LELO Sex Position of the Week: Below the Belt

LELO Sex Position of the Week -Below the Belt

Position Difficulty: 2/5


Feeling bored with blah blow job positions? Sometimes all you need is a different perspective on things!

For this oral sex position, the giver can use gravity to their advantage as they lay on their back resting their neck on the corner of the bed (or any surface of appropriate height). From there, the receiving partner can either be in charge of the depth and speed they enter their partner’s mouth, or relax and let the partner giving the blow job free rein to explore all of the most sensitive parts of their anatomy with mouth and hands, such as the testicles, perineum, and thighs.

Another plus to this position is that the receiving partner can lean forward and use their hands or a powerful vibrator on their prone partner. If it’s a bit of a stretch to reach that far with their arms, the SMART WAND™ can help you go the extra distance!


If deep-throating is not something you’re interested, this position is one you may want to give a miss. Additionally, you may not want to stay in this position for too long if you’re prone to neck aches or dizziness caused by blood rushing to your head, though your partner can always lend some helping hands if height permits and help cradle your neck for support!

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