their frostee freeze free erotic story

Their Frostie Freeze – An Erotic Story

“I’ll take a triple decker chocolate ice cream cone,” Greg said to the teenage boy in his cone hat working at the Frostie Freeze. 

“Three dollars,” the boy replied, bored. 

Greg set down the bills. “You’re really ripping us off, you know. Three dollars for one cone.” 

The boy in the odd hat shrugged and said nothing. 

Greg knew the price was steep but watching Karen made it worth every penny. He took his cone and met Wayne at the corner of the small ice cream stand. 

“She’s got a vanilla tonight,” Wayne said. “Man, just the way she licks that cone. If only she would …” 

“She’s got to be good at giving head,” Greg said. 

“Good? You mean great.” 

“I’ll upgrade my opinion when she finishes sucking my own dick.” 

“I never pictured her as giving head, on her knees,” Wayne said. “I considered her more a classic missionary, liking to be flat on her back and getting fucked hard.” 

“You think too much about her. How many years has she been in your dreams? Causing more wet socks than can be counted.” 

“Since junior high. Her tits just—bam!—popped out.” 

“So did her ass.” 

“Everything.” Wayne scooped out a spoonful of his chocolate sundae with nuts. “I bet she has caused more guys to you-know-what than any other girl. Combine all the fantasies of the other girls and the total would come to less than Karen alone.” 

Greg dabbed his mouth with his napkin. “Got to say she’s done a lot in my dreams too. Someday it won’t be a dream.” 

“Come on, man. It ain’t gonna happen. That’s the real dream. You’re a dumbass if you believe it’s true.” 

“You talk about living by faith, but you don’t really believe, do you?” 

“Hey, I’d fuck Faith too.” 

“You know what I mean. But I agree about Faith. A little big for my taste. I’d taste her in case I’m wrong.” 

“So are you going to do something, make a move, to get Karen? You can’t stand back here and get laid. Your dick’s not long enough.” 

“How do know how long my cock is, dude?” 

“Shut up.” 

“I’m going to make my move,” Greg said. 


Greg eyed Karen, who sat on one of the pink tables at the Frostie Freeze. 

“Tonight?” Wayne asked again. 

Greg inhaled deeply. “Yes, tonight. I got this. Just a couple of minutes to finish my cone.” He ate half of his ice cream in a single bite. 

“At the clubs, a guy buys the lady a drink. You going to buy her ice cream as your ‘in’?” Wayne said. 

“What would that convey to her, to buy her more ice cream?” 

“Yeah, you’re right. She might think you think she can put a lot of food away. A chowhound. Avoid the extra ice cream. How about a napkin? No,” he corrected himself immediately. “That might say you think she’s messy. Tough to get an ‘in’ with these girls.” 

Wayne ate another spoonful of his sundae. “I think the hardest part is her friends. All those eyes glaring at you as you come up to them. Then it’s easier to get talking to one of them and miss the one who you really want to talk to. Ugh, packs of girls. Is getting laid worth the effort?” 

“Sure as fuck it is,” Greg answered firmly. “The titties, the pussy, the things they can do with their hands and lips. Trust me, you need to get laid soon.” Greg slapped Wayne’s chest. “I’m going to get Karen now.” 

“I’ve gotten laid before, son,” Wayne called back faintly. But Greg had already left for Karen. 

Greg’s heart sped up as he walked to the pack of girls with his prize in the center of it. In his mind raced the many dreams, more so fantasies, he had had in which Karen was the star. 

“Greg, I’ve wanted to fuck you for so long. Let’s go right now. Forget everyone else. You’re the only one I want. You’ve got my full attention. Tell me what you want me to do to you. I’m willing.” 

The thought jolted through Greg’s mind as he approached. He had to wash it away so he could make this a relatively normal guy-and-girl conversation at the Frostie Freeze. 

“Hi, Karen, hey everybody. What’s up tonight? Hanging out?” 

The stares of the girls, who had been interrupted from their chitter-chatter, hit him, slapped him in the chest. His cheeks warmed. He had to swallow. Why couldn’t she be alone?

“Yeah, hanging out,” Karen replied dryly at the obvious question. 

The other girls studied the specimen that had approached their pink table. He felt their eyes run up his body. His gray loafers, thin legs, khaki shorts, pineapple-patterned button-up shirt, disheveled hair. He questioned his whole choice of clothes, his haircut, his style. 

“Pretty good ice cream here. I’ve been waiting all winter for this place to open,” he said. 

