sometimes, it was even more strange to speak when there was only one other person there. Maybe she was just watching in the office to make sure it was streaming properly on the church’s new website.

Blake started his sermon as he always did, by praying for God’s guidance and that the words he spoke would bring people closer to who God had made them to be.

He looked into the camera and said, “Friends, this past month has been a deep dive into one of the most interesting books in the scriptures. I hope what we have learned has prompted some exciting discussions in your marriages. As we conclude our series on the Song of Songs, I would like to talk about more practical applications of what we have discussed.”

He began running down the list of points from his sermon all the while thinking about Meaghan, the look of her body, the way her flesh felt in his hands, the way she smelled, and the way she tasted. It wasn’t long before he had a raging erection, and he was very glad for the extra-large podium and altar table that he had inherited from the previous pastor.  

Just then, he felt a tugging at his pants and heard a loud ZIIIIIIP as unseen hands worked their way towards his swollen member. “Oh crap,” he thought to himself as he realized that this was Meaghan’s payback that she had warned him about.

“…A–and that is why w-we must always revel in the glorious gift of our s-sexuality,” he stammered as Meaghan expertly clutched his balls in one hand while squeezing his shaft with the other and sucking as hard as she could on the head of his cock.

“Ok, you’ve had your fun,” he thought, “Now let me finish my sermon.” But Meaghan wasn’t about to let him off that easily.

Blake spoke up as clearly as he could, which was impressive given the fact that Meaghan had started deep throating his cock from under the podium.

“Which brings us to my last point. Ughhh… the Marriage Retreat next month. If you l-like what you’ve seen here in this series, we are going to go even deeper as we learn how to grow in our intimacy and sexual connection with our spouses. R-registration is still open, so just follow the link on the bottom of the screen. God bless and I hope to see you there.”

Blake clicked the remote control to turn off the camera and looked down at his wife who was still working his rock hard cock in her mouth.  “You dirty little girl,” he said, “I think I’m gonna have to teach you a lesson.”

Meaghan replied, “Oh, I have been naughty. I might need to be punished.”

Blake reached down and pulled her up to him and gave her a deep, long kiss. He pulled her around to the front of the podium and sat her up on the altar table and instructed her to lay back. 

In an instant, he ripped her panties away and dropped to the floor in front of her. He placed both of her legs on his shoulders and they extended in the air like a giant V.  If she thought he had been greedy while she was on her conference call, now he was absolutely devouring her. 

It was almost overwhelming as his tongue alternated between pressing against her clit and probing deep into her honey pot. Meaghan pulled her breasts free from the top of her dress and began sucking her nipple. This drove Blake wild and he began licking her clit even more aggressively and slipped two fingers into her pussy instantly finding her G-spot. It wasn’t long before she let out a squirting orgasm that nearly drowned him.  

Blake stood back up and flipped her over onto her stomach. “Now, baby, here is your punishment,” he said as he smacked her ass. Oh, how she loved the sensation of his strong hands slapping against her tender bum. “Yes, daddy, smack that,” she called back at him.  

After a few more slaps, he grabbed her hips and thrust his cock balls deep into her pussy. “Oh yes, fill me up, baby,” she said.  He pounded into her and her pleasure began to build again. He reached over and grabbed the bottle of oil on the altar table and generously drizzled it between her ass cheeks. Still pounding away, he rubbed the oil into her ass and slipped a thumb inside her hole.

“You like that don’t you,” Blake said relentlessly, punishing her sex. “Yes, fuck yes, fuck me hard, baby,” Meaghan replied screaming in ecstasy.  A few more thrusts and Blake and Meaghan both moaned and groaned in unison as they released together.

They collapsed on the table and kissed and caressed each other’s faces. Blake tucked himself back into his pants and Meaghan pulled up the top of her dress. She sat up and froze, staring at a blinking red light on the camera.

“Umm, honey. You did turn off the camera, right?” Meaghan asked.

“Of course,” Blake replied, “I used the remote on the top of the podium.” 

Meaghan shut her eyes and silently screamed to herself “THAT’S THE MUTE BUTTON!!!”


Meaghan was still trying to decide how to tell Blake that they had just had sex in front of the whole congregation when she reached for her phone.

10 Unread Messages

Jennie: Um, what is going on back there.

Jennie: Girl what were you doing under the podium.

Jennie: Ok, for real, the camera is still on.

Jennie: Y’all need to chill your horny selves down and at least take it back to the office.

Jennie:  Well, it’s too late now, I can see your damn feet in the air. I hope you’re at least having a good time because there might be some explaining to do.

Jennie:  Now you’re sucking your titty!!!  He must be licking you real good.

Jennie: I wish Omar would bend me over the table like that more often.

Jennie:  Not the anointing oil. Is that why I keep having to replace that stuff?

Jennie:  Now Omar is getting ideas. I guess we’ll talk about this later.

Paul:  Hi Meaghan. Sorry, I missed the sermon this week, but good news: 50 more couples registered for the marriage retreat this morning alone. Praise the Lord. I wonder what Blake said to inspire people to sign up?