tropical heat erotic story

Tropical Heat – An Erotic Story

The scent of coconut sunscreen drifted on the air as warm puffs of the tropical breeze drifted over my skin intermittently. My white one shouldered swimming costume was sticking to my skin, beads of sweat dripping down my neck and body. I hid under a wide brimmed white straw hat and a pair of black sunglasses, masking the slight hangover I was nursing. 

My eyes were closed, but I could hear the waves lapping the white, silky sand. Caressing them like only a lover could. The sun rays warming my body to the core as I lay on a sun lounge, peacefully humming a tune from the live resort band the night before. I stretched out my long, tanned legs and arms in pleasure, smiling giddily.

I couldn’t help but grin as memories washed over me of that night. 

Standing alone by the dance floor, sipping on a glass of mulled hibiscus punch as I swayed to the music. Not lonely, just happy observing and relaxing. Watching drunk holiday makers do their best on the dancefloor.  

I’d worn my favourite white halterneck dress with no shoes. The floor was sand and didn’t call for any. My waist length chestnut hair falling in natural waves. Holidays were for relaxing, not spending hours grooming and straightening. 

The band was playing a cover of Bob Marley’s ‘Could you be loved?’ and people were dancing, laughing, drinking. The pressures of work and reality far behind us all as we settled into island time. 

A resort staff member had danced past me and tucked a red hibiscus flower behind my ear. ‘Bula’, she said as she danced off adorning more ears, sashaying across the room causing more smiles as she went. 

As I was pondering if Bob was right and if I indeed ‘could be loved’, I noticed a beautiful woman leaning against a post on the opposite side of the dance floor. 


I’d never had the breath knocked out of me quite so much. 

She had such a presence about her. Blonde hair messily tied into a bun on top of her hair, red glossy lips, green eyes. Strands of hair floating around an exquisite face. Her floral silk kimono skimming over beautiful curves. She was drinking champagne and happily chatting to one of about 6 holiday makers who must have also been drawn to her. Men and women wanted her. Wanted to be her. You could tell. 

I took a sharp breath as she looked suddenly at me, and I quickly looked away embarrassed that I’d been caught staring. When I looked back, she smiled a cheeky smile at me, winked and then she disappeared behind a group of dancers. 

I accepted another punch and looked frantically around for her. I don’t know why… what was this pull I had to this woman? Where had she gone? I spent 20 minutes trying to discreetly figure out where she’d gone. I wondered the dancefloor, the restaurant, the deck, in circles. 

Another song had started, and deciding she must have left I thought it best to call it a night and get some rest. I had a long day of snorkeling followed by a massage the next day. Relaxing was such exhausting work. 

Lionel Ritchie was trying to convince me to stay ‘All night long’, but I had resigned myself to the fact that she’d left or was just a figment of my imagination. Just as I grabbed my bag and put my empty drink on the bar, the most beautiful scent drifted across me. 

“No, you’re not leaving. Dance with me.” She was standing there like a beautiful goddess, her accent alluring. Brazilian, maybe?

I was too stunned to speak, as she grabbed both my hands and spun me onto the dance floor. Whispering to me ‘let go, relax’. Then louder ‘relax!’. She had a commanding presence. I obeyed. 

We danced and talked and laughed for hours that night. She was there with friends but she didn’t seem to care. Her hands were warm, her lips full. We drank far too much, but had said our goodbyes around 3am as we walked arm in arm down the beach to our chalet’s. 

I was addicted. In one short night she was a drug and I needed more. 

She had embraced me and kissed both my cheeks, then paused, brushing a strand of hair out of my face. 

“Você é lindo”, she whispered into my ear, her lips grazing my earlobe. Then she was gone. 

I sank back into reality hesitantly, on my sun lounge. I could still feel her breath on my neck from her goodbye. I reached my hand up and my nails ran over the spot gently. I was instantly aroused thinking of her. 

My nipples hard under my white costume, my skin covered with goosebumps despite the tropical heat.

I licked my lips and decided to go for a swim to cool off. What was wrong with me? Lusting after a mere stranger I didn’t even know and had barely spent time with. 

The beach had emptied, people moving to the pool bar for happy hour. I’d be heading there next. 

As I walked into the cool, crystal blue water, I enjoyed moving slowly. Feeling the cool water rise up my thighs, cooling the heat between my legs. Making my nipples even harder. 

I dove under the water, smoothing my hair back as I came up. Every part of my body was tingling, imagining her. 

I couldn’t help but run a hand gently over my breast. Imagining it was hers. My other hand running over my scalp through my hair as my breath became quicker. I bit my bottom lip, thinking perhaps I’d skip the pool bar and go back to my room for some ‘self care’ time. I needed release. 

My hand went between my legs gently, I was warm. Hot. I had a need to be fulfilled. 

“Let me help you, mon amour.”

I spun around to the sound of her voice, but she grabbed my shoulders and stopped me. 

“No. Stay there. Relax… let me help you.”

I breathed in deeply, trembling. She ran her hands up both of my arms, up my neck gently. I felt her breath first on my ear as she whispered to me, “Now, give yourself to me”.

She was strong. She wrapped one long arm around me, pinning mine to my side. I glanced at the beach nervously but anyone there was engrossed in their own activities. In a second I wouldn’t care. 

My body shook. My chest was heaving as I panted. 

Her hand reached around and up, and she caressed my face gently as she hugged me into her. Her hand slowly traced down over my lip, down my neck and over the beads of sweat on my chest, barely touching me. 

Her fingertips grazed the top of my swimsuit, and one delicate pointed nail landed on my rock hard nipple. I sucked in my breath and melted into her as her fingertip began to swirl around it. She pulled my costume down and pinched it gently. 

I felt exposed, with my breasts out. The pool bar within eyesight but us far enough away on a sandbank not to be seen. It was nerve wracking but erotic. I’d never felt so on fire before. 

She kissed my neck, as her hand travelled down across my stomach and shot down my inner thigh. Just as quickly it shot back up and touched me gently between my legs, on the hottest part of my being. I could feel her fingers slip, the lubrication of my fluids sticky even in the water. 

I felt her leg under the water push between mine, nudging them open. 

Her fingers slid under the side of my costume easily. I rolled my head back to lean on her shoulder as her expert fingers glided up and down over my slit. Our bodies moving together as I felt the heat rising inside me. 

She circled my clit slowly with her thumb, as she gently slid her other fingers inside me. 

The feeling of her sliding in and out of me was too much to bear, I screamed in delight and she covered my mouth while she desperately continued. I begged her for more, muffled behind her hand. 

My body convulsed and I clenched around her hand as I had the most spectacularly sweet orgasm of my life. 

She turned me around, kissed me deeply and said ‘Enjoy your holiday, mon amour.’

As she swam away from me, I stood in the cool water shaking. I watched her walk out of the water like she’d just been for a casual dip, and she walked off up the beach until I could only just see her green bikini in the distance. 

I dove under the water, wondering if that even just happened. Was I having some type of tropical island erotic hallucination? 

Eventually I came in from the water, and made my way back to my chalet. 

She answered the door, big cheeky grin on her face and said;

“I win best role player of the holiday.” 

My wife and I both collapsed into a fit of laughter and I vowed silently my next role play would be even better.