“We all have,” a fair-skinned girl said, answering instead of Karen. 

There was a pause. A moment’s pause may be quick, but, in that situation, it lasted forever. Greg wished he had never come over. He could have just dreamed about Karen. 

“Got any summer plans, Karen?” He specified this time who he was talking to. He didn’t care about the other girls’ plans. 

“Uh, a couple of trips, I guess,” she replied dryly. 

“You planning anything?” 

The group felt awkward with the strained talk between Karen and Greg. The other girls remained silent and looked on. 

“Wyoming, I think. To see the Rockies, the mountain range, not the baseball team.” He chuckled awkwardly and ended up laughing alone. 

“I know the difference. It’s the Colorado Rockies, not the Wyoming Rockies.”

He couldn’t believe how badly things had gone in a moment’s time. Karen nearly broke Greg’s will to stand there. To the left, two girls giggled softly, then turned away to talk about something else. 

“I’d like to see the Rockies and the Rockies,” Faith interjected into the conversation that had soured. 

“You would?” asked Karen and Greg together. 

“Jinx! Buy me a soda,” Karen clamored to Greg. “I want a root beer float.” 

Greg was astounded. Faith broke the awkwardness, and now he was buying Karen something to drink. A true ‘in’.” Faith may have saved everything. 

“Come on, Faith. I’ll get you one too, if you want,” Greg said. 

“I had an ice cream cone already.” 

“Just get a small float,” Karen said. “I mean he’s paying for heaven’s sake.”

She grabbed Faith’s hand and dragged her to the Frostie Freeze’s ordering window. 

Faith and Karen, with Greg, ate their floats at the picnic table and talked about the summer. Faith eased the tension so much and let the conversation continue smoothly. 

A few minutes later, Wayne came over. “Greg, I need to leave. Gotta get the car back. You coming with me?” 

Greg’s heart sank, disappointed. Things were getting good. Now Wayne’s curfew fouled up everything.

“He can stay,” Karen interjected unexpectedly. “Greg, we’ll get you home tonight.” 

Greg smiled. “Well, Wayne, looks like I’m not coming with you tonight. I’m coming with Faith and Karen.” 

Wayne nodded and left, grinning. 

When he was gone, Karen leaned forward and raised her eyebrows. “You know, Greg, I got what you said to him. A bad subtle message.” 

“What do you mean? I would never …” 

Faith nodded at Greg too. “Pretty obvious, not as subtle as you thought.” 

Greg didn’t know what to say. That choked-up feeling tightened his throat again. 

“Look, Kay, he’s turned red. He’s all embarrassed,” Faith teased. 

“Like a poor puppy dog with his tail between his legs,” Karen added. 

“I bet he’s got a tail between his legs. You know what I mean?” She nudged Karen overtly. 

“I certainly do. Wink, wink. I wonder if it’s a big tail or a little one.” 

“Big or small, it’s a hard tail now. Well, poor doggie, is it?” Faith murmured like an old woman talking to her spoiled pet. 

Greg’s heart thumped fast, speeding faster than during basketball practice. His cock started to stiffen, like they had said, and was bent uncomfortably. It pointed down his thigh and toward the bottom of his shorts. 

He could have scrambled away in sheer embarrassment but opted to take a chance with overt flirting.

“It’s a big tail, and it is hard.” He emphasized each word. 

“Faith,” Karen said, as if Greg wasn’t there, “I’ve learned to never trust what a guy says about his dick until he can prove it. Too many guys are liars. Or they don’t know how to use a tape measure.” 

“They lie to me too. They tell me it’s huge, and their dicks end up being puny wieners.” 

“Such a disappointment.” Karen brushed back her hair and dramatically rolled her eyes. “All I can do is lay there and feel nothing but the mattress bouncing up and down.” 

“Have our ‘toys’ ruined what we expect from a dick?” 

“Maybe. But I have a feeling deep down inside that Greg here may have what we’re looking for. Meaty, thick—” 

“I like a set of large balls that smack against my ass when the guy fucks me.” 

“Oh! And a huge head, like a strawberry, bulging, and red like he’s about to …” 

“Oh, yeah, that’s nice, very nice.” 

Karen touched Greg’s hand. He almost jerked it away.

“Will you show us yours, Greg?” 

“Please?” Faith added, dramatically hopeful, tilting her head and pouting her lips. 

He countered their comments. “Girls tell me stuff too. I wonder if they’re telling the truth.” 

