yoga on the roof part three erotic story

Yoga On The Roof, Part 3 – An Audio Erotic Series

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Shelly started to perspire from the heat and hot sun as soon as she quick-stepped from the air-conditioned airport terminal to the cab. It wasn’t until her jaunt from the cab to the motel entry that she felt the temperate Pacific winds.

The humidity in Puerto Vallarta was a blanket, and the sun was unrelenting. But the breeze off the Pacific Ocean made the weather as beautiful as tourist brochures advertised. Feeling those winds, she had a premonition that the trip would be remarkable.

Her motel wasn’t high-end. It was nondescript, in fact. A driver would pass by without noticing it. The typical tourist would wish for a view of the great blue Pacific. The generic city streets surrounded the place, and the blue was nowhere in sight. Nevertheless, her room was decent. The full-size bed and clean bathroom would make for an enjoyable stay.

She had opted to lodge in an inexpensive place to offset the cost of travel for this work. Tomorrow, she would meet with the model to do the photo shoot on the beach. They had two days to get the work done. Then she would head out. The model’s name was Luna, a lovely blonde. In her headshots, what stood out to Shelly was, of all things, Luna’s earlobes. They were perfect for diamond-studded earrings or wide bamboo hoops.

In the motel room, Shelly turned on the shower but didn’t let the water heat up. She pulled off her shirt and then did what she had waited for all day. She shucked her bra. Her breasts had been packed tight in the unforgiving undergarment for hours. The underwire had dug into the soft flesh. Her heavy breasts’ new freedom allowed the rest of her body to ease.

In the shower, she absorbed the coolness. The water lowered her body temperature, especially the underside of her breasts. Her nipples hardened at first and her areolas shriveled from the cool water hitting her overheated body. Soon, they returned to their natural, oval shape as her body adjusted to the temperature.

She soaped up her body under the weak spray and dragged her fingers through her long hair. She watched the suds run down her stomach, through her lap and over her thighs. The bubbles pooled at her painted toenails before escaping down the dark drain hole.

Afterward, she dried off with the motel’s scratchy towel and finally wrapped it around her hair. She avoided clothes—in particular that bra.

She checked through her photography supplies to make sure everything was there and in order for tomorrow. Two hours before sunset, Shelly had cupped her breasts in a fresh bra, a button-up blouse, and chino shorts with extra pockets. She carried a few photography items to track the sites for the photo shoots.

A furiously fast driver took a frustratingly long route to a quiet beach on the north side of the city, where life seemed calmer and less touristic. She watched the sun set beautifully, timing its disappearance. It gave her a sense of the scene and timeframe that she had to play with during the day and evening shoots with Luna.

 Later, the cab driver urged her to take a detour to see Puerto Vallarta’s popular pier, which was a tourist trap. Shelly said no. Instead, she opted for relaxation and a little sleep.

In her motel room, Shelly found a note, which had been slid under the door. Luna had called and wanted a callback before 10 that night.

A nice voice answered when Shelly called. “This is Luna.”

“Hi, I’m Shelly, the photographer tomorrow. I got your message. How can I help?”

“I like to meet with photographers before a shoot. It’s a chance to understand what the other is expecting. It’s a prep thing that I like.”

“Not a bad idea. How early tomorrow?” Shelly asked.

“I mean tonight.”

Shelly was surprised. This was atypical for models. Most wanted to arrive, do the shoot and leave. With the idea, Shelly shrugged. “I’ve got nothing else to do tonight. Have a place in mind to meet?”

“I’ll text you an address. Maybe connect in an hour?”

“Sure but give me some flexibility on the meeting time. I’ll be relying on a cab driver, and the slower he drives the more money he makes.”

“Where are you staying? Near the beach?”

Shelly huffed. “I’m far in town. It took me forty-five minutes to get to the beach earlier today.”

“No pressure to be on time.”

“Thanks. These drivers are … I don’t know how to describe them without being rude.”

“I understand. I’ve dealt with them plenty. I sent the address. Caio.” And she ended the call.

Shelly allowed herself to be a vacationer for one night on this business trip. She slipped into a red swing dress with a plunging neckline. She learned long ago that cleavage attracts the eye of everyone—the woman who wished she had more cleavage and the man willing to work to get at it.

Two hours later, the cab dropped off Shelly at a cozy, rustic bar.

