6 Oral Sex Positions That’ll Put a Smile On Everyone’s Face

If you think smiling is the best thing you can do with your mouth, take a break (maybe grab a Kit-Kat) and prepare to wow your partner tonight with these 6 oral sex positions.


Position Difficulty (BLOW JOB): 3/5

Position Difficulty (CUNNILINGUS): 3.5/5

These ratings might seem a little high for such a go to position, but when all your weight is on your knees, it can be a little hard to maintain but trust us when we say it’s worth it. Pop a pillow under you to elevate some of that pressure and let your hands roam free, massaging some of your partner’s erogenous zones, taking note of what they are ‘oohing and ahhing’ to.

If you are eating someone out and your heights are a little mismatched, have your partner lean against a wall or counter so they can spread their legs.


Position Difficulty (BLOW JOB): 1/5

Position Difficulty (CUNNILINGUS): 1/5

What isn’t there to love? Your partner’s weight is evenly distributed and you can get yourself into a comfortable position while your eyes are on the prize and you can dine to your heart’s content.

This is the easiest oral sex position to explore those extra feel goods such as fingering or, if you fancy taking it up a level, you can introduce a vibe to hit the G-spot and get your partner’s eyes rolling. Remember though, if you are using a toy anally it must have a flared base.


Position Difficulty (BLOW JOB): 3/5

Position Difficulty (CUNNILINGUS): 1.5/5

Giving head in this position is fantastic because not only do both of you have an amazing view, but your hands are also in the perfect position to massage their butt and balls. However, it can be quite taxing on your abs as you tilt your head penis-ward, so unless you’re trying to get ripped while you orgasm, aim to use this position only when your partner is close to orgasming.

If you’re eating someone out, this position is great for giver and receiver alike. Your partner may want to let their Dom side loose and control the pace by riding you, or they can sit higher and let you work your magic.

4. 69

Position Difficulty (BLOW JOB): 3/5

Position Difficulty (CUNNILINGUS): 2/5

Sometimes, it’s the butt of our jokes and sometimes we’re at the butt of it. Okay, sorry, awful joke we know, we apologize. You either love or you hate this position, but it is undeniable: the 69, is a definite ‘must try’ at least once.

If one or both of you have a penis, you might find this position easier if you’re both lying on your sides, however getting into the position, as shown above, can be simple.

One partner (usually the smaller-framed of the two) can straddle their partner’s mouth, facing their feet and simply lean forward. If you’re the partner on bottom, try slipping your arm under their thigh so your hand is free to get to all those extra hot spots.


Position Difficulty (BLOW JOB): 5/5

Position Difficulty (CUNNILINGUS): 5/5

Look, we’re not saying don’t try this at home, but this position comes with a ‘Handle with Care’ warning. Serious strength is needed from the person holding their partner, and serious trust from the person being held.

But since we know that you care to dare, remember to clear away any breakables, have a safe word in case anyone gets a bit tired, and first place trophy to those who can boss this level of oral.


Position Difficulty (BLOW JOB): ∞

Position Difficulty (CUNNILINGUS): 2.5/5

Unfortunately, the laws of penis physics make it impossible to give your partner a blow job from this position.  However, if ever there has been a position to give an out-of-this-world rim job, this is the one. So, now is the chance to Carpe Diem!

When performing cunnilingus in this position, you’re open to entirely new angles that take fingering to the next level, allowing you to hit your partner’s G-spot perfectly. Try having your partner lean onto a bed or couch and use their tip toes to elevate their hips. Bonus points if they can raise one knee onto the couch giving you a wider view to feast upon.


Whether you’re the very lucky receiver or the hungry giver, these positions are sure to crank up the excitement a notch. If you have any favorite oral positions that we’ve missed, let us know below in the comments!