ties that bind me erotic story

Ties That Bind Ch. 3 – An Erotic Series

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Chapter Three: Postlude

ties that bind me erotic story

Time escapes me, as I lay there, a human candelabra for The Collective. There is nothing else, except my task. My nipples are covered in wax and ache to be touched. The exhibitionist in me revels at the thought that so many eyes are on my exposed body and I want to perform for them, bask in their pleasure and lust. It energizes me and, even though I can’t see them, I can feel the energy of the crowd tonight.

They are interested. They want to see how well I follow directions. They are ready to be impressed and I am Five. I will be the one to impress them. 

Soft hands touch me and I have to sternly remind myself to remain still as instructed. I must not fail. I must not tip over the candles. These hands are different. My senses are alert and I am positive this set of hands have not yet touched my body before now. I gasp as they trail a finger down my soaking slit, teasing me. 

“You’re so good at holding still, Five. Let’s up the ante.”

Every nerve in my body comes alive and I bite my lower lip, desperate to please. 

The teasing fingers return, lightly twirling in circles around my clit and I grit my teeth in an effort not to move. They cup me, sliding a finger between my folds to feel the depths of my desire. I groan as my body responds, eager and ready for the pleasure that has been promised. The candle shifts on my chest and I suck in a breath as a large splatter of wax falls on me. A vivid reminder that I have been asked not to move.

The finger continues to tease my folds, as lips join in the torment, kissing my inner thighs and drawing ever closer to my aching center. My breath is coming in soft pants now, my entire body is buzzing. I can feel the hot breath on my clit as my devilish torturer continues their work, suddenly plunging another finger into my pussy, curving them upwards and stroking me deep and slow. Without a shadow of a doubt, I know that I will come and come violently if this continues. The anticipation and slight fear of what that will mean makes me almost dizzy with desire. 

The fingers move faster now and the tremors in my body can no longer be controlled. I am so close. The lips that have teased me with soft kisses and nibbles along my inner thighs return, pressing soft kisses closer and closer to my pussy. I writhe, the hot splash of wax on my tits the least of my concerns.

“Do you want me to let you come, Five? Do you want to show The Collective how you come on order?”

Relief floods through me and I grin.

“Yes, ma’am.” I whisper, my hands already gripping into the sheet in preparation.

“Well then, when I count down from ten, you will come. Do you understand?”

A burst of anxiety rips through me, wondering if I can come on command as instructed, but the fingers deep in my pussy keep up their tempo and I can feel my orgasm rising. 

It’s time. 

“I understand, ma’am. At the count of ten.”


The fingers are moving faster, stroking me deep and curving upwards, pummeling my g-spot.


Someone has moved to my head and is pulling on my hair, and nibbling at my collarbone.


The lips on my thighs begin to nibble, causing little jolts of electricity to fly through my body.


The candle is lifted off me and little drops of wax are dripped all over my torso, springing small bursts of pain and pleasure all over my body.


Something soft is rubbing against my restrained arms, bumping into me gently and making me feel utterly pampered. 


I am being stretched again, as a third finger is being added. My heart is pounding out of my chest as I edge closer to the cliff of my orgasm. 


The soft kisses and nibbles on my thigh move to my clit and my world starts to explode as they lick me, sucking gently and swirling their tongue around me. 


It’s painful now, holding back the wave of pleasure that threatens to overcome me. I grit my teeth, but a moan still escapes. I am unable to keep silent.


My body is ready and the wave is so close to cresting. The tongue on my clit, the fingers buried deep in my pussy. The hand in my hair pulls hard, exposing my neck.


I tense for a second before my orgasm crashes through me, my body bucking forward as all of the sensations descend on me in one glorious moment. I understand now, why they describe desire as fire. My entire body burns as I ride my pleasure and let myself go, holding nothing back. They wanted to see what I look like when I let go, and so I let them.

The aftershocks hit me in the moments following and I feel almost dizzy. Soft hands unbuckle me from my restraints and help me into a soft robe. A straw is placed next to my mouth and I drink, grateful for the refreshment. Fuzzy slippers are placed on my feet and two strong hands help me shuffle off the bed. My blindfold still covers my eyes and I can hear a door open as we continue moving forward.

“You did well, Five.”

It’s the voice of the rubber headmistress from earlier and she sounds impressed.

I am led to a chair and I sit down, exhaustion threatening to overcome me as I snuggle into the cosy embrace of my robe and slippers.

Hands brush my hair and slowly untie the blindfold. I keep my eyes closed, just in case this is a final test.

“Open your eyes, Five.”

I do. Squinting at the brightness of the lights around me. I am seated in a room full of cocktail tables and people dressed in formal wear. The lights are too bright and I can’t quite make out faces but I see them and they are all staring at me.

She walks over to a podium with a microphone.

“I am pleased to introduce Five, our latest Offering accepted into The Collective. If you are interested in an introduction to Five and to apply for an appointment to negotiate a service trial, please see me.”

Warmth floods me as I see several men in suits and women in beautiful cocktail dresses come forward, pointing at me and smile.

I did it.

I have reached the Big Leagues.

I am an Offering.

I serve The Collective.

My destiny is my own.