“Like what?” The girls answered together. 

“What they can do with their tongues, how tight they are.” 

The girls looked at each other, rolled their eyes, and then looked back to Greg. 

“A girl would never say that. If you ever do hear it though, trust a girl when she’s telling you those kinds of things,” Karen said. “Girls don’t lie like guys do. We’d rather prove it and leave it a secret. Secret for her and her lover to know. But we’re nice and tight, right, Faith?” 

A smile crossed Faith’s lips. “Test these lips. Both sets.” 

Greg was astounded at these girls, talking about all this. 


The taillights and turn signal lights flickered on a red SUV parked nearby. And the engine ahemmed into a low growl. 

“Ready to go, Greg?” Karen giggled. 

“She means, ‘come’ with us,” Faith added. 

Karen drove with her hand at the base of the steering wheel. Faith relaxed in the passenger seat, and Greg rode in the back, his knees rubbing against the passenger seat. 

They rode in the luxury Land Rover in an awkward silence out of town. Greg’s mind was on what was ahead. The opportunity for a fuck made everything else pale, forgettable for Greg. Multiply that by having two girls and Greg wouldn’t have cared if he was sitting in the most expensive sports car. Nothing else mattered. 

The girls must be excited too, Greg thought, hoped.

Greg got a quick glimpse of Faith moving her hand across her chest, like she was attempting to release the heat caught under her shirt. Karen had only one hand on the steering wheel. The other hand was out of sight.

Seeing the girls, he had a strange thought. It would be a wild move, once in a lifetime. It could failure completely. He had no other choice. He unbuttoned his pants, undid his fly and slid his hand into his underwear. He felt his hardness cocked uncomfortably to the left. He shifted and happened to look up and see Karen’s eyes in the rearview mirror. Her eyes squinted. 

She reached up with her lost hand and bent the mirror down. Her eyes, which had smiled a moments before, now widened in surprise. “Greg, my god!” 

“What?” Faith shouted toward Karen. 

Greg didn’t answer Karen, and Karen didn’t answer Faith. 

Karen pulled the white Land Rover to the side of the road, and both girls turned toward the backseat. 

Greg was frozen in shock. He had exposed himself and had silenced two girls. He feared their silence was his death.

Their stunned faces slowly lightened up. Faith again broke the odd silence. 

“It’s so, uh, hard.” 

“Yeah, standing straight up.” 

“Did the car ride do that to you or was it …?” Faith asked but didn’t finish her question. 

“I wasn’t doing anything except driving,” Karen said, aghast, throwing up both hands in innocence. 

Greg gulped down the stoppage in his throat, so he could speak. “It was you two. Both of you did this.” 

“No, not me,” Karen again justified herself. “I was just driving the car.” 

“Well, I wasn’t even talking. I was only sitting here,” Faith said. 

Whether they were only driving or simply silent, neither could take their eyes off what stood proudly through his unzipped zipper. 

Faith pressed her lips together. She asked, “Can I touch it?”

Greg said nothing so she reached between the two front seats and wrapped her hand around its length. Her hand was cooler than the heat expiring from the throbbing erection. She began to stroke his dick gently, cautiously, like it was breakable.

Greg closed his eyes in pleasure but was startled when he no longer felt the cool hand on him. Instead, Faith opened the front door and climbed into the back. She was beside Greg. 

She admired the erection as if it were a treasure she had uncovered. Her hand wrapped around it again, contrasting the coolness with the heat. She toyed with it, watching Greg’s body jump and jolt with different touches and pressures. 

Greg closed his eyes in the sensation. Unexpectedly, there was a different touch. He opened his eyes. Her wet lips gently kissed the strawberry tip and pulled away. Her bottle-green eyes, shining, probed him for a reaction to her kiss. Her touch jolted his body, and she needed nothing more. Faith leaned down for a second kiss, but this time she swirled her tongue over the head. A French kiss. Her eyes rated Greg’s reaction to her mouth’s work. 

“Keep doing it, keep doing it,” he murmured. 

Faith turned to Karen, who still sat in the front seat. She was stunned by what she had just witnessed.

“Don’t let me have all the fun,” Faith said.

“I’m okay right here,” she replied. 

“You don’t want to?” Faith asked. 

Karen’s scrunched eyebrows and limp bottom lip announced no. 

Faith gave a few strokes and then asked her, “Have you ever actually touched one before?” 

Karen transformed from the know-it-all about sex to a silky, white virgin. 

“His penis is nice. Better than the others I’ve touched. And I can feel his pulse when I hold him.” She gripped tighter to feel the quickened beats. “Come on, Kay, just try touching it. He won’t cum on you. He needs to be worked a little before that happens. No much though.” 

“I want … I want to see you play with him. That’s what turns me on,” Karen replied. She choked out the last words.

“Kay, have you ever really touched, actually felt, a guy’s dick before?” 

“Well, not really, not like you are now.” 

“You need to try it. You need to learn now. Greg here is willing to be your Guinea pig.” Faith patted his thigh. 

“Yeah, I will be your Guinea pig, Karen—gladly.” 

Karen exhaled, and both Greg and Faith knew she had come around, even if only for one light touch. 

Karen sat next to Greg in the back seat, opposite to Faith. 

“This, Kay, is a penis. A cock. A dick. A member. A fuck-rod.” 

“I get it, I know the names, Faith,” she interrupted sarcastically. 

“The penis is an appendage that will make your life feel so much better. And, so you know, you’re staring at a good-looking dick. It may be hard to top this one unless you find a porn star.” 

“Yeah,” Karen said again. 

“Now, he likes you to take it gently in your hands. I can feel him tense up and then breath.” Faith tightened her hold and glanced at Greg. He had done just what she described. “Be careful when you see his face turn like he’s in pain. He’s about to …” Faith stopped abruptly. “Say it, Kay, say it. What’s he about to do?” 

Karen’s eyebrows dripped with awkwardness, and her back was humped over as if her one wish in life would to be out of the backseat of her SUV.

“Just say the word,” Faith egged. “He will be about to …” 

She wanted her friend to fill in the last word. A word, it seemed, Karen thought too sinful to say—if her mouth had ever before let the word slip through her pink lips.

To Greg, Faith wanted to hear Karen say the word too. Her body was overheating. 

“Say it.” 

Karen glanced at Faith. 

“He is …” 

She peeked at Greg. 

“… about to …” 

Karen shifted her eyes to the cock in Faith’s grip. Then she said it.

“… about to … cum.” 

Faith released a pent-up groan of pleasure instantly and stuck the dick deep in her mouth, its impression showing against her cheek. She sucked, bobbing her head, her red hair flinging about wildly. Her sudden engorging sent Greg’s body into a fit. His legs tightening, his back straightening, his butt cheeks squeezing. He grasped for anything and his hand found Karen’s craned neck. His fingers instinctively gripped it and brought her face down, next to Faith’s face, which was smeared with saliva and lust.

Faith too grabbed the nape of Karen’s neck and brought her face down to hers. She kissed her friend, her tongue stretching into her open mouth. Karen’s eyes widened in shock, but Faith took over. She would not let Karen stop her mouth from making love to her. Faith all but leaped over Greg to reach the just-revealed virgin. 

Faith got to Karen like a lion to a lamb, but in a moment the two were neither lion nor lamb. They were lovers. Their heads turned as they kissed. Karen’s fingers ran through Faith’s hair. 

“Oh, Kay,” Faith said, having torn her mouth from Karen’s, “I never thought you would be so good. I could only dream.”

Karen enjoyed it. “I want more of you.” 

“Kiss me here.” Faith moved her lips next to the purple tip of Greg’s dick. 

Karen moved down and put her mouth on Faith’s fattened red lips and the slippery penis. They began their kissing again but included the erection that was in their way. Tongues touched, they licked. Lips smacked and engulfed the penis. 

Soon the girls were struggling to get everything into their mouths. One would take his entire head and let her tongue ring around the tip. The other would lick the length and flick his balls with her tongue. Then their mouths changed places.  

Greg’s breathing intensified. His heart thudded against his chest, and his cheeks turned red. His teeth clinched. He tried to control what was about to happen. He couldn’t.

He growled and shortened his breath. In a twirl of momentary ecstasy, he shot cords of cum. A strand landed on Faith’s flushed cheek, but the largest clumps hit Karen’s lips and her nose. She immediately pursed her lips and shut her eyes. The other blob slid to the end of her dainty nose. 

Faith leaned in and let her tongue lick a creamy clump. She then kissed Karen, leading into her mouth with a tongue covered in cum. The girls’ make-out intensified to the point that blouses were unbuttoned. Karen abruptly stopped, huffing in exhaustion. “We can’t. Not with him here. We need to go to my house.”

“Sorry, Greg, we have something to do,” Faith said. “We’ll drop you off at the Frostie Freeze.”