LELO Salespeople Share Their Tips and Tricks

Here in the LELO offices, we live, breathe and sleep sex toys (how’s that for a mental image?). We could go on about what makes our products stand out from the rest, and we could write page after page about which personal massagers make the best bridal shower gifts, or, say how to travel with your sex toys – needless to say, we’re a huge hit at dinner parties.

But to the point, we’re always willing to learn more about our massagers and how people enjoy them, so we asked our network of retailers to share some of their LELO expertise with us.

We received an eye-opening reply from Katie in Canada who brings up the dual abilities of G-spot vibrator GIGI;

“GIGI is a great ‘multi-tool’! Not only will the flattened end reach the G-spot when used internally, but it also makes it one of the most comfortable external massagers to use because of its length!”

Meanwhile, Danielle in the United Kingdom brings up a great idea when it comes to our waterproof vibrator Isla;

“My favorite equation for bath time is Isla + detachable showerhead = OH. MY. GOD.”

And finally, an anonymous pen pal from the U.S. suggests couples’ ring TOR 2 for when desperate times call for pleasurable measures;

“I own a number of LELOs that get a lot of use, and on rare occasions I find myself with a drawer full of toys that I have forgotten to recharge. Imagine the frustration! When I find myself in this predicament, I open up my hubby’s bedside table and pull out TOR 2 – when hubby isn’t around, this little ring has more than enough power to work as an external vibe; I’m glad to have a husband that remembers to recharge his toys even if I forget to recharge mine!”

So there you have it – uses for our products even we couldn’t come up with. If you’ve got your own way of using your LELO, why not share it with us at customercare@lelo.com or let us know on the LELO Facebook page.