Shelly saw Luna immediately when she stepped inside. It wasn’t her blond hair or her body type. It was the sharks swirling around her.

Men had her as the center of attention. They were outtalking each other, trying to one-up each other and show off in front of the woman.

Shelly knew Luna had glimpsed her, because the blonde immediately cut through the men.

“Shelly!” She jogged with her arms spread wide, charging at her like an old friend. 

“I am so glad to see you,” Luna squealed.

The pair hugged. In Shelly’s ear, Luna warned, “They’re horny tonight.”

As with all women when swarmed with men, Shelly understood. “I got your back.”

Luna spoke loudly again. “Shelly, you look great. Have you been working out?”

Luna hugged Shelly again and kissed her cheek.

“How long has it been?” Shelly asked.

“Feels like a lifetime. Want a drink?”

“Would love one!”

They walked, arm in arm, to the bar. The two split the men.

“If I remember correctly,” Luna said, tapping her chin, “your favorite drink is a Cuba Libre. Am I right?”

“You can remember that long ago? Amazing. But am I allowed to order a Cuba Libre in Mexico?”

They laughed.

“Any of you hombres buying her the drink?” Luna asked the men aloud.

In two minutes, Shelly had three Cuba Libres in front of her. Oddly one guy, with a charming white smile and broad shoulders, bought her two bottles of water. Before heading for the door, he leaned close enough to tickle Shelly’s ear. “It’s good to pace yourself in these places. When you gotta run, you don’t want to fall.”

Shelly had been around for a while and had fallen in the past, but this man’s sentiment and concern made him appealing.

The other men circled Luna and Shelly when he left, but the girls battled back by talking to each other, not them.

“Tell me what’s going on in your world,” Shelly said.

“Traveling and traveling. My fast life never stops. I’m excited about this shoot tomorrow. The beach is beautiful. The Pacific is the most magnificent ocean.”

“I scheduled two days for the shoot. It’s a buffer for bad weather or any other unforeseen interferences.”

“Two days? Can we get it all done in one? I’d die for a day off.”

“If we can, that’s fine with me. I can fly back home sooner.”

“You want to leave this for home?” Luna surveyed the bar.

They were surrounded by men and the ambiance of Puerto Vallarta. But Shelly admitted her favorite place was home. “I have this couch that I love. It’s restful.”

Luna only nodded awkwardly, like she didn’t agree or simply didn’t understand the joy of having a couch in a home base.

Luna touched Shelly’s bare shoulder. “The Pacific will make you stay and never leave early.”

Shelly started to explain further about home but was interrupted.

“Ladies, ladies,” a wide man with a mustache interrupted, “where are you from? I’m here from Sioux Falls. Always looking for American babes when on foreign soil.”

Luna and Shelly looked at each other. Then Luna responded lightly, “Je ne parle que français.” And, in a burly accent, Shelly said, “Ich bin Deutsche.”

The man’s face slumped. “Thanks. Got the message.” He walked away.

The pair fended off other men too, while giving a select few some attention and, of course, false hope.

As Luna tangoed with the sharks, she put her hair behind her ear. Shelly saw her lovely earlobes. They were visible for a moment before her hair fell. Luna put her hair behind her ear again and then turned. Shelly was staring.

“See something?” Luna asked.

“Oh … uh. It was nothing.” Without realizing, Shelly tucked her own tresses behind her ear.

“Yes, there was something.” Luna sounded skeptical. “Is my mascara smeared?”

Shelly grabbed her glass of melted ice. “No. It’s just … I liked your earlobes in your headshots.”

“My earlobes?” She tugged her right lobe. It was studded with a small hoop earring.

“It sounds so weird saying that. I’m embarrassed.” Shelly darted her eyes toward the half-empty glasses and the empty water bottles.

“Don’t be.” Luna stroked Shelly’s arm. “You’re a photog. You stare at people all day and night. And, me, I have people telling me what they like and what they don’t like—or simply hate—about my body.”

“It’s one thing to consider the body professionally, but—”

“You weren’t thinking ‘professionally’ a moment ago?” Luna pushed Shelly’s hair over her shoulder. She shifted Shelly’s red dress to cover her bra strap.

Shelly mumbled, “No.”

Luna studied at her. “What were you thinking about?”

Before Shelly answered, a man leaned against the bar in between the two ladies. “You owe me a dance, Luna. Me and you made that deal. Remember?”

Luna broke the quiet connection with Shelly.

“Sure, Charles,” she said.

As Charles pulled Luna from her stool, Luna touched Shelly’s forearm. “I’ll be back. Avoid me professionally until tomorrow.”

Charles led Luna to the small dance floor. However, as the two slow-danced, Luna never took her eyes off Shelly. While dancing, Luna tucked her hair behind her ear and flicked her earlobe with her finger. Their connection remained curious and increasingly intense. Shelly’s mind was abuzz with Cuba Libres and even more with the lovely blonde. In a moment, the man with Luna twirled the woman away from Shelly for the rest of the song.

Luna returned to her barstool.

“Glad that’s done.” Luna dabbed perspiration from her forehead with a square napkin. “Charles is a good guy. One of the few honest men in this city. I owed him.”

Luna lifted her hair to cool the nape of her neck.

She caught Shelly looking again. “Everything all right?”

Shelly didn’t realize her eyes had lingered so obviously. “Yes, yes. I’m sorry. I’m just …”

Luna patted her hand. “I feel the same way about you.”


“You’re beautiful, and I think we’re going to have a good time during this trip.”

“I’m thinking maybe I won’t leave early.”

“I have the only couch that you need tomorrow. And tonight.”


Luna touched Shelly’s shoulder. “You don’t have to stay alone. I have a room with a view. I want you to stay.”

Shelly thought aloud. “I do get kind of nervous about cabs at this hour. I mean, would the driver actually get me to the motel?”

“Of course, you should be worried. At this time of night, the drivers have lost their minds.”

“But my gear.” Shelly’s forehead crinkled and her hands rolled into balled-up fists. “I don’t like it sitting across the city while I’m sleeping somewhere else.”

“Sleeping?” Luna darted her eyes side to side and then smiled. Luna then offered, “I can get the stuff for you tonight.”

“You know someone? Someone you trust a lot? If my gear is lost, I’m out of business.”

“Trust me.”

A lean, gray-haired man stepped between the two women. “You ladies want to go somewhere? I know a safe place.”

“No,” Shelly answered bluntly.

Luna grinned at him. “Where is the place?”

He twisted a gold bracelet on his wrist. “I got a yacht docked, but it’s in trouble. It needs some beautiful women aboard or it’s doomed to sink. Can you save my yacht?”

“You know,” Shelly suggested, “a ship’s value goes up a whole bunch when it sinks with all its valuables. Sell it as a diving expedition.”

The man stood upright at the bar. “An evening aboard would be quite more valuable. Wine and a top-notch dinner, I got it all. Afterward, we can drop the lifeboat if you want.”

“We prefer our feet on solid ground,” Luna told him. “Sorry.” She waved him off.

“I guess I’ll be sinking soon,” the man said. “Going down with the ship.”

“Sorry to hear that. Better find some other lovely women who can save your yacht,” Shelly said.

The man left.

Luna liked her response. “You’re quick. You know what that means?”


“It means you’re beautiful.”

“How do you deduce that?” Shelly asked.

“Your wit. You’ve no doubt been hit on for years. Such quick comebacks to guys’ opening lines doesn’t just happen. A woman isn’t created with it. You need a chance to develop the skill.”

“I’ve dealt with men all my life,” Shelly said.

“Before more men pounce, let’s head out,” Luna suggested.

“I need to get back to my motel for the night. My gear …” Shelly’s voice trailed off.

“So you don’t want to stay with me?”

“I’m just concerned,” she said. “My motel isn’t in the best part of the city.”

“Shelly.” Luna batted her eyes dramatically. “I don’t want my boat to go under tonight.” 

Slowly, the statement sank in. Shelly grinned.

“I’m sorry. Maybe I can stay tomorrow.” She shrugged apologetically.

“I’ll get you a ride back, so you’re safe,” Luna said. “I don’t want you to remember a robbery whenever you think of me.”

“I would never connect you with a crime.”

“Robberies are traumatic.”

“So are you.” Shelly spoke bluntly. It stiffened Luna’s back.

A half-hour later, a tall man walked into the bar. Shelly remembered him. He was the guy who bought her the bottles of water when the sharks circled.

“Please let Jorge take you back to your place. Then …” Luna now let her voice trail off.


“Maybe he can convince you to come back to me tonight. A night of more trauma.” With no immediate reply, Luna directed, “Jorge, take Shelly to get all her things—everything—and bring her to our hotel.”

The tall man nodded.

“I think we’ll convince her to come with us,” he said.

Shelly was most concerned about her gear than about anything else. If it was with her, she would be at ease. But hauling the gear all over town? She wasn’t sure even if she would stay with Luna that night. In all, she had too many questions and uncertainties to go with precious gear.

Shelly sat in the front seat of the large SUV beside Jorge. He didn’t say much, except for niceties. He was from Florida and a professional Scuba diver. He drove her directly to the motel, proving that the cab drivers followed the longest routes to their destination.

There, Shelly had Jorge wait for her. In her room, she changed into clothes for tomorrow and gathered her photography gear with a few personal items for the morning. However, she decided to stay and not go to see Luna. They would see each other at the shoot. Staying in her motel would give her a better night’s sleep because she’d be close to her gear.

Shelly didn’t hear Jorge enter the room.

“Need any help getting these things to the car?”

Shelly eeked softly. Shelly patted her chest. “Jorge, you startled me.”

“Sorry. I’m here to help.”

“You’ve helped all evening. I appreciate the water at the bar.”

“The men here are intent on one thing. I like to keep my ladies safe—as best as I can.”

“Men like you are rare.”

He heaved the bag onto his shoulder. “Women like you are normal.” He resettled the heavy bag and picked up her other bags in each hand.

“Those bags are staying here. You don’t have to worry about them.”

He walked to the door. “That won’t work. I’ve already checked you out of the motel.”

“Yeah, right,” she said. “You’re teasing me.”

He simply headed out of the door, hauling her bags.

Jorge brought Shelly to a bright hotel.

“Luna is in Room 1409. It’s on—”

“The fourteenth floor?”

Jorge winked. “I’ll bring up your bags. And I’ll handle them delicately.”

Shelly was reluctant, wishing to grab a few.

“Trust me.”

She nodded.

The elevator dinged, and the doors slid open. Room 1409 was easy to find.

She knocked and Luna opened the door in a white, thigh-high robe.

“It took you long enough,” she said, pulling Shelly inside. “I’ve got the Jacuzzi bubbling and the wine poured.”

“Do I need to mention how I don’t have a bathing suit?” Shelly asked.

“Jorge will have your things up here in a few minutes.” Luna continued to tug Shelly further into the room.

“But even if he gets all of my things up here, I won’t have one.”

Luna stopped, obviously stumped. “You came to Puerto Vallarta and didn’t bring a bathing suit? You came only to work? So disappointing. Your priorities are all wrong.”

Shelly smirked.

“So, let’s reset your priorities. Please relax with me. Deep breath. Close your eyes. Exhale.”

Shelly followed the instructions.

“Remember, there are no sharks here.” Luna then walked away.

Shelly opened her eyes and saw her loosen the belt on her bath robe. Luna glanced over her shoulder, connecting with Shelly’s gaze. She disappeared around the corner. Then a robe was tossed back, leaving it as a simple white clump of cloth.

Shelly was in a conundrum. Her gear that was her livelihood was somewhere with someone who she didn’t know. And a sensuous woman, a Jacuzzi, and a night of relaxation were literally around the corner. With a deep breath, she decided to put her faith in Jorge and follow Luna. 

The hot tub was burbling. Shelly saw Luna covered to the base of her neck in the steaming water.

The room had a wall of windows. The view overlooked the bay of water. The great Pacific was pocked with tiny lights on sailboats. 

“It’s a beautiful view,” Shelly said.

“Come in and enjoy it. No clothes, please.”

Luna gazed at Shelly.

She unbuttoned her blouse and let it waft to the floor. She loosened her shorts and let them drop. She slid the bra straps off her shoulders and fiddled with the loops. Before removing it, she noticed that Luna’s face was so bright. She slowed her pace.

She coddled her breasts in her hands and slowly lowered the cups until her areolas began to appear, as the sun over a morning horizon.

“You’re torturing me!” Luna moved to the edge of the tub.

Shelly let one breast appear in the open and then the second. Finally, she tossed away her bra.

She stepped knee-deep into the hot water. But Luna ordered her out, wagging her finger.

“You can’t come in until all your clothes are off.”



Shelly backed out. She inhaled as her fingers traced around the elastic band of her panties. In a whoosh, she shoved them down to her ankles. She knew, if she had taken them off at the same pace as her bra, she would have decided otherwise.

Luna welcomed the new woman into the pool.

“Sit right here.” She patted the water beside her. Shelly glided in and settled. As she stretched her arms along the rim of the tub, Luna flicked a switch. In the next moment, Shelly jumped and wiggled.

“My god!” she said. Her face puckered like she had bitten into a lemon.

Slowly, she resettled herself over the underwater jet. She subtly continued to shift to keep the shooting water on point. Her hands gripped the rim of the tub, and her eyes closed.

A small rush of water rose to her neck and spilled over her shoulders. Then against her pursed lips, she felt soft lips.

She opened her eyes to see Luna smiling even more brightly inches from her face.

Luna’s hands slid up her thighs. Those hands made her body jitter. Naturally, Shelly let her hands move to Luna, accepting her.

The two women kissed and moved each other close. Their hands massaged and cupped the other. Luna leaned close and Shelly saw her earlobe. Shelly put her lips around it. She tugged it gently.

Luna exhaled and let her body become more available to Shelly. She stretched, and Shelly placed kisses down her neck to her collarbones.

Luna rose. Her breasts appeared, water dripping from her nipples and the underside of rounded flesh. She fed them to Shelly.

They merged in their passion and exploration. Time slipped from their minds. Soon the heat of the Jacuzzi water wore down their strength. Even more, they were exhausted from the long night and each other’s hot bodies.

The two ladies dragged themselves out of the hot-water tub. Luna tugged Shelly to the bedroom. Forgoing a hunt for clothes, they settled naked on the king-size bed.

“On your back,” Luna ordered Shelly.

Shelly did as told. Luna spread Shelly’s big legs.

“You have such a pretty pussy,” Luna said. She brushed her middle finger between the nice lips.

Shelly looked down her torso to Luna. “Really?”

“Perfect.” She dipped her face into the narrow entry.

Shelly felt Luna’s strong tongue lunge into her. It lapped her lips, fiddling with her labia. Luna flicked her tongue against Shelly’s clit. She heaved and panted, as Luna continued to taste her. With the blonde’s face buried inside her lap, Shelly suddenly jolted. Her ass tightened, and she grabbed the bed sheets. Her body relished in the orgasm, as the waves of ecstasy rolled from her pussy to her fingertips, like the waves on the Pacific.

When the waves calmed, Shelly hooked Luna’s arms. “Come up here.”

The two made out, touching each other’s breasts and kissing lightly. In a sudden whoosh, Shelly moved down Luna’s lean torso. Her chin rubbed into a trimmed bush of dark blond hair. Further, Shelly found Luna’s pussy, hot and wet.

“Eat me, Shelly, eat me,” Luna urged.

Shelly obliged. She pushed her face against the sensitive flesh and soon had Luna bucking her hips. With the bucking, Luna howled and cried, having lost control in her orgasm.

Afterward, the two women laid flat on the bed. Their hands locked, as they remained paralyzed.

At some point, the door opened, and Jorge stepped into the hotel room.

A thought to cover her bare body passed through Shelly’s mind, but she didn’t have the strength or gumption to move.

“Jorge,” Luna said weakly, “come lay over here.”

She shuffled to make room for Jorge. He laid on his back.

Shelly saw he was naked. He had a nice body and a thickened dick.

“Like the way it looks?” Luna asked Shelly.

“I like the way you look at it. I want to watch you and him. I like to watch.”

“I can oblige,” Jorge said.

Luna rolled over onto Jorge and spoke dirty to him in their native tongue. Quickly, she was riding his hardness. These two were amazing to watch. It wasn’t a film with a movie director. This was passion, truly. Shelly watched and salivated and fingered herself. Faster than expected, Shelly’s back stiffened in orgasm. Shelly was unsure when Luna had crawled off Jorge.

The evening exhausted Shelly, and she knew she was working tomorrow.

The morning Mexican sun was bright. Luna and Jorge were still asleep. They eventually garnered strength and gumption to do the shoot.

Throughout the day, the two women worked hard for the photo shoot on the beach. Luna made love to the camera. She laid in the waves. She danced in the sand. She gazed at the camera while biting a fingernail.

Shelly captured a series of special pictures, because she and Luna had a unique connection